October 23, 2014


these rooms belong together.  do you every piece and place your pinning pictures together?  i like the idea of that.  pairing rooms from here and there that look like they belong together in the same house.

i think this bedroom, bathroom and kitchen look like they should all be under the same roof.  don’t you?  

all of the rooms are calming, simple, interesting and look the best room to relax in (yes all of them!).

image : romain ricard / the stone collectionkk living


October 22, 2014


how do you do halloween?

while i’d love to tell you that i come up with an original design and sew my kids costumes and that we craft them to completion together or maybe even that i search and scour the web for the coolest most unique costume, the truth is, i’m like, “oh you want to be spider man, AGAIN?  ok, that works.”  it used to pain me, but now it justs makes things more peaceful for all of us.  no use convincing why it would be cooler to be vincent van goh or something.

however, i la la love looking at all of the creative DIY costumes that fill up my feed this time of year.  and, every year they just keep getting better and better.

click through for my faves:

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October 20, 2014


a few weeks ago i put out a tweet asking mom’s about their morning routines.

most days, by 8am i feel done for the day.  and, i know i’m not alone on this.

are you having good mornings?

i want(ed) to know what you all are doing with the morning madness or how you avoid it, combat it, or just don’t let it bother you.

we can learn a lot when we have conversations, ask questions, and exchange ideas.  that’s why i keep h hanging out digitally, almost daily.

so, lets conversate on morning routines.  while, i’ve been a mom for almost 12 years, i seem to keep coming up short in this area, almost, every day.  i’d love to hear what your morning routine is like.  what has worked for you and what hasn’t worked.  the more specific the better.  i want to hear from anybody and everybody.  mothers and non-mothers.  tell me about morning time.

the thing about kids is that no matter how much you plan and prepare they can be unpredictable.  i have, personally, always found (and read over the years) that kids thrive on routine (i went with this approach starting when mine were babies and that worked well for us.  happy to share more on that if anyone wants).  so i like the idea of routine.  i tend to be a routined person, but i do not rate high on adaptability.  so when i make a routine and it doesn’t go according to plan, i have a hard time with that.  and, with 4 kids (two being toddlers), that means pretty much all the time something doesn’t go according to plan or the routine gets wrecked.  if you can have a routine and be flexible and adaptable i think thats the ticket.  would you agree?

but, lets talk talk details and exchange ideas.

here are some things that i have been doing that have very much helped:

-wake up 45 minutes before my kids to have a cup of coffee in the quiet, read, journal, pray and prepare for the day.  this has been hard for me as i’m not a morning person, but i have really surprised myself at how consistently i have been getting up because i like this quiet time so much.  doing something for yourself before you do everything for everyone else is really centering.  maybe for you that is exercise.

-lay out the kids clothes the night before.  i know this is probably like, “duh.” but, i wasn’t doing it.

-pack lunches the night before and have older kids pack their own

-no TV or electronics before school.  i used to always put the tv first thing.  it was habit.  i liked the white noise.  it kept the little ones occupied.  but without fail it would always cause fights or meltdowns.

-decide who gets to sit shotgun for the entire week and then rotate (thank you to my wise friend for this idea)

these are just a few new things that we have been incorporating that have been helping, but our mornings are still hairy, hurried and sometimes end in tears (and, i’m talking about me, here).  i wonder if that is just how it is with 4 kids and the ages and stages we are at.  the thing is i don’t want to send them off on the wrong foot.  i’m looking for some good mornings.

now, i’d love to hear from you.

ps- here are some good tips from parenting.com on the topic

more thoughts on rituals + routines.

image : asia pietrzyk

October 17, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.  it’s been a moody fall kind of week here.  i couldn’t stop snapping photos of the foggy, rainy, leaf falling days.  i lived off the long weekend which we enjoyed so much.  it was  super slow and filled with watching movies at home, taking a family bike ride to dinner at a local mexican joint, and going to see Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – which was so cute.  and, here we are at another weekend.  i love long weekends, when the kids stay home on mondays, but then i find tuesdays to feel like an angry monday.  you know?

this weekend promises to be a good one.  i hope yours is restful, adventurous and all kinds of lovely.


01 / i shared some advice on jealousy over here.

02 / love learning about other’s beauty routines, don’t you?

03 / a how to on headscarves.

04 / it’s been forever since i’ve had a manicure…hopefully it won’t be long after seeing this inspiration.

05 /  this diy utensil rack looks very doable, and darling.

06 / i keep thinking about this sandwich.  seriously.

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October 16, 2014


i crush on houses, i crush on kitchens, i even crush on offices.  any space that speaks, really.   and, this studio space is speaking loud and clear to me.  i’m not surprised.  the studio belongs to emily henderson and pretty much all she does is gold (and includes lots of it.  that’s cool by me, too).

her los angeles studio was recently featured on domaine.  i’m kind of geeking out on the way she hung wallpaper.  as, in literally just hung it up.  suspended it from the ceiling.  layer upon layer.  looks like an art installation (i’m especially la la loving the pineapple wallpaper by hygge and west).


all of her props stacked, sorted, gathered in goodness.  this is my kind of shelf situation.  i’d be lost studying the details for at least a good hour.


my favorite thing about this studio is (keep reading) . . .

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