October 2, 2015

Naptime Diaries | La La Lovely Blog

Happy Friday, lovelies.

Fridays are always great for sharing a favorite!

And, this week, pretty art is my favorite.  This gorgeous, colorful, piece is by Naptime Diaries.  Honestly, I’ve been a Naptime Diaries fan for awhile now, following them on Instagram and keeping up with their work, which is both gorgeous and meaningful.

I was super excited about this addition because my favorite pieces in my home are  . . .

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October 1, 2015


It’s funny how some things feel like they will never change.  Seasons that seem like they will never end.

Winter.  Winter.  Winter.

Hot summer.  Hot summer.  Hot summer.

And then, one unexpected day something shifts.  Like a shadow.  A flower blooms.  A leaf falls to the ground, and you wonder when exactly it turned from green to yellow.  Suddenly, the scorching summer is but a shadow.  Yesterday doesn’t turn into today.  Yesterday, just turns . . .


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September 29, 2015

kid's books | La La Lovely

I like children’s books.  Love them, really.  So much so, I attempted to write one, before there was a blog.  Who knows, maybe one day, some day, I’ll dust off those pages and try to do something with it.

Children’s books are just magic.  I love the magic.  The story.  The pictures.  The imagination.  The anything is possible.  The animals talking.  The people flying.

This summer we started going to the library, again.  I say again, because we are commiters and quitters.  I have to pay for a library card and the last time I did, we were always leaving as my kid’s were screaming and I was trying not to cry.  But, this year, we were just the right ages and it was real fun.  We found many fun books we loved, and had fun scouring the shelves.  I came across two that I thought but these two were worth the . . .


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September 24, 2015

Prayer For Everyone

Obviously this world we live in is a broken place full of hurting people.  People that who are fighting for basic needs  (water, food, education, etc), and struggling to just survive, daily.  The need for change is painfully obvious, but the way to take action isn’t always so clear.

I’m only one person.

I’m a million miles away.

What can I do that could make any kind of difference?

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September 23, 2015

Book Bin #DIY

I’ve rounded up 3 darling DIYs that have caught my eye, recently.  Honestly, I’m not really even sure if one qualifies as DIY because it only requires paper and scissors, but it’s an idea I really wanted to share and one I’m going to try in my home.

But, first things first . . .

When I first saw this book bin I wondered where I could buy it.  And, lo and behold someone made it!  I’m always amazed when people make such gorgeous DIY pieces.  This lined mid-century book bin was made by This Little Street.  I’m so glad I happened upon this blog because it’s super bright and cheery and filled to the brim with darling DIYs

Next, could be called a DIY or also known as an . . .


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