August 21, 2014


i have been thinking a lot about vacation.  like a real vacation.  not a business trip.  not a conference.  not a family holiday trip.  a straight up nothing to do but vacation vacation.  it’s been a little too long.  while my favorite places to go almost always include europe and exploring, i’ve been dreaming of a beach (most recently this pink beach) lately.  sitting, listening, reading.  nothing to do and no agenda.

i have no beach vacation planned, but i do like to plan all kinds of trips, even if only for my one day some day wish list.  the other day i happened upon chateau de la resle, a luxury retreat in burgundy, france and i thought it looked pretty amazing and like something i needed to share.  france is always a place i want to visit.  i’ve only been once for a few days and it seems like that was forever ago.  i’ve never been to a chateau and hadn’t envisioned a modern one, but i’m liking what i see.



this staircase is worth saving in a one day, some day house kind of design file!


thursdays always require a little escape, even if it’s virtual . . . so click through to see more of this modern chateau, complete with a sauna.

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August 20, 2014


if you’ve been reading for awhile than you probably know that i have a thing for chairs (chairs and light fixtures, to be exact).  i seem to collect chairs like others collect things like salt and pepper shakers.  i’m not bias, because, i like hanging chairs, built in window seats, loungy leather ones, old velvety ones passed down from grandma’s, garage sale fix me ups, and brand new modern ones.  while a chair seems to act more like a functional accessory in a room,  i usually find it to be the star piece.  no matter where you put a chair in a room it will surely make a statement (comfy, pretty, cozy, stately!).

this summer, while making a few updates around the house, i added this beauty, called the tremont chair, from high fashion home, to my living room and i’m loving it.  it’s substantial while still being light, bright and airy.  the detail work on the frame of the chair is so delicately pretty….it almost has a twig like design which mirrors the woods that can be seen through the windows, behind it.


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August 19, 2014


this spanish bedroom + the rest of the home.  i think i want to blow up an old black + white like that.


the pink sands on the elofonisi beaches in crete, greece.  i need to go here one day.


homemade bounty bars.  raw ones, actually.


this bag by swift studios + everything in their shop.

la la loving hair color

her hair color.  pretty perfect.  i’m starting to get more greys + am needing to color a little more often.  have you started to grey?  and, if so what age?

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what are you loving this week?

August 18, 2014



i’m not sure what it is that you are trying to succeed or maybe just survive at, but don’t quit.

whether you are trying or striving or hanging on by a thread.  maybe you are in slow long time or just made a decision to try something new or make a few changes.  don’t second guess.  don’t doubt.  don’t quit.  this running seems to be messing more with my mind and my heart more than with my body (which should say a lot because my feet feel like that might fall off).  this weekend, i ran my longest yet, 7 miles (honestly 6.75 ish).  i ran 4 miles with my running friends and then finished with a 5k.  i was happy after i did it, but wanted to die in the doing and all weekend all i could think about was quitting or mustering up the energy to just pysch myself up to make it a few more weeks.  i got up and ran this morning.  the truth is, running is certainly not my biggest obstacle in life right now.  there are things in my life, probably like yours, that are bigger than me, heavier than i carry and with no real solution in sight. running, right now for me, just mirrors real life living.  and, in real life there are days when i sit down, days when i walk and days where i run and days where i can’t seem to catch my breath.  and, then i repeat.  but, maybe that is somewhat of the secret – - repeating.  repeat.  repeat.  repeat.

maybe this will encourage you today, as it did me . . .

the stronger the urge to quit, the closer you must be to succeeding.

so carry on lovelies and care for each other.  breathe in.  breath out.   put one foot in front of the other.  and, don’t be afraid to ask a friend to walk with you (in your life living), if you feel alone, or need help to carry, if your load is too heavy.  somethings are literally just too heavy to carry on your own.  and, if you are having a day where you are feeling a little muscle, care for those along your way.  the people on your path,  because, as the other quote says,

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

xo . t

August 15, 2014


happy friday, friends.  i don’t have links this week, but i do have details.  if you came to my house you would quickly see that i like to decorate in the details.  i thought i’d share a few little things, that make me happy.

i got this “god is love” card from made by girl in my early blogging days and it’s a reminder of what love is and that there is no escaping it.  i have a picture of my grandmaplaying tennis in alberta, canada (where she is from), tacked up above with a garage sale sticker that i sharpied black.  she started as a newspaper reporter in her late teens in man’s world and thought nothing of it.  she is one of the strongest ladies i know who exudes grace and wears wisdom.  i look for my reflection in her photo rather than the mirrors on some mornings.


i bought pink himalayan sea salt.  yes, cause i cook with sea salt, but mostly because it’s pink!  and i wanted to look at something naturally pink and from the other side of the world.  then there is the light shining through the candle.  i didn’t know i’d catch it in the photo, but it just reminds me light shines through the scratches, scars,  and broken places…and it is much more breathtaking when shines this way . . .creating patterns and paths through imperfection that would otherwise be unknown.


and, flowers from our garden (and by garden i mean yard, i just like to say garden).  beautiful, fragile and fleeting.

do you decorate in the details?  my favorite homes are ones that tell stories and i love sharing stories throughout my home.

i hope your weekend is a lovely one…full of memory making that could later decorate your home.

i’ll be spending a lot of time running, getting ready for a garage sale, back to school and taking a ride on thomas the train!

xo . trina