July 30, 2014


sometimes it’s hard to break away from your tried and trues.  i did a little branching out and found a few beauty products that i think i might be adding to my trusty list of favorites.

here is what I ‘ M  L O V I N G  as of late + which products i’m switching out for
(at least for now – cause they are  still on my forever faves list)

swedish dream sea salt soap / giving good old dove soap a rest.  this sea salt soap smells amazing + exfoliates with it’s bits of sea salt peppered throughout.  bonus, it’s great for guys + gals!

by terri color-fix cream eyeshadow / i’ve used my bobbi brown cream shadow stick down to nothing.  it’s like the fastest way to apply shadow and eyeliner all in one.  i’m loving by terri’s version in the color ombre blackstar.

one love organics cleansing sponge / i’ve been totally ignoring my expensive clarisonic device ever since i laid hands on these affordable konjac sponges.  i love this little sponge so much, that i look forward to washing my face at night (with my fave face wash).  it’s my favorite way to get glowing skin.

jouer matte moisture tint / i’ve been using laura mercier tinted moisturizer forever.  it will always be my fave.  however, lately i’ve been wanting a wee bit more coverage.  i’d never heard of a matte tinted moisturizer and normally would always go for the opposite of that, but this product totally surprised me.  it really evens out my skin tone giving an overall smooth texture and still lets the natural glow shine through.  so far, i’m loving it!

have you tried any products, lately, that you are loving or have surprised you?  any, on your list that you’ll never switch out?


more beauty + other fave products of mine here.

July 29, 2014


this ocean mural at the ace hotel in london (london is calling again).  think it might be time to change from mountains to oceans at my house.

la la loving half up top knot

half up top knots (+ more styles here).


this super foods salad.  admittingly, i’ve been eating more ice cream cones than greens this summer.


love this quote.  are you more bold or italics?  i think i’m a little more italics.


the movie begin again.  go see it.  best i’ve seen in a long time – and going on my fave list.  p.s.  did i ever tell you how i met mark ruffalo in a duane reed in new york?  he’s one of my faves…and i have a pic with him.  whats your fave movie?

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

how-we-spend-our-minutes-_-la-la-lovely hello, again, lovelies.

it’s high time i blogged again.  while i wish the last month was all about resting, relaxing and taking a digital break, it was more like a super busy one where i knew i couldn’t manage it all and something had to give – and that, for me, was blogging.

we road tripped (14 hours w/ 4 kids) to visit family in atlanta and then the mr. lovely and i caught a plane to colorado for a few days.  after returning i had a 2 day photo shoot for original women and, yesterday, a photo shoot (a peek here) with style me pretty living (which i had been working on for the past month – little updates and such).  and, there you have it.  it sounds compact typed out, but all encompassing is more like it.

through all of this, i’ve been thinking about time.  the time in each day.  how we break it up, what we spend it on, and better ways to manage it.  i’ve noticed where i waste and where i want more of it.  i’ve been asking people about their, habits, their hours and their “how do you get it all dones.”

the conclusion i’m coming to is that it’s different for everyone (also, doing it all doesn’t exist).  yes, there are common habits that thread through the lives of all successful people.  they are patterns you have to pick up on.  however, how they implement them may vary. then, there are the the factors to the fractions of our hours and days.  this ignorant saying that dances around the interwebs that says “you have the same amount of hours in a day as beyonce,”  is really just that, ignorant.  yes, beyonce may have the same amount of hours in a day, but she has all the help she could want at her disposal.  but, really who wants to compare at all…because who knows the load that beyonce carries?  maybe she has all the help in the world, but feels emotional lack of some sorts.  you’ll always come up short, when you compare (short on self worth, short on success and even short on hours).

while comparing is a waste of time, observing others is time well spent.   listening and learning from others about their habits is how you fill your hands with tools to try in your hours.

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June 27, 2014


summer is not proving to be as restful as i had hoped.  anyone else?  kids sleeping in a bit and sneaking in some time to read, study and have some quiet time in the morning is glorious, but after that it is straight up crazytown.  and, it seems our schedule feels that way too.  it’s interesting because i’m learning a lot about rest from a spiritual persecutive, but it seems like things are getting busier in the everyday kind of way.  i’m really trying to process it all.  i suppose i’m trying to come to a conclusion or three or two.  yet, i’m learning that conclusions don’t always equal change.  so maybe i shouldn’t be entirely focued on them, anyways.

what i am trying to focus on is living in moments.  if you follow me on instagram you may have seen  my post on living in the moments.   i’m tyring to focus my eyes and open my heart to the beauty that is only in this particular time – never to be repeated the same way twice.  if we plan to live in our moments than it is not a conclusion or even a decision to do so, it is a practice.  when we live outside of the moment, we are just trading today’s strength (needed for today) for tomorrow’s possible problems and eventualities.  

i’m practicing.  because, probably like many of you, i’m a crazy multi tasker who can’t turn her brain off.  i practice.  i fail.  i practice again.  that is why i’m calling it practicing.  not even a try.

i’m taking a few weeks off to practice this practice of living in the moments.  we have two trips coming up and i want to enjoy them, fully.  and, i have 3 pretty big projects in july that require a lot of attention to detail.  i’ll pop in and post when i can and i’m certain i’ll have so many things i’ll want to share because usually when i’m not looking for inspiration, that is when i find it – always.

but, lets stay in touch and keep our conversations going on instagram, twitter and pinterest!

i want to leave you with these links, because wouldn’t you know that as i’ve been mulling on this moment by moment way, there were quite a few posts, jus in the last week, that found me…and i think they are still finding others – like some of you….. i think you’ll enjoy them, find yourself in them, and think yourself through them.   if you are trying to juggle it all, multi-task everything, trying hard to focus, carrying a heavy load today and worrying about tomorrow, then these will do you good.

01 / erin’s letter to her daughter on balance and “that kind of moms.”

02 / anne’s wise words on how to focus in an age of distraction.

03 / the everygirl on embracing rest in a culture of busy.

04 / clementine daily’s practical pointers on how to stop multitasking (and why we should).

05 / lean in, recline, or just stand tall and forget about who cares how many hours beyonce has in a day (ha).

go forth and rest lovelies.  give yourself permission to take a break.  to not do it all…and enjoy what it is your are doing…moment by moment.


June 26, 2014


let’s talk books.  it’s been awhile (last post here).  i’ve always got a book or two or four going, so i thought it would be a good time to catch up.  and after all, summer is the best for reading.  don’t you think?  while i’m sharing what i’ve read recently / am reading.  i’d love to hear what you’ve been reading and whats on your list.

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