04.16.2014 / a slow long time.


hi lovelies.  how are you?  i’ve been struggling for words.  not to find them but to sort and share them.  too many to sift through it feels like.  but, sharing some is better then giving none.  lots of life has been happening and i’ve been trying to live in it more these recent days,  than i have in the past few years (which has meant a few lest posts then i’m accustomed to).

so it’s april.  the middle to be exact.  i somehow managed to escape polar vortex without a cold or a cough.  as i look out my window i see bushes dusted in white sprinkled snow and branches budding with the faintest of spring green.  inside, i’m in my pj’s keeping company with a box of lotion laced kleenex and two tugging toddlers.  it feels a bit confusing and looks just the same.  and so does life, sometimes.  things changing while you still, very much, feel the same.  change changing up things that were supposed to be the things that never changed.  it should be no surprise that life is full of changes, but sometimes we are shocked out of our sox surprised by the things that do change (the always stay the sames somehow turning into the never the sames again).  and, frankly, shaking the surprise requires change within us.  i’m finding that as fast as things can change, change in us can take a slow long time.  

i’m in a slow long time.

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04.15.2014 / la la loving


half wall floral cut out wallpaper.  this look is so good.


this ensemble.  would you wear a leopard coat?


the thought that it is courageous to, sometimes, let go.  do you agree?


iced coffee cubes.  brilliant!

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what are you loving this week?

04.10.2014 / bathroom details


a beautiful bathroom  has to be one of favorite things  (see what i mean).  i’m guessing it’s one of your favorites, too.  i like to look at bathrooms like a little escape.  bathrooms are basically your very own personal spa and a place to retreat to in your home.  retreat, rest and rejuvenate.  hopefully your retreat inclues taking a long relaxing bath.  because, after all, that always feels like a luxury (especially if you are a mom to young children).

while luxury comes to mind, when i think of decorating or updating a bathroom, i don’t think that means that your design style has to be over the top.  in fact, my favorite look combines a mix of modern and rustic with maybe just a hint of vintage or glamour.  nothing too fussy but always memorable.

a total bathroom makeover may not always an option, but making small changes works for most.  one way i love to make small updates for big impact is with bathroom accessories, (as seen in the above image).  often it is the little details that make a big impact.  details like pretty hooks, baskets, soap dispensers, candles, and shelves can make all the difference. keep an eye out for finishes and accessories that really contrast the other design elements in the room.


however, if you find yourself at a place where you can make more substantial updates, then likely a tub or vanity may be on your agenda.  personally, i’m always stuck on the idea of a vintage tub.  however, when it comes to sinks i’m pretty smitten and sold on the look of modern bathroom vanities.  pairing a  modern vanity with a vintage claw foot tub  is my favorite combination at the moment.  and, if you don’t dream of claw foot tubs, like i do, then maybe mixing in a vintage mirror or chandelier may suit your taste.

no matter what your personal bathroom style is or how much (or little) you are able to update, the possibilities and style combinations are endless.

if you could make a big change to your bathroom what would you do? line

want to see more bathroom style inspiration?  you can find it here.

images :  elisabeth heier/  ark padthe style files / / april and may / skona hem / sunday desire

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04.09.2014 / wear


this is certainly an “i wish” i was wearing post.  i love every single thing about this look (including her beautiful hair color and makeup).  since, it is still chilly here, coats are not out of the question.  during spring my idea of the perfect oufit entails comfy jeans, a great white shirt, fun accessories, a little eyeliner (this is my fave) and a coat over top.  i always love camel because the color works great in all seasons.  don’t you agree?

you can shop the look here :

what is your favorite spring outfit?

p.s. i’m so loving these shoes…they are def on my wish list!

image via dulceida

04.08.2014 / la la loving


the smitten studio office space.


peanut butter cup pancakes.  i know i can’t help but, almost always, share sweet recipes.  they are the ones that look most enticing to me.  pancakes + peanut butter cups? why shouldn’t they go together?  and, vegan + gluten free to boot.


this quote has to be read a few times.  oohed over and then read again.  coming undone precedes growth.


this new family photo of the royal family.  pretty perfect, right?  i just cut my hair (as in yesterday) and now kate has me wanting to grow it out again!


the grand budapest hotel.  i must have been living under a rock because how did i not know a new wes anderson movie was coming out?  the colors were absolutely fantastical.  i mean look at that pink ombre hotel pictured above!   i can’t wait to see it again to just to really take in all of the amazing art direction!

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what are you loving this week?

04.04.2014 / fave friday


it’s friday – hooray!  i’m short on words today since i spilled them out on wednesday.  this week we’ve been getting back into the school routine after spring break, and i’ve been busy decorating for original conference.  i always look forward to this yearly project and the conference that follows.  and, i hope to share some photos with you in the coming week (the toile wall above is small glimpse at what i’m working on).  as for today, i’m super excited to have breakfast with one of my fave friends who lives on the other side of the world.  she’s here.  i’m not going there.  although one day.  some day.  maybe.  after breakfast, i’m back to installing an styling.

what do you have planned this weekend?

also, i’m really excited to welcome a new sponsor this month *  SO Awesome *

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you can check out all of their adorable products for your littles right here.  i’m loving the alpahabet poster!  thank you for supporting and shopping la la lovely sponsors!
p.s. the backpack above was from this post.  and, i’m happy to report that i totally love it!


01 /  no outdoor green in these parts, yet.  however, i think i’d like to make this stand for my indoor greens.

02 /  a pasta dish that makes me want to cook this weekend.

03 /    kids bedrooms around the world.  its fascinating and haunting.

04 /   a podcast on blogging, biz and motherhood with one of my fave bloggers.

05 / this california kitchen has me california dreamin’ for sure.

06 / things like how to cut a mango are good things to know.  you know?!

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04.03.2014 / house crush amanda brooks


sometimes you just stumble upon something that leads to another something and gets you thinking about a lot of things.  this house happened and thoughts began to abound abound.  i saved the above photo from pinterest, as i do.  there is a whole lot of whole “ness” going on in the photo.  likley an english country side house.  a home covered in ivy and memories with all kinds of windows open ushering in the wind and sky painted the same hue of blue.  a window you can pass food right through to your inside looking outside table.  i started imagining the conversations that could happen there and the laughter that likey ensues.  there was so much goodness grasping my attention that i didn’t even notice the dog.  the kind that surely guards your home and your heart and makes any house a home.  the photograph did the talking, no words spoken or written to read.  i clicked on, hoping for more and i found it (thank you selby).   i found a house crush, like i normally do.  it wasn’t a “i like that room”, “i like that arrangement,” and an “i like those blooms blooming here and there and everywhere.”  it was an, “i’ve stumbled upon a soul home.”  and while, i love all white, and clean and crisp . . . what i love even more is a home that has not only soul but a soul.


i clicked on to find out more, (my sister calls me a google whore – i know i know) and come to find, amanda brooks the owner of this soul home was the former fashion director at barneys who has a blog.  she is the kind that left all of that for all of this, all because of a little inspiration from another blogger, ree drummond (you know, the pioneer woman).

want to see more?

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04.02.2014 / wear / gratitude


i’m still wearing sweaters and wishing that it was warmer.  my red polished, summer-time ready, toes are hiding out in depths of blue and aqua fuzzy socks that look look like the sea and remind me that i’m far from it.  i’m housebound in the middle of the country.  although, truth be told, i’m concerned about warming my soul more than my winter white arms.  souls can get cold, you know.  they don’t always send a shiver or create prickly bumps to let you know they are getting cold, chilly, or, almost even, frozen.  it happens, usually, when you are not paying attention.  or when something is taking all of your attention.  so much so that one day, while your at your kitchen sink, just washing crusty and dinner caked dishes, you all of sudden realize you suddenly don’t feel much at all.  numb is the temperature of soul cold.  i’m no expert.  i’m only a student myself, and this past year has been a schooling in subjects i didn’t know i’d be subjected to.  learning lessons i didn’t even know needed learning.  and, un-learning things i wasn’t even aware that i had learned, a long the way.  this week it’s clear that i’ve stumbled into the class where the cirriculum calling is gratitude.

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