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Desert Diary
February 23, 2012

Hi dear readers.  How is the week finding you?  I’m out in the desert and having a dandy of a time.  In fact, I pretty much don’t want to go home.  It’s warm, its’ beautiful, it’s peaceful and way inspiring.  All of the cactus, succulents and Southwest print are continual eye candy.  I thought you might like a peek into what’s going on here.

I’m reading / Kinfolk + The Happiness Project

I’m wearing / shirt . Anthro / Jeans . Hudson / Shoes . J-Crew / Sunnies . Marc Jacobs 

I’m listening to / Florence + the Machine

I’m eating / Mexican @ Blanco

Now, don’t be fooled there are kids everywhere, lots of splashing, baby cries and night wakings but thats all good too.  I’ll have more photo’s and a really fun little shop I want to share with you.  XO . T



commented on February 23rd 2012 at 12:43pm

I wouldn’t mind retreating to a desert with good friends and Kinfolk magazine. I’ve already gone through it twice patiently waiting for the new volume to be released!


replied on February 24th, 2012 at 10:56pm

@Danielle Landy, Danielle, I only really thumbed through it. I found it out wasn’t great pool reading as I kept getting splashed and upset that my beautiful book like magazine was getting wet. Def something to look forward to when I get home!
XO . T

commented on February 24th 2012 at 7:16am

Hey Hot Mama! Looks like a lovely place to be. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Wish I was there in the bright sun with you.


replied on February 24th, 2012 at 10:57pm

@Miz.November, You are so sweet! Yes, we are having a great time. Packing up now and heading home tomorrow!
XO . T

commented on February 24th 2012 at 5:57pm

Hi Trina so sorry havent been by in ages crazy times I will catch up with some of your missed posts this weekend wow you are a yummy mummy in that outfit :)
Glad you are all having fun in the desert with the little la la’s & love the new look to your blog banner is gorgeous speak soon Lainey x :)


replied on February 24th, 2012 at 10:58pm

@Elaine Power, Lainey, hello dear! No worries. Glad you are well. Life is so busy, isn’t it. Thanks for the sweet comment! Have a beautiful weekend! Talk soon!
XO . T

commented on February 24th 2012 at 6:20pm

Are you outside of Santa Fe?! Kinda looks like it! I could stand a little desert getaway right about now. Looks glorious! Have a great weekend, Trina! :)


replied on February 24th, 2012 at 10:58pm

@Uncle Beefy, Hi there you! I’m in Tucson. Looks kinda Santa Fe ‘ish”, yes?! You def should do a desert getaway sometime soon! Happy Weekend to you too, Bradford!