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wear it / plane
April 30, 2014


i’m traveling today and thought i’d share what i normally wear on a plane. the outfit can vary a bit, but i promise, whether a long or short flight, i have a bit of a uniform.

the funny thing is i used to have a flying uniform in high school. in those days, some people still dressed up to fly. i remember a teacher of mine saying that she always dressed up when flying and i must have been very influenced by that because just as everyone was starting to go major casual, i decided i had to wear khakis or dress pants – never jeans. i was an old soul, i suppose.

these days i always wear :

black pants or leggings.  these are my favorite legging jeans – pictured above.

booties (or my nikes, if i’m traveling long distance)

– my fashionABLE scarf (this is my current fave).  it’s like my security blanket.

-a wrap sweater (layered with a tank + t-shirt)

-fuzzy socks.  i usually keep these in my carry on and slip them on after take off.  my feet always get so cold.

earphones (music and movies are essential)

my baggu pouch.  i bring a big tote but i love this little pouch to carry my passport in.  it works great as a wristlet when you get to your destination (i loved using it in london last year).

and, sometimes i do wear jeans  if i’m on a short flight.  but, for anything over 3 hours i’m all about the comfy black pants.

do you have a travel uniform?

if you are traveling soon here are some tips on flying with kids + a few books i’ve read recently (i love having books on my iPad).  tell me if you’ve read anything good.  i love suggestions.