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Chore Charts
May 29, 2015


The other week I wrote about being one thing moms and everyones. That every-thing fills my mind. I get overwhelmed and then don’t do anything, sometimes. And, after all, I am more of a one thing.

My one thing that I was putting off, that I shared with you, was chore charts. Hanging them up takes five minutes, right? But, it took up, like, weeks in my brain. The procrastinating problem was that I knew I would had have a hard time being consistent. Marking them each night, reminding little ones to try to make their beds, pick up the play room, again, and on the list goes. I knew I’d fail at every single day and all week, and so I just kept putting it off, today.

Well, I put them up. And, since I shared, some of you have asked to see what our charts look like. And, that is what this post is.

I’m going to tell you, we did great the first week, and not so great this past week. It’s a funky week like that, being the last week of school filled with field day, beach day, finals and finding outfits for what the day called for. Oh, well. Life is like that, right? Some weeks we will do, well. And, other weeks, not so much. But, overall I’d like to do the best we can and be consistent in keeping the charts up. Because if they are in front of us, that helps.

I found the chart (pictured above), created by Leah ReMillet (downloadable PDF here) and I thought it was a perfect fit for our family. Since we are different ages and stages the blank lines work best for us and it’s simple. Over complicated means it will get under used – for us.

We wrote out responsibilities for our older ones and for the younger ones I drew little pictures of tasks. Do you want to see? You are going to really laugh. Lets just say that drawing is not where I excel creatively.

If you’d like to see what kind of chores seem to work for all ages . . . .

chore chart

I wish this photo was a little clearer, but it gets fuzzy when I save it to the right size (any photo shop wizards suggestions?).

This is Rocco’s (age 4) chart.  He and Liam (age 5) have the same tasks.  Which are:

-Make Bed
-Brush Teeth
-Clean Room
-Get Dressed
-Pick Up Toys (End of Day Clean up)
-Hang up Coat / backpack / gloves (we made this in winter, could change to beach towel)

The circles are great because you can use little stickers, make a smiley face with a marker, color it in, or mark an “X” in the center.  As you can see we are not too fussed because we are using Halloween stickers in May (hey hey).

Here is a list of the older kids responsibilities:


-Clean Room (make bed)
-Help Mom with dinner
-Empty dishwasher
-Take laundry to the laundry room
-Homework Complete
-Hang up coats, book-bag, etc
-End of day clean up
-Clean counters/dishes after dinner
-Feed the cat


-Clean Room (make bed)
-Set the table with brothers
-Clean off table
-Take out kitchen trash
-Take trash to curb
-Take laundry to the laundry room
-Homework Complete / signed
-Hang up coats, book-book-bag, etc
-End of day cleanup
-Change cat litter
*we switch out who changes the litter and feeds the cat each week

I think tasks evolve as do the children…..and some chores are not really chores they are just part of being a family.  In typing this out, I’m seeing a few things, already, that I’d like to change up or take out.

We are doing an allowance and still testing out how we go about it.  Instead of a lump sum, they get paid per task (that way if they don’t do it, they don’t get paid- because thats how it works in grown up life).  Like 5 cents a circle for the little ones.

I’d love to hear how you do things in your home.  What you’ve found works and doesn’t work.  Or, any tips or suggestions in general.

I’m really hoping to simplify and create a few systems this summer in the mix of relaxing.  I’ll be looking to this book, a lot, and I’m hoping this one will help too.  I can’t tell you how much I love it and recommend!

xo, lovelies and happy weekend!

image and chart by Leah Remillet

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