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Cat Sandwiches
June 8, 2015


The little ones yelped for dinosaur sandwiches and I was done with those.  They hardly have a face, just a big, blah bread body.  I can’t see any stories without a face.  I found a circle cookie cutter, and at first I saw nothing, but was sure I could make something.

I then saw our cat and thought, yes, that.  That cat.  I thought about eyes and whiskers and wondered what would do, with what I had.  The only non-negotiable was chocolate.  Chocolate chips, always, as eyes.

Blackberries, strawberries, chocolate and cheese.  And, a marshmallow to make the eyes alive so they can carry those cat secrets they hear with their strawberry ears.


Cat Sandwhiches|La La Lovely

The cat was cartoon cute and as sweet as it’s center of Nutella and peanut butter.  We laughed and we giggled and gave it a bite.  The day went on as days do, with boring and busy – – but now, we carried the curious cat inside.  A little lunch magic made it’s way into the rest of our day.  We bounced between boring and cat like curious.  And, the day was delicious, all because we took a bite.

Do you play with your food?  What have you made?

Our cat sandwich was pretty simple, but we simply loved it.

I also love making teddy bear toast with almond butter, raisins and bananas :

Teddy Bear Toast | La La Lovely Blog

And, I’d love to try a bunny sandwich next – specifically Miffy, as seen on Brie’s gorgeous Instagram.

Bunny Sandwhich via La La Lovely blog

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