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Wear / Little Black Dress
June 17, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I like little black dresses any day and in any season. I’m looking for a new dress or two and thought I’d round up a few affordable favorites to share, in case you might be on the look out too! You can click on each individual image above to find out more details or shop the item.

The main thing I’m looking for, at the moment, is a cover up, (still haven’t committed to a new suit, but keep coming back to this one) and I’m la la LOVING all the coverups by 9seed. In fact, I’m trying to decide on one for myself. I want something that i can just throw on and live in all summer. I really wanted this one, but I’m thinking it might look too long on my 5’3″ frame? So this is my other option. Which do you like best?

And, a few shoes ideas . . .

to go with a new dress or to dress up an old dress.


PS  – If plain black isn’t your thing and you are looking for a little pattern or print … This dress + this dress are both so darling.