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House Crush / South Kensington
August 5, 2015

Kensington House Crush Bathroom Living Room

No surprise, here, of the probability that I might be crushing on a house in South Kensington. I love the area and I love London style. The old meets modern gets me every single time.

But…. the thing that got me about this house was the bathroom. Yes, it’s beautiful. But…..there is one small thing that I never ever would have thought of that makes a huge design impact….and it’s something cheap that anyone and everyone could incorporate . . . .

Kensington House Crush #Bathroom

A pink light in the shower.  How great is that glow?  I’m so wanting to try this with the addition of just a little light bulb.

Kensington House Crush #Shower via La La Lovely

Kensington House Crush #Bathroom #Tub via La La Lovely

A library with a ladder always works for me, too.

Kensington House Crush Bathroom #Library

Kensington House Crush #Kitchen

And, this kitchen was the inspiration for my beautiful brass post, last week.

Kensington House Crush #Staircase

Kensington House Crush White #Bedroom

Staircases that might make you think you are in another time and a bedroom styled so serene, sleep would be dreamy.

I’m crushing hard on this house.  I bet it might even look something like this from the outside..but, that’s just a guess.

Shop this style here :


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Images : Duskjacket Attic