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Fun Ways to Display Family Photos
September 15, 2015

Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : Elle Decoration

A few years back I got rid of all of my table top frames…the silver fake antiquey ones from TJ Maxx kind of thing. The only place I really have to display framed photos (other than on my walls) is on my bookshelves, and so I did. Frame upon frame. But, they looked all kinds of cluttered and eventually drove me crazy. When we gave our family room a makeover and my favorite shelf stylist helped me out, I knew I was going to want to keep the cleaner look or stay within those lines.

But, I’m kind of missing having more family photos around, which got . . .

me thinking about creative ways to include them.  I thought I’d share a few favorite ways that I’ve found.

The first being to have your child’s photo painted.  Mamma Love is an artist that does this beautifully.  I love the pink circle shaped ones, shown above.  It’s taking a super traditional concept, portrait paintings, and making them edgy, modern, and playful.  Let your children, be the art.  Super cool, right?

There is always photo collaging and just schlepping them on the wall with a little washi tape.  My love for this method all started with this heart collage.  Do you remember it?  I still love printing out instagram photos and taping them to my walls.  You can see how I incorporate this into my home, right here.

Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : Apartment Therapy

But, what about this unconventional way of taping the photos in one line down a long hallway.  I have a long hallway, similar to this, and I think this could be so fun to try.

Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : House to Home Blog

If washi tape isn’t your thing then how about taking all of your photos and making them into one big poster you can frame.  This gives a clean, yet artsy look.  And, you could move it from room to room, as wanted.

Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : Apartment Therapy

This is another amazing way to take an image of your child or maybe a memorable trip you took and turn it into art.

Fun ways to display photos
image : Lyanne Wylde

I still keep coming back to this Frames wallpaper by Graham and Brown.  I’d love to put it in our mudroom, back door hallway area.  You can purchase it here.  I just might get it!

Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : Momtastic

Of course, there is the good old gallery wall.  I still love a good gallery wall.  That is what I have in my long hallway right now….although it certainly needs some updating.  I think a great modern take is to mix in a little art.

Have you seen any super cool ways to display photos, lately?

P. S. directions on how to hang a gallery!