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House Crush : Color
January 7, 2016

House Crush : Color

I confuse my seasons. When it’s cold and the ground is covered in white outside, I tend to crave a little color inside. Maybe it’s my mind remembering summer. Green grass that cushions and carpets the ground. Pink petaled flowers that find themselves home to the fairies. Blue skies that make me believe the ocean is above me.

Today, the ocean sky has gone grey. All green is frozen in a deep sleep, and a crunchy white snow is sticking to the ground like glue. This is what I see outside my window.

Inside, I’m crushing on color. Green Kitchen cabinets, simple sun-flowered velvet pillowcases, resting shoes in a row to make a rainbow.

(keep reading for more color and simple ways to incorporate)

Color Crush

Yes, nothing says color like a can of paint, but sometimes it is a simple pillowcases and a throw blanket.

Pink Bathroom

If your craving a pop that only paint can provide, why not try trim, or painting the wall at chair rail level or three quarters of the way up?  We did this in our playroom (dining room)  a few years ago and I’m still loving it.

Ikea Hack

If you don’t want to commit color to a wall, how about a cabinet.  I la la love his Ikea hack.

Organizing Shoes

Maybe purchasing or painting isn’t really in the cards, but organizing is, because it’s January and most of us are getting around to some form of re-arranging or re-organizing.  I like the idea of these kind of shoe shelves in a mudroom or closet and grouping the shoes by color.  The color coordination has me thinking of rainbows or at least Skittles.

Hoping your day is filled with sunshine, blue skies, rainbows, or at least pretty pictures of them.

Do you crave color in the winter?  



Images : Apartment Therapy / Small Space BlogChris Patey / Thrusty Home / Buzz Feed