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Four Creative Ways to Use Paint In Kid’s Rooms
April 19, 2016

Kid's rooms | La La Lovely

Paint can make such a difference, right? In kid’s rooms it can add a lot of pizzazz (I like to say that word, but typing it, it looks like pizza, anyways) or shall we say interest.

I’m a sharing a four creative ways to use paint kid’s rooms.

Yes, of course you can use it on the walls. But that doesn’t mean it has to be conventional. That is the thing I love most about decorating kid’s rooms, being conventional is not a good idea, being creative is. So if you are using paint on the walls why not only paint part of the wall? Or perhaps a corner in a geometric design? I love this fresh concept pictured above.

While the next paint idea is a bit of a throw back, it’s not a bad one when . . .

the design is updated and modern.  Have you thought about stencils?  I’d pretty much ruled them off, but then I saw these super cute cloud ones by Handmade Charlotte and thought a stencil revival might not be such a bad thing.

Kid's rooms | La La Lovely

Paint isn’t just for walls….it’s also for furniture.  While I’ve been painting furniture for awhile now, I’ve never gone for a design.  I love this updated IKEA piece with colorful houses painted on it.

Kid's rooms | La La Lovely

I know I talk about painting doors (just did last week), but I’ve never thought about painting an animal or a character on a door before.  I think these doors are darling.

Painted Doors | La La Lovely

A little paint can go a long ways in a kid’s room and there are so many ways to use paint.

Now someone please paint a kitty or a bear or a bunny on your door and send me picture, ok?


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commented on April 20th 2016 at 8:51am

Remarkable how creative people can be! THIS is thinking outside the box. Taking notes for future use XP


replied on April 20th, 2016 at 4:50pm

I love gleaning from other’s creativity – yours included! xo . t