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On Dressing Kids
April 20, 2016

On Dressing Kids

By now, I should have dressing my kids down to a science. I have been a mom for thirteen years, after all. But there is no specific science when there is four and everything fits everyone differently.

With Ella, shopping was fun. A girl. I had not trouble tipping things in my cart, virtually or at Target. But when the boys came it was different. It was more like settling for something I wasn’t sure of. I’d go for simple, sturdy, sort-of-stylish. Thankfully, styles got better over time and by my fourth shopping for boys clothes was fun. Except that . . . shopping for four kids, total, isn’t all that fun. It’s more like work. There are budgets to adhere to, tops to coordinate with bottoms, hand-me-downs to pass out or pack up.

Can you relate?

I have some friends that have their . . .

kids sizes in spreadsheets and where and how they buy clothes down to a science. “I only buy pants from here because they are sturdier.” “We wear white t-shirts all summer.”

I tried the google doc to have a “go to” while I’m out and about. Only I forget to update and access it. I’ve learned over time what brands run big and which run small (Converse big, Nike small). It’s the random website I wander to that I’m not sure how their sizes work. What I end up with is random pieces or returns.

Recently, I tried Kidbox, the first kid’s style box that combines cool brands, significant savings and a mission to clothe children in need. I’ve never tried a style box before, but liked the idea of trying one for my kids….especially knowing that with each Kidbox purchased, Kidbox will outfit a child in need.

Rocco was my lucky one. We got on the computer, took the quick and cute style quiz together, and then waited for our package to arrive.

Who doesn’t like to receive a fun package in the mail? Both kids and grown-ups do!

On Dressing Kids

On Dressing Kids

We were both equally pleased. Rocco because he could color the box and because there were stickers and a tiny toy wound up in strings of tissue paper, and me because the clothes were super cute and they all fit. Winning!



I was really pleased with the variety (jeans, comfy pants, shorts, shirts -long sleeve, short sleeve, casual, dressy) and decided to keep it all. The great thing about is that if you don’t like something you can send it back (using a pre-paid label). You can keep all of it, some of it, or none of it (and your card isn’t charged until seven days after receiving your Kidbox).

To be honest I kind of loved ordering clothing online that I didn’t have to toil over.  “Will this match that?” “Is there free shipping ?” “I wonder if this is good quality?” “Will it be hard to return?” I only had to answer a few questions and then forgot all about it.

The box was fun, the clothes were great, and best of all we were able to choose where we’d like our outfit donation to go to.

If your looking for an effortless way to shop for stylish clothes for your children then I’d love to recommend Kidbox.

And . . . .

Special offer from Kidbox for all my readers, $25 off your first kept box when you sign up this week.  This means you only pay $78 for all 6-7 items.

$25 Code :  SOCIAL25
Expiration : April 29, 2016

Happy shopping, lovelies!


This post is in collaboration with Kidbox. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep La La Lovely going.


commented on April 20th 2016 at 2:29pm

Too bad KidBox don’t ship to Canada because I would have ordered right away. Too cool idea i’m jealous :)


replied on April 20th, 2016 at 4:49pm

Ohhh bummer…perhaps they will in the future! I was so pleased with their selections, the quality, the simplicity of ordering and that they give to charity. xo . t crossing my fingers they expand to Canada!