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Currently Reading
May 25, 2016


One of my favorite things to ask others is, “What are you reading?” One, because it tells me about the person and two, because I’m always looking for new books to devour. I’m a serial reader in that I like to have many going at the same time. Here’s what I’m currently reading (or have read recently).

Brazen /  I read Leanna’s first book Breathing Room, a few years ago. My mom bought it for me and I may have rolled my eyes, but then I read it found myself wiping my eyes through most of it. I found myself in the story of trying to keep it all together when I was coming apart. Brazen is somewhat of a follow up. Beautiful essays with the theme of coming out of hiding and speaking up. Again, right where I’m at.  Both Breathing Room and Brazen leave me feeling like I just had a rich conversation with a dear friend.  A conversation that I just can’t shake and starts the process of soul work. Here are some words that from Brazen that are sitting with me at the moment:

“Reclaiming our voice is about letting freedom crawl up and out of us in a way that is congruent with our becoming.” “Hiding can look like a thousand different postures and performances, but one of the most egregious is swallowing down our own God-breathed strength.”

All the Light We Cannot See /  I should have finished this book by now. I’ve checked it out three times at the library. I know. I know. The writing is gorgeous and the story compelling. So many people have recommended this book and I’ve only heard good things. The thing is, I suppose, I’m not finishing because I usually read before bed and many times I don’t want to read anything heavy at that time. If it’s the slightest bit stressful, I can’t do it. If I read fiction I want it to be light-hearted. An escape. I’m not sure if I will check this out a fourth time or just ask my friend Erin to tell me what happened in the end.

The Sleep Revolution / I was thrilled when this book came out. One thing I want to get better at this year is sleep. It sounds funny to say it like that, but I believe these days it is a discipline. Clearly it is a necessity, but it’s one that many of us are depriving ourselves from. Sleep is imperative to our health and if we would get refreshed sleep many of our ailments would take care of themselves. This book is filled with facts and science as well as practical advice on mastering sleep. I’ve ready many books on getting babies to sleep and now, in this stage, I’m learning a great deal about what is disrupting my sleep and what I can do about it.

Deliciously Ella Everyday  / I love following Ella on Instagram. I borrowed her first book from the library and loved it and knew I wanted my own copy of her new book. I love all kinds of cook books, but am particularly loving this one at the moment as I’m learning more about gluten free cooking.  This book is full of good recipes, but also lots of informative information about food and eating whole foods that has been really helpful to me since changing my diet.

The Last Anniversary / I like to read all of Liane Moriarty books. She is one of my favorite fictions writers. She develops wonderful characters and her stories always contain some type of mystery that leaves you trying to crack the character or the next chapter. I love her books because they are not heavy nor too light. Perfect summer reads.

The Search for Significance / I wish I could say I’ve finished this one, but I haven’t. I read a little. Let it sit a little. Read a little. Think a little. My grandma sends me books to read, and this is one she sent. They aren’t just any books, they are books that have been a part of her journey and ones that are now becoming part of mine. This book is helping me to unlearn a lot of things and mainly is helping me to truly work through my tendency to perform, my need for approval and helping to re-define where and how I get my self worth. If I only take away the following from the book, then this book has certainly become a significant part of my journey:

-Self worth = Performance + Other’s Opinion (A lie that keeps us in bondage)
-I am deeply loved, completely forgiven, fully pleasing, totally accepted and complete in Christ (The truth that sets us free).

Bittersweet /I love essays and I love truth telling and Shauna Niequist is one of my favorite writers.  I had yet to read this book of her’s about change and the bittersweet moments in life and figured now was good time.

The House We Grew Up In  / I was looking for a new fiction author and stumbled across Lisa Jewell. The title got me and so I gave it a go. It was rather sad, but fascinating if family dynamics interest you.

The Third Wife  / I’m onto the next book by Lisa Jewell. While I found her other book a bit sad, I have to say I like her writing. When I highlight in fiction because I fall in love with a sentence, then I know I’ve found a good author. I just started this book yesterday, and am enjoying it for a fiction escape.

What have you read recently? 

I love recommendations. I feel like I might be due for a classic of some sort.

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