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Favorite Two Ingredient Snack
June 9, 2016

Clean Candied Pecan Recipe | La La Lovely Blog

It’s summer and my kids are snacking every ten minutes, it seems. Your’s too?

I’m sharing a new favorite two ingredient snack of ours that takes about 5 minutes to make.

If you are getting eaten out of house and home, like me, then I bet you are also looking for a few new snack ideas too?  And probably a variation from the packaged kind.

Lately we are loving these candied pecans.  I should call them Clean Candied Pecans because they only contain two ingredients which happen to both be natural.

I made these to top a salad on Mother’s Day and my kids went nuts for them (no pun intended).  So I’ve been making them ever since.

Here is all you need :

Clean Candied Pecan Recipe | La La Lovely Blog



1 bag of pecans

Scant 1 /4 cup of maple syrup

Place nuts in a non-stick pan

Pour maple syrup over pecans (I really just eyeball the amount that I use.  A generous drizzle)

Toast pecans and maple syrup over medium heat, stirring often

When pecans become fragrant and appear toasted take them off heat and let them cool on a cookie sheet or foil covered with a non-stick spray.


Clean Candied PecanRecipe | La La Lovely Blog

And, there you have it.

So easy and so good!

Do you have any favorite snack at the moment?

I’m all ears and looking for some good options.