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House Crush : Austin
September 13, 2016

Austin House Crush

Sometimes it starts with a bathroom, this thing I call a “house crush.” It can begin with any room or detail or color that catches my attention, really.  This bathroom, the old sink, the old copper faucet, the simple pine shelf over potty (we still call it in our house) are so unassuming and so perfect.

One can only assume that when a bathroom is so becoming then the rest of the house, the rooms that connect from to the other, must also have some very pretty details that I’m hungry to see.

That is certainly the case with this Austin home owned by designer Claire Zinnecker.

Austin House Crush

This photo gallery so full and fabulous.

Austin House Crush

Touches of pink always induce a double take.

Austin House Crush   Austin House Crush

Austin House Crush  I find myself really taken by this, perhaps, pine wood kitchen. There is something really natural and modern about it all at the same time and yet still bright and cheery.

Austin House Crush

And it’s always the little details in the home, the curiosities that seal the crush. I have a few pretty scissors hanging, out in the open, in my kitchen, so I’m totally digging this vibe.

Honestly, these are the type of posts I wonder if I should carry on with, but sometimes it’s just fun looking into the homes of other people . . . to see how they live, what they collect, and what they find cozy. A home tells a person’s story. And at the end of the day, I’m all about the story. Even if, sometimes, it told in rooms and knick-knacks, and furniture and art.


Photography by Molly Winters 


commented on September 13th 2016 at 3:24pm

YES! I love these posts. And I love seeing the insides of people’s homes. Real homes done well, but also real homes that people live in.


replied on September 14th, 2016 at 12:13pm

Thanks, Nancy. It’s so special to see into other’s homes, I think. xo .t

commented on September 13th 2016 at 11:03pm

Wow this is an amazing house. And you are right! It started with a fantastic bathroom.


replied on September 14th, 2016 at 12:13pm

I think the bathroom is perfectly imperfect. xo . t

commented on September 14th 2016 at 6:56pm

Well this is my first time here, but I love looks into beautiful homes and interesting details! Looking forward to checking out more of your blog!


replied on September 14th, 2016 at 10:34pm

Welcome, Sharon! xo . Trina