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Hello Again (and a Few Lovely Things)
May 4, 2017


It’s just that I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into another project, which I’ll be sharing with you soon (although, I did give a little sneak peek over on insta)!  While I’ve still been looking for lovely; searching for beauty in the everyday–somedays easily noticed and other days down on my knees digging–I’ve missed sharing my finds with you. I’ve missed working out my words in this little corner of the world wide web. I’ve missed sharing from the soul and sharing little some “things” Above all, I’ve missed the conversation, the community. I’ve missed the looking for the lovely together.

I’m at a little loss for words at the moment. A little dry. A little all used up. But the words will come and the inspiration too. They will come. They always do.

As for today, I wanted to say, “hello, and see you soon, and let’s catch up.” I thought I’d share lovely in the form of a few recent favorite things. A few favorite things that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom or maybe a little something for yourself.

For Mother’s Day and everyday . . . I’m la la loving


The Alem Utility Bag from FashionABLE. I’m a FASHIONABLE superfan. This love runs deep and the loyalty long. They provide job opportunities for woman, locally and globally, who have overcome! Their handmade products (leather and jewelry) are stunning. I wish I would have had this Alem Utility bag when my babies were babies. It’s the perfect non-diaper, diaper bag. But let’s be honest…no matter your child’s age, every mom needs a mom-bag and this one is mine…which will also double as a computer bag, carry-on travel bag, library bag, Mary Poppins, “I’ve got everything you need bag” bag.


She Reads Truth Bible. The cover is a gorgeous linen (also comes in a poppy red), the inside is gorgeous (full of study guides, maps, and hand-lettered key scriptures) and the words (THE WORD) is gorgeous. It’s so good!


Skylar Body. These new all natural (hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free) scents are so light and beautiful. I’m pretty tried and true with Jo Malone, but Skylar has me mixing things up with a fresh new spring scent.


+ + +

What are you loving this week?

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commented on May 15th 2017 at 12:45pm

Have that exact same She Reads Truth Bible….Loving it too! :)