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September 13, 2016

Austin House Crush

Sometimes it starts with a bathroom, this thing I call a “house crush.” It can begin with any room or detail or color that catches my attention, really.  This bathroom, the old sink, the old copper faucet, the simple pine shelf over potty (we still call it in our house) are so unassuming and so perfect.

One can only assume that when a bathroom is so becoming then the rest of the house, the rooms that connect from to the other, must also have some very pretty details that I’m hungry to see.

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March 18, 2016

Dream beach house

I’m crushing hard on this dream beach house in St. Barts.  When I saw . . .

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January 7, 2016

House Crush : Color

I confuse my seasons.  When it’s cold and the ground is covered in white outside, I tend to crave a little color inside.  Maybe it’s my mind remembering summer.  Green grass that cushions and carpets the ground.  Pink petaled flowers that find themselves home to the fairies.  Blue skies that make me believe the ocean is above me.

Today, the ocean sky has gone grey.  All green is frozen in a deep sleep, and a crunchy white snow is sticking to the ground like glue.  This is what I see outside my window.

Inside, I’m crushing on color.  Green Kitchen cabinets, simple sun-flowered velvet pillowcases, resting shoes in a row to make a rainbow.

(keep reading for more color and simple ways to incorporate)

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Kensington House Crush Bathroom Living Room

No surprise, here, of the probability that I might be crushing on a house in South Kensington.  I love the area and I love London style.  The old meets modern gets me every single time.

But…. the thing that got me about this house was the bathroom.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  But…..there is one small thing that I never ever would have thought of that makes a huge design impact….and it’s something cheap that anyone and everyone could incorporate . . . .

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House Crush_Victorian Farmhouse

I’m crushing super hard on this Victorian Farmhouse that belongs to a pastor and his family in Portland (as recently seen on Design Sponge).  I have a thing for homes; specifically homes that have soul.  The soul of a home.  Houses are pretty, but homes have soul.  You know, the homes you visit that have personality.  Personality in their collected pieces that tell this story and that, until all stories collide and tell “the story.”  The story of the home and it’s people.  How they grew, where they went, what they saw, who they were and who they are becoming.  The homes that have a feel that is all their own.  Peaceful.  Fun.  Restfull.  Quiet.  Creative.  Loud.  Quirky.  Relaxing.  Inspiring.  Interesting.  That is the soul of a home.

I’ve never been in this home, but I just have this feeling, this hunch, that this home is one of those.  And, I think that is why I’m so attracted to it.

House Crush_Victorian Farmhouse 2

House Crush_Victorian Farmhouse 3

House Crush_Victorian Farmhouse 4

I’m crazy over this little catchall corner.  I’m working hard to create spaces to catch and contain all of the crap (sorry there is just no other word).  I’ve long been coveting expensive bins and racks and shelves, somewhat similar, but not as interesting as this one that looks like it had another life in another place or someone ele’s space.  But, it got me thinking….this might not be too difficult to make (or have someone make).  It’s going on my list.

Here’s what else is making my list, inspired by this home . . .

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