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May 10, 2014


one.  two.  three.  to me, three is that last year before you turn boy.  and while, i love boy, i’m clinging to baby.  it’s not that i don’t want you to grow up.  it’s just that i don’t want you to grow up.  i like your chubby hands and your sentences that need my interpretation.  you have the most sweet expressive face.  in fact, at times you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows when you are talking and i see my grandma.  89 to 3 and how would you know?  but, that is how this family thing works and how we carry each other in us.  when i see you and then i see her, i see wonder and magic and life in the fullest kind of way that carries innocence and wisdom hand in hand.

+  whenever i come home you say, “mommeeee you back!!!!!”  even if it’s just from the store.
+  you still call liam “EEum”
+  just like all the other boys, you love to yell, “hulk smash!”  always with your shirt off, of course.
+  your favorite shows are caillou, batman and daniel tiger.
+  when it comes to getting dressed, it’s aways the red or green jeans with a superman shirt.
+  there is no way for me to make breakfast, lunch or dinner without you helping me.
+  you will only eat and drink from the orange ikea bowl and cup.  orange is your favorite color.
+  you call theo the cat, “lilo.”
+  i always catch you saying hello to people.  you are so friendly.  and tell me, “dat my friend.”
+  “whats up roc?”  “good!”
+  you like to eat frozen waffles.  still frozen.

you are the exclamation point to our family (which is appropriate since most of your sentences end in them!).  you are relentless and rest.  and, all that is sweet and good and heaven breathed i see in your eyes.  but then again, your middle name means of the king, so why should i be surprised?  you’ve brought more love to my heart and i’ll give it all right back to you.

May 10, 2017


A birthday tribute to my youngest and on what he is teaching me.

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April 28, 2016

Insecurity at Any Age

At fourteen and fifteen, when you are most likely to feel insecure I didn’t. Sure I had days where I was not sure and felt small. I had my moments where you could not convince me that the world was not against me. But in general, I was pretty secure. Even at an ornery thirteen.

Today at thirty-eight when I feel I should be so sure, I’m finding myself feeling overly insecure. That’s a hard thing to type, to share, to publish. Even harder to accept.

But maybe you feel this way too?

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November 20, 2015

Fave Friday cat

52 List Project

52 List Project

A few fave things /

1 / Theo the  cat.   Theo gave us a real scare and went missing on Sunday.   Or, I should say, never came back on Sunday.  If he gets out he loves to stay out all night and then always returns between 5-7am.  He didn’t on Sunday.  I was so worried about him and couldn’t bare the thought of him not coming home.  He was a gift a few years back at Valentines day and honestly the sweetest gift I’ve ever received.  He came with the name Theo, which means, Gift of God and I decided to keep it because that is just what he was.  Tuesday, I decided to go over to animal services (the pound) and see if he might be there and he was.  Apparently, he got picked up on Saturday morning only 2 streets over (maybe someone doesn’t like cats?).  I was so relieved.  He is home where he belongs and I’m trying to keep in as long as I can.

2 / The 52 List Project.  This weekly listing journal, by Moorea Seal, is so cool.  I’m a huge fan of journaling as I’ve been taking paper to pen since elementary school and I’m excited to add this to my ritual.  The journal is absolutely gorgeous (pretty photos and illustrations).  It’s divided into seasons and then weeks.  Each week you are asked to list something.  For instance, “List all of the people who brighten your day.”  And, at the bottom of the page there is a “take action” suggestion.  Since I’m all about journaling, listing and visual inspiration, I’m all about this project.  I can’t wait to get started!  This would make a super sweet Christmas gift.  The journal starts in the winter season, so it’s perfect.  I just might be ordering a few to give myself (order here).

I guess my other fave this week is Christmas.  I won’t get into it since my other posts this week were all about that (if the holidays are more hard than happy read this and if you like simple DIYs for holiday decorating read this).

Well, I’m putting Christmas on hold for today as I’m off to do some Thanksgiving shopping for thirteen out of town guests that arriving on Monday.

Happy weekend, lovelies!


August 28, 2014

happy spot



a few happy spots i’m loving on this thursday.  thursdays are always my most tired day.  what about you?  naturally, i’m dreaming of a space to cozy up in with a book or a movie or just the cat.

01 / this small melbourne apartment, seen on the design files, has me swooning.  especially the daybed with the beautiful artwork above and the great light fixture.  rainy day heaven!

02 / sfgirl by bay’s little closet like nook.  nooks make great happy spots + when you can mix functionality (storing clothing) with a little relaxation (bench to sit upon whilst you take off your fabulous sparkly heels) well, that just can’t be beat.

03 / it doesn’t take much to make a loungy happy spot.  a few sanded down pallets, a mattress from ikea, and some great textiles and you are set.  wouldn’t this particular spot be great for people watching?  i’d love to watch all the life living below.

have you seen any fabulous nooks or happy spots lately? 

more happy spots here.

images : the design files / sf girl by bay / looks like white