Hello. I’m Trina McNeilly. Welcome to La La L O V E L Y, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in all areas of life. I started la la a few years back to keep track of this + that + everything pretty in between. And, it just so happens that La La Lovely is where the lovely things land.

I like to write, and for some reason, people like to ask me what it is that I like. I like lots of things. I La La L O V E beautiful design, old books, dark chocolate, dreary days, travel, décor magazines, writing, British accents, inky pens, stripes, makeup, the word juxtaposition, love, the sound of babies laughing, colorful art and white walls.

I realize that life is not always lovely but each day provides a chance to find something beautiful. And well, you probably know that the most lovely things in life are not things at all and I like to write about that too.

Besides looking for the lovely + visiting with you, I’m just a girl, turned wife + mom. Ella, Luke, Liam Brave & Rockwell Royal pretty much rule my world, along with Mr. la la who stole my heart when I was just 14.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you find something you like, or even better, something you La La L O V E.