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January 29, 2013

jessica alba

chances are you might have seen the buzz that jessica alba was at alt summit.  i had the opportunity to interview jessica on thrusday and learn a it more about her and the honest company.

ok, lets be real before i get into this interview.  i know you are all wanting to know a thing or two.  one, is jessica as beautiful in person?  umm, yeah x10.  she is even more gorgeous in person.  too be honest (because sometimes i am overly…honest, that is) she is stunning.  i mean when i talked to her i was a little taken with her beauty.  but besides being so beautiful jessica is a truly lovely person.  she was super sweet and easy to talk to.  i didn’t have a tape recorder and i wasn’t taking notes, and since i was a little distracted by the gorgeousness i can’t remember every word that was said but i’d love to share a bit with you:

Question 1 : why did you decide to start the honest company?  the truth is that jessica couldn’t find diapers that she felt were safe, worked well and were affordable (for everyone).  jessica shared with me how she came to a a point where she just thought that constant diaper rash was just something her babies would have to endure and she just didn’t feel that was right.  she tried several brands that didn’t work and some that still contained harmful chemicals.  after doing her research she decided to start her own company and offer diapers (and many other products) that are safe, honest, affordable and yes….stylish (have you seen how cute the diapers are?  even for boys!).

Question 2 : being a mom, a business owner and an actress is a lot to juggle.  how do you prioritize and what does a normal day look like for you?  jessica shared how she has made all three, very important roles, work for her and her family.  some days her daughters go to pre-school, which is right around the corner.  during that time, jessica pops over to the office and takes care of business.  she shared how she loves being involved in many of the details, even things such as packaging.  jessica has also done a really smart thing in setting up play area for her kids in the office so they can tag along and have a place of their own.  things like making breakfast and bath time are important parts of the day that she always likes to be there for special times of the day.  and when and if something comes up with one of the little ones jessica drops whatever she is doing …being a mom is job #1.  as for juggling being an actress and motherhood, i learned that jessica always brings her little ones along on location.

Question 3:  do you have any intention of creating natural beauty products for honest in the future and for the time being do you have any natural products that you love and recommend?  i didn’t quite a get a clear answer on whether honest plans to create a beauty line.  anything is a possibility.  however, jessica has done her homework and tested many many natural products.  in her upcoming book, the honest lifeshe shares a whole list of must have natural products that actually work (can’t wait to get this book next month when it is available).

we even dished a bit about things like botox in hollywood and how hilarious the movie this is 40 is.  it was such a treat to be able to sit down and talk with, yes, a movie star, but also a fellow mom, that saw a need, stepped in and made a difference!

jessica has always been one of my faves when it comes to fashion so it was no surprise that i loved her look.  here are a few pieces she had on (or similar to) that i la la loved :

jessica alba fashion_lalalovely



.01 sneakers  / .02 earrings / .03  bag

January 28, 2013

smilebooth 1

hi lovelies.  you knew it was coming, right?  the ALT recap, just like last year.  if you follow along on instagram or twitter than you probably saw a little of this or a little of that.  as always it was a really great time.

if i’m 100% honest, i would tell you that i really didn’t feel like going this year.  that i was this close to selling my ticket at the very last minute.  but i kept ignoring that nagging little voice until it was too late to turn back.  and i’m so glad i did.  yes i’ve been a few other times and yes, i know quite a lot about blogging at this point (although, i’m a believer that there is always something new to learn) but it is the relationships and networking that just can’t be beat.  i’ve made some really great friends over the years and for that my heart is happy (and it’s so fun to meet bloggers you’ve been following for a very long time, like one of my fave aussie bloggers).

Alt Summit + the After 1| lalaLovely

i roomed with kirsten grove , promise tangeman, and jasmine star.  i know…. 3 amazing women and friends.  we had the best time, sharing our stories, laughing, encouraging each other and just being together.  my favorite moments were with these talented, kind and generous souls.  if you aren’t familiar with their work, you will want to be, i promise!

as always every detail was thought out and executed in the prettiest of ways at ALT.  the days were rich with insight and the evenings sparkled with smiles and fashion that left me unable to keep my focus on one person or thing for more than a moment.

Alt Summit + the After 4 | lalaLovely

Alt Summit + the After 3 | lalaLovely

Alt Summit + the After 5 | lalaLovely

i’d love to break up everything i learned in separate posts but i think it’s best to keep it all in one place.

karen walrond’s session on finding your voice really spoke to me.  her words on comparison are maybe the best i’ve heard and i’m pretty sure you will want to hear them too.

“when you compare yourself to others you are comparing your insides to their outsides.”  yeah.  woah. right?  she went on to say that, “comparison is something you do and then feel bad.  while inspiration makes you want to do better work.”

the other thing she encouraged us all to do is to “name what lights you up.”  in other words write down every.single.thing that you like (literally – like she said she wrote down that she likes to let glue dry on her hand and then peel it off – ha – you like that too?).  then go back and and answer why? to each thing on your list.  you will likely start to see a pattern and then it will start to be easy to hear what your voice has to say.  who knows maybe i’ll make my list here on la la and we can start a conversation and you can share your lists too?

Alt Summit + the After 2| lalaLovely

then there was the keynote stefan stagmeister, the world famous graphic designer.  yes, i admit, i hadn’t heard of him.  but i was completely captured by his creativity and his work (and i’m not necessarily talking about the first photos he shared with us, if you were there.. ha).  he was warm, interesting, and naturally cool.  he shared about his upcoming documentary the happy film.  we were able to preview the first 12 minutes and it  was captivating to say the least.  he measures success by “doing more of the things i like to do and fewer of things i don’t like.”  simple.  but sometimes so hard to do.  his TED talk on “the 7 rules for making more happiness,” covers some of things he shared with us, from what i’ve heard (i can’t wait to watch it).

Alt Summit + the After 9| lalaLovely

i also heard my roomie, Jasmine’s session on personal branding was tops (she was my fave last year) but sadly had to miss it as i was off interview jessica alba (as in the movie star).  i’ll be sharing about that tomorrow, so check back!

Alt Summit + the After 11| lalaLovely

another highlight for me is that my friends from the land of nod were there as sponsor and hosted a swan soiree tea party that was second to none.  check out this giant swan boat.  i had fun hanging out with my friends from nod and it was super fun to be able to share with other bloggers about my upcoming feature and work with them.  they even had a poster of little old me.

Alt Summit + the After 10| lalaLovely

besides all the growing and getting to knowing there was a lot of fun going on.  smilebooth fun, yes.  dressing up fun, of course, and this year a little getting your dancey dance on too!

Alt Summit + the After 8 | lalaLovely

and you are probably wondering about the business cards from ALT ?  they are as pretty and over the top (in the best kind way) as ever.  i’ll also be sharing some photos of those this week as well.

and if you are wishing for a few more bits than these words on the subject of work / balance will help your monday, i promise.

+balance isn’t getting everything done.  it’s a matter of spending your time in useful ways
+defend your time and start by saying NO
+be a good boss to yourself
+what are your secret energy sources?  make a list (some of mine would be writing, reading, going to movies by myself, praying, walking) + do them.

and hey, if you are ever considering going to ALT, then go.  i know it’s not cheap.  but it’s a worthwhile investment.