08.26.2011 / Decorate

Hi lovelies.  What a week.  I have to say the highlight for me was taking a trip into Chicago to attend the Decorate Book Tour at Anthropologie.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Decorate yet, you are missing out.  I’m sure if you are reading this blog than you love design books, yes?  I do too.  Some are good, some disappoint, some are pretty and some, a rare few, become instant favorites.  And, Decorate undoubtedly falls into that category.  You know, the type that you not only look to for a quick hit of pretty but the type of design book that you reference again and again for ideas, inspiration and trusted information.

Many of you probably already know the author, Holly Becker, as she pens the widely popular design blog Decor8.  Not only does Holly author a major famous blog, a best selling book and articles for several online publications, she also teaches a course, which she founded, called Blogging Your Way.  Blogging Your Way is an online course to help you better your blogging skills.  I took the course last fall and enjoyed every second of it (and highly recommend it).  Holly was one of the very first design bloggers on the scene and if anyone can answer an array of blogging questions, suggestions and proven practices it’s  Holly.  I found the course to not only be insightful and inspiring but full of detailed useful information.  Things I had been wondering about and many things that I did not even think of were covered in the class.  The course is equal parts inspiring and practical.  I loved all of the pragmatic practices, programs and skills that were shared and introduced.  But above all, I loved hearing Holly’s story and encouraging words.

So, Tuesday night, I was able to attend a little Mood Board Demonstration by Holly as well as a book signing.  Holly was the very same person that she appears to be online.  She is both lovely and genuine.  I really appreciate that the voice she uses on her blog and the way she communicates with written word is the very same voice she speaks with in person (sometimes this isn’t so, friends).  She’s the real deal.  And don’t you just love those types the best?  Me too.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the friendships and connections I have had the prividlege of making.  So, if you are a blogger and you have an opporutnity to attend a meet up, a book signing or conference such as ALT don’t hesitate.

I spent the rest of my time in the city with my sister, Rocco and my dad.  It was a pretty fab 2 days!

ps- I loved meeting Callie from Grayson : A Different Shade of Gray + Nicole from Making it Lovely!

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07.13.2009 / An Enchanting Little Book

“If, for the first ten or twelve or fourteen years of life, the children of today could have personal flower gardens in which to play, to study, to read, to work, to dream, the world tomorrow would be greatly lightened of it’s ugly and menacing burden of materialism and general faithlessness.”
I’ve had this little book on my shelf for sometime (it is actually my sisters find) and yesterday we were having breakfast outside and talking of children and gardens and I ran in to find this little book.  I had forgotten what a gem it was.  
It is a sweet book of another time.  The kind I love most.  It is meant to teach children gardening but yet offers much information and delight to adults alike.  The book is full of helpful gardening details, gorgeous drawings and actual garden plans.  The names are as lovely as the drawings….The Lavender Walk, The Sliced Cake, The Fairy Ring and The Moonlight Pleasance to name a few.  Besides the lovely plans and drawings my other favorite of this book is the listing of old fashioned flower names.  Why don’t we call our flowers Lady’s-Delight, Lad’s Love, Ragged Sailor and Never-Grow-Old anymore?  Oh the stories our gardens would tell.
The author Olive Percival seems to be a real lady of her time.  I enjoyed, just as much, reading about her life.  Flowers, children’s books, letters, writing and  beautiful things were all things she either spent her time doing or collecting and loved most.  She was quite famous for her garden teas and moon-viewing parties (what where those like, I wonder?) at her home The Down-hyl Claim in Lose Angeles.  She lived a gentle, quiet and yet meaningful life.
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08.01.2008 / Dear Sister

Today my sister is returning.  She has been wondering around Europe for the past few months.   We started together in England and I returned and she continued on.  England to Holland to Germany, back to Holland, to Prague, Vienna & Budapest.  Most of her time was spent taking an art class in Prague, however.
I am just glad to have my sister return.  I’m heading to the airport with my brother to retrieve her.  We had an emotional parting in the middle of a square in York, England with music playing and such.
The above photos are from our short time in Haworth, home of the Bronte’s.  We are somewhat of Bronte fanatics.  
Amy is a so creative and smart.  I know she is going to do some amazing things.  She inspires me incredibly and any ounce of creativity or style that I have has to be attributed to her.  We are extremely different and in some ways very much the same.  Both of us love to write and we have been writing letters back and forth for several years.  Sending letters over the ocean and receiving them from foreign soil has been very fun!
I wish you all a very happy weekend filled with everything that makes your heart happy.  And in honor of Amalia’s return I leave you with a passage from one of my favorite poems by Emily Bronte that I find quite appropriate!
Now trust a heart that trusts in you ,
And firmly say the word Adieu;
Be sure wherever I may roam,
My heart is with your heart at home;