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let’s talk polish.  do you wear it regularly?

i have a habit of pinning pretty polishes and manicures that never make it to my fingertips.  i feel pretty good about my hands if my nails are not all jaggety (is that a word?).  i tend to save manicures for special occasions like parties and trips and when i do, rarely, paint my own nails its always a nude shade because its so forgiving when it chips.  when i splurge on a mani i opt for no chips because they last longer.  however, once my two weeks are up, i loathe the no chip because it takes a good month for my nails to recover (can i get a witness?).   contrary to the portrait that my nail polish supply (above) portrays, i just don’t bother when it comes to painting my nails.

however, this all changed after a beauty expert friend of mine suggested i try vinylux by cnd.  no base coat necessary, it dries in 8 minutes and lasts a week (more here).  i thought this product was certainly worth a try.  i’ve been painting my nails weekly, friends, which means it does dry fast and lasts.  i painted my nails, sat in bed, watched a tv show and went to sleep (no sheet marks) and the polish lasted right up to a week with a few minor chips at the tips of my nail (you can keep applying a top coat throughout the week – which i didn’t do).  it’s a game changer as far as i’m concerned.

as for colors, i’m loving:  svelte suede / rubble / impossibly plush / romantique / forbidden fall

ok, i’m off to paint my nails – - seriously!

read about more beauty products that i love here.

image /  la la lovely instagram

07.31.2013 / wear it * an organic face


there are so many things i love about blogging, but one, as i’ve told you before, is connecting with so many great people who are doing some pretty amazing work in all kinds of industry.

a few years back i connected with elizabeth dehn of beauty bets.  she knows her products . . . and well, you know i love beauty products.  not only does elizabeth know products, but she develops them. recently, she shared with me her latest collaboration with one love organics, which i was eager to learn about.  i was already a fan of elizabeth’s products and had been wanting to try one love organics forever.


i’ve been using the vitamin b cleansing oil + makeup remover and the vitamin d time release mist  and guess what lovelies?   i’m hooked!  you know i only share things i love and i la la love elizabeth’s latest products for one love (and can we talk about the packaging?  it makes me really happy to look at too).  i’m telling you the absolute truth when i say that i look forward to washing my face every night.  and this is BIG for me.  the face wash is so moisturizing and basically smells like i’m on a hawaiian vacation – which, yes, makes me want to wash my face and have a moment!


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05.22.2013 / wish i was wearing


i wish i was wearing this (in that exact spot, which, admittedly, probably has something to do with the book i’m reading) but, in fact, i’m sitting in my pajamas just hoping to get a shower today.

however, i am wearing this really great hand lotion that i think you all would like – la la love, actually:

anti aging hand cream by davines

i am all about anti-aging on the hands.  i hate to be vein but, you know how necks can be a giveaway of age….well, hands are too.  my mom always told me to rub in any of the extra night cream on the tops of my hands – i do.

and besides how much i like this product, i had to share it for the packaging.  because you know, these are the kind of details get me.  every. time.

what are you wearing today?  a cute outfit?  workout clothes?  make up?  no make up?  what does your every day wear look like?  and any new products or packaging you are loving?  i know a lot of questions….so let’s just chat!



1/ butter london west end wonderland 2/ benefit smokin eyes 3/ butter london crumpet 4/ mac lustreglass in love nectar

i’m kind of in love with my new sam edelman heels which i lovingly refer to as my princess kate shoes.  because, see…right here.  kind of, right?  i was looking for a pair of shoes to wear to my brothers wedding, this past weekend, with this dress and i wanted something really classic and that i could wear in my everyday style too.  these did not dissapoint.  they are on major sale and hey it is a small price to pay to feel like princess kate for a day.

so, speaking of the wedding i went a little overboard with the nude / natural look.  the above are a few beauty products that i’m loving at the moment.

and if you are wondering about the wedding

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02.22.2013 / Happy Friday + a Winner

relax_ La La Lovely

happy friday lovelies.  so, we are on vacation and it has been so nice with the exception of the snowstorm the other day.  say what?  that was kind of a site . . . the desert covered in snow.  i can’t wait to share some pictures from our trip and tell you all about it but for now i’m still gone for a few more days and hoping to soak up every second of it….which means a little less screen time.  and speaking of screen time.  do you find it hard to step away from the computer or put your phone down?  i want to capture every moment but sometimes i feel as if i’m actually missing “the” moment and that maybe i should just capture it in my mind.  that is a whole other conversation.  don’t you think?

a couple of things before i try to soak up the sunshine (the snow has melted…thank god):

+ i tried braiding my hair for the waves using this method but threw my hair up in the process (because i’m mildly obsessed with her at the mo) + kind of loved it (above).  and speaking of beauty.  i got the worst no chip ever.  like an entire nail (polish) fell off my finger + i didn’t even know it.  i’m totally wishing my nails looked like this today.

+ the winner (chosen at random) for the valentines / lindsay letters giveaway is natalie.  congrats + please contact me by e-mail.

01.16.2013 / Lastest Beauty Faves


multitude hair tiesole henriksen ultimate eye lift/

matrix design pulse mega dust / bobbi brown long-wear cream shadow stick / kevin murphy combs

*you can see more of my favorite beauty products and everything else i love over here.


so there you have it, a few of my recent faves.  i mean, i seriously love these products.  i particularly love this eye gel.  i apply it every morning and the little roller ball applicator is perfect for depuffing and cooling.  a morning mini spa treatment. really.


i’ve never been able to master the smoky eye.  maybe its because i’m just too lazy to practice but now i don’t have to.  i happened upon these bobbi brown cream shadow sticks on sunday and i’m not kidding when i say this product is a game changer.  it glides right on, you can use it as shadow or liner or both.  i bought it for a little drama but the truth i’m schlepping it on every morning and it works perfect for my 5 minute, every day makeup routine.

what products are you loving lately?  i’d love a few new recommendations.  let’s dish!

If you are a regular than you know I like a good beauty product (see here, here, + here).  I love trying new products but what I love even more is when you come across a product that really works.  A product that becomes a fast favorite, a necessity in your regimen and a game changer.

These, now, necessities for me have been real game changers and I recommend them without reserve:

1.  Coconut Oil - As in coconut oil you buy at the grocery store and use for cooking.  Hands down this is the best deep conditioner I’ve used.  I slather it on, on Saturday night (talk about a grease head), lay a towel down on my pillow and go to sleep.  Wash out the next  morning and we are talking major soft and major shine.

2.  Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - I’m not a mask girl.  I probably should be (tell me your fave and I’ll try it).  This really isn’t a traditional mask its basically a really intense overnight face creme.  It’s not greasy and it smells soo good.  I love to use this a couple of times a week. It really lives up to its name, your skin will literally drink up moisture.  My skin tends to be dry and this has taken away that tired, dry look.

3.  Nars Multiple Stick in Orgasm – I know.  I know.  Everybody knows about this and everybody hates the name. I’ve used this color forever.  I always switch back and both between powder blue hand creme.  I’ve finally decided that creme is my fave and particularly this one.  I promise this color looks good on everyone.  It adds just the right amount of natural color and gives the perfect glow (I’m wearing it in the photo above).

4.  Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Charm.  I’m new to this line but I hear that it is a fave of Angelina’s, even this very lip gloss.  I’m always always always buying peachy nude lip gloss and can never seem to find my match made in heaven.  But I’m pretty sure this is it.  The color is so great and the texture is even better.  Nothing sticky, gooey or tacky about it.  Smooth as butter (which makes sense since it’s French, oui?!).  PS- I hear from a few sources that Chantecaille’s tinted moisturizer is better than Laura Mercier’s (say it isn’t so?).  I’m looking into this.

5.  Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick.  This makes my list every time.  Couldn’t live without it.  I use it every. single. day.  A little on my cheeks, my nose, and my collar bones.

6.  Hot Rollers - My hot rollers and I have rekindled our love.  Why did I have them shoved in a dark drawer for so long?  I can pop them in and get on with fixing breakfast for the kids and saving the world.  Run back to the bathroom pull them out and serious volume and smoothness now lives on my head.  The curling iron doesn’t hold a chance.

7.  Mac Lip Conditioner - This is a “don’t leave home without it” product.  The best lip conditioner.  Silky, not too thick, not too thin, smells /tastes (you know what I mean) yummy and it works.

8.  Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collegen Booster - This stuff is magic.  My mom told me about it and she knows her stuff.  She said it was time I start using a Vitamin C serum (Yes, Ma’am!).  This has seriously helped my skin look fresher, more plump and dewy.  My mom forgot I had been using it and the other day she asked what I was using because my skin look so much better.  This is my #1 game changer as in it works magic and I’m completely hooked.

And speaking of my mom here is a little tip she taught me.  Whenever you have any left over creme or serums on your hands, after applying, rub the remainder on the tops of your hands for a little ant-aging treatment.  Hands always give away your age.  Her hands (and skin) look fabulous from this little trick.

Do you have any game changer beauty products?  Fill us in!

12.09.2011 / Fave Friday

Fridays are for sharing favorite links. Well this Friday, I’m sharing favorite videos. And these videos just might change your “getting ready” life. This first video is a tutorial on 25 different ways to wear a scarf.  I needed this like 4 years ago, as I pretty much only know how to wear my scarf one way and that would be the first style shown.  If I’m ever going to live in France then I better get this down to a Science.

Via StephModo

This next video I stumbled upon via Refinery 29.  You know, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do the cat eye thing for sometime now.  Well, this is a total fool-proof way.  Genius, I think.

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

And since we are on all things beauty, I’ll will leave you with one link.  I’ve always wondered what color nail polish Giada wears.  It’s the perfect nude/pink, and well she tweeted the answer this week – - – > Essie Adore-a-ball.  Great stocking stuffer, yes?!

Have a great weekend, lovelies.  Now go get a scarf, some scotch tape + some eyeliner and have fun in front of the mirror.  xo

More Fav Friday found here.