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clearly, i like books.  they might be my favorite thing to shop for.  books and beauty products, probably.  and, when it comes to books i’m a two timer.  i usually have a few books going at a time.  this can be bothersome, at times, but it works for me.  i tend to always have some sort of fiction going along with an inspirational or personal growth book (or should we just say, self help).  with that, i’m also always thumbing through cook books, magazines, and anything designing i can get my hands on.

without a doubt, i still prefer reading an actual book.  long live print – - books, magazines and newspapers.   there is just something magical, and now, seemingly, old fashioned about holding a book, and turning it’s crinkly inky pages.  i love everything about the tactile experience.  i do read on my iPad when i’m traveling, on the treadmill, or if i want to stay up way late and read a book in bed.  i have found that when it comes to personal growth / self help books i always prefer print because i love to underline, write thoughts, and just mark the heck out of it.  for quick easy reading fiction the iPad is great.


click through to see what i’m reading and have currently read:

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do you want your life to count for something?  to have meaning?  the answer to that is, probably, yes.   i do.  badly.  some days, in the midst of the daily mundane routine, i question how it all adds up.  i know that being a mom is crazy important and carries more purpose than i realize.  but some days i can’t  seem to find the meaning behind the mom.  i know it is there.  somewhere.  because before four kids, and, really, before growing up, it was there.  and through all these in between years, i’ve come to know that meaning goes beyond what we do.  and has much more to do with who we are.

Freefall to Fly, A Breathtaking Journey Towards a Life of Meaning, is a book that i’ve recently read on the topic of meaning.


and, i’m so excited about this book  because it’s a great one but also because it is written by one of dearest friends, rebekah lyons (you may remember rebekah, and her family, from the land of nod feature a few months back…i helped decorate + style their home).


but back to the book. … Freefall to Fly is a story.  a journey, to be exact.  it’s rebekah’s personal  journey towards a life of meaning told in a very honest, raw and real way.  a few years back, rebekah and her family packed up the familiar and left for new york city with 3 kids in tow.  as her friend, i remember  basking in her braveness and wanting a piece of it for myself.  but, taking risks and being brave doesn’t always come easy.  in the thick of it there was everything from midtown daydreams to park avenue meltdowns.  and then came a beautiful surrender.


it was over this past christmas break, when rebekah sent me her manuscript to read. i curled up under the covers and found myself reading into the early morning hours because i just couldn’t seem to put it down.  yes, because it was a story that i wanted to see through until the end but also because i couldn’t help but find myself hidden inside the words and the pages and the pages and the words.  i seemed to be finding bits and pieces of myself that had been missing for some time.  i was found in words like, “facing our fears opens the way forward.”  (the brave piece seems to go missing with me more than i care to admit).  after reading every last word, i’d say i’m a little more found, and gently reminded that i want to be moving forward, even if it scares me.   i’m certainly on this journey towards a life of meaning.

i’m  excited to GIVEAWAY one copy of Freefall to Fly today (CLOSED)
*all you have to do is leave me a comment.  and if you’d like to share, i’d love to know what it is you’d love to do in life, if nothing was holding you back. (giveaway ends 5/16)

also, anyone who subscribes to rebekah’s blog will have a prelude and 1st chapter of Freefall to Fly delivered to their inbox.  you can subscribe here.  And…EVERYONE who purchases Freefall to Fly will receive three awesome gifts An original chalk art print by chalk artist, Dana Tanamachi, a $5 TOMS gift card, and a Freefall to Fly digital soundtrack. (I really did say everyone. Swoon!)

lastly…tonight you can join gabe and rebekah lyons, Q founders,  on launch night (tonight / april 9th at 8PM) for a Live Simulcast from NYC discussing womanhood and calling.

UPDATE : winner #33 rachel!

04.04.2013 / Book : The Honest Life


when i interviewed jessica alba, a few months ago, i asked her about her favorite natural beauty products.  this led to a conversation about her upcoming book, The Honest Life, where she said she would be sharing her favorites, along with many other great things.  of course, it piqued my interest and i knew it was going to be a book i wanted to add to my collection.


it’s obvsiouly not a a novel, but i found myself staying up late, several nights in a row, reading every sentance.  the tag line of the book is “living naturally and true to you.” yes and yes!  jessica says, “i decided to write this book becuase i was sick of being told that ‘healthy,’ ‘safe,’ and ‘eco’ meant ‘boring,’ ‘beige,’ and blah.’

i assumed there would be chapters on beauty, cleaning products and babies and so forth but i had no idea that the book covered topics such as decor and creating a space that’s cozy, clean and totally you (i loved seeing where jessica likes to shop and learning a bit more about her decor style).  the chapters cover topics such as honest food, honest clean, honest beauty, honest style, honest home, honest baby and honest inspiration.  all bases covered!  each chapter is overflowing with, honest goodness and valuable tips and tricks that are easily implemented.

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03.18.2013 / Book : Past & Present

past + present_La La Lovely

past + present3_La La Lovely

it’s snowing again (which, for whatever reason, just makes me want to eat cheeseburgers + fries) and to top it off one of the littles is home sick. this has me thinking of a roaring fire and a good book. which is why i thought i’d pop in and tell you about a design book, i’m really loving called past & present by amy azzarito.

(how pretty are the illustrations?  there are so many great ones in the book, that i’m so inspired by …. i so wish i could draw!).

past + present 4_La La Lovely

you may recognize amy azzarito’s name as she is the managing editor at design sponge.  past & present is a really fun mix of essays and projects.  the book connects the dots between current trends and decorative art history, which is pretty fascinating, if you happen to love design and history, like me.

past + present _La La Lovely

past + present 5_La La Lovely

i really love the correlation between the past and present and using pieces, in design (whether they are bought or handmade), that tell a story.   and all of these, easy to follow, diy projects have a story behind them which makes them all the more interesting.  also, the really fun part is that many favorite designers contributed these projects.  there are quite a a few that i’d like to try.

you can see more from the book here and you can purchase it here.  and keep an eye for a few more book reviews in the coming weeks.  there are some really great ones, i can’t wait to share with you.

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Bringing Up Bebe   / The Paris Wife /  The Happiness Project  / Taming Your Family Zoo  / BagParis in Color

Say, what are you reading these days?  As, almost, always, I have about 5 books going at once.  All the while wondering if I, ever, will finish just one of them.

I like reading all kinds of books (and magazines, of course).  I suppose the two types that I read the most are fiction and self help (or personal growth type books).  I know many a people that only read “learning” books and then others that can only be found with fiction (really bad fiction-ahem) in hand.

When, I’m feeling major stressed or overwhelmed I always reach for a book which transports me from my everyday into another time or a faraway place.  And right now, I am definitely in that mode (more on that later).  I just finished this book, which was an easy escape.  It would certainly seem that I’m stuck in Paris mode as I’m torn between this and this.

Do you have books that you always return to?  All time favorites?  I hate picking favorites but for me it’s Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.  And speaking of classics, which do you recommend?  I love reading old books (when I’m not too tired, that is).

So tell me what are you currently reading?  What you have you recently read?  And what do you want to read?  Any books that have been life changing or game changers?  I’m completely fascinated by people’s choice in reading as I think you can learn a lot about a person by what they read.  And summer reading is upon us, now isn’t it.

For more books la la loves follow along here.

*I think whether you read from an actual book or an e-reader you def need a cool bag to tote your materials in and I happen to love this one.


09.19.2011 / Milk + Bookies


Don’t you just love a good book?  I mean, really truly, it is one of the great pleasures of life, and at any age.  I have to say that I love children’s books just as much, well actually, probably more than big people books.  There is just something so magical about children’s books . . . the words, the colors, the imagination, the drawings and even the smell.

Well, it’s Milk + Bookies Day.  And I’m really excited to be participating in this blog event along the likes of Melisa from The Lil Bee,  Joanna from A Cup of Jo, Abbey of Abbey Goes Design Scouting and many more.

What is Milk + Bookies you ask [besides a really cute + clever name]?  It’s a pretty great organization that helps provide books to children that don’t have access to them.  The concept is, you host a book party, book club . . . any kind of gathering and everyone purchases a favorite book, writes a perosnal inscription, and then recieves an “I donated” sticker.  And thus, many children are given books they would otherswise not have oppurtunity to receive.  You can of course also simply make a donation.

I know giving a favorite book is one of my favorite presents to give.  You too?

What was your favorite children’s book?  Do you have any current favorites that you are reading to your littles?

I always loved any of the Berenstain Bears books and one book that I just adored was the Little Fur Family.

As an adult one of my favorite children’s authors is Lauren Child.

My little la la’s are liking : +Pippi Lonstocking + Nobody Notices Minerva + Sparkle and Spin + The Gruffalo + Little Hoot

Happy Monday, Lovelies.  I hope you feel inspired to give a book and read a book!

+ To learn more, you can watch the adorable Milk + Bookies video h e r e
+ You can sponsor h e r e
+ Lastly, you need some c o o k i e s [ made these this weekend] to go with your milk  + bookies

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08.26.2011 / Decorate

Hi lovelies.  What a week.  I have to say the highlight for me was taking a trip into Chicago to attend the Decorate Book Tour at Anthropologie.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Decorate yet, you are missing out.  I’m sure if you are reading this blog than you love design books, yes?  I do too.  Some are good, some disappoint, some are pretty and some, a rare few, become instant favorites.  And, Decorate undoubtedly falls into that category.  You know, the type that you not only look to for a quick hit of pretty but the type of design book that you reference again and again for ideas, inspiration and trusted information.

Many of you probably already know the author, Holly Becker, as she pens the widely popular design blog Decor8.  Not only does Holly author a major famous blog, a best selling book and articles for several online publications, she also teaches a course, which she founded, called Blogging Your Way.  Blogging Your Way is an online course to help you better your blogging skills.  I took the course last fall and enjoyed every second of it (and highly recommend it).  Holly was one of the very first design bloggers on the scene and if anyone can answer an array of blogging questions, suggestions and proven practices it’s  Holly.  I found the course to not only be insightful and inspiring but full of detailed useful information.  Things I had been wondering about and many things that I did not even think of were covered in the class.  The course is equal parts inspiring and practical.  I loved all of the pragmatic practices, programs and skills that were shared and introduced.  But above all, I loved hearing Holly’s story and encouraging words.

So, Tuesday night, I was able to attend a little Mood Board Demonstration by Holly as well as a book signing.  Holly was the very same person that she appears to be online.  She is both lovely and genuine.  I really appreciate that the voice she uses on her blog and the way she communicates with written word is the very same voice she speaks with in person (sometimes this isn’t so, friends).  She’s the real deal.  And don’t you just love those types the best?  Me too.

One of my favorite things about blogging is the friendships and connections I have had the prividlege of making.  So, if you are a blogger and you have an opporutnity to attend a meet up, a book signing or conference such as ALT don’t hesitate.

I spent the rest of my time in the city with my sister, Rocco and my dad.  It was a pretty fab 2 days!

ps- I loved meeting Callie from Grayson : A Different Shade of Gray + Nicole from Making it Lovely!

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07.07.2011 / Summer Reading

1 | How Did You Get This Number
2 | The Pemberley Chronicles
3 | Bossypants
4 | Think – Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World
5 | One Day
6 | There’s Always Tomorrow —> My British Bestie’s Mum authored this new read

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