03.28.2012 / MAP Quilts

These map quilts by Haptic Lab are so cool.  Who would have known that there is a city map on this pretty white quilt?

No doubt about the baby quilts being maps with the bright colors showing off the city streets.  The really fun colors give a better clue as to which city is portrayed.  Such a fun idea for a baby gift!  You can see more cities here.

[haptic lab]

12.13.2011 / A Hit of White

Source: simplygrove.com via Trina on Pinterest


Source: plutomeisje.be via Marieke on Pinterest


Source: greigedesign.blogspot.com via Stacy on Pinterest

Source: elephantceramics.blogspot.com via Kathee on Pinterest


Source: thelovelycupboard.com via Trina on Pinterest


I’m needing a hit of white today.  I think it just soothes and calms.  Maybe that is why I like it so much.

AND isn’t the last image such a great little white + bright DIY Christmas idea?

OH I’m so excited . . . la la Lovely was featured on DailyBuzz Style’s Top 9 today.  Check it out!

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11.16.2011 / i want. i love. i have

Source: anthropologie.com via Trina on Pinterest

this clutch from Anthro

Source: flickr.com via Noelle on Pinterest


this.  all of it. just makes me happy.

Source: tumblr.com via Trina on Pinterest

a hair appt. today.  i was suppose to have lost more baby weight + the plan was to get a bob + go blonde.  plan aborted.  so to stay dark/ombre or to lighten up?  i do like drew’s lighter ombre.  maybe just the perfect pick me up? for now at least.

my hair inspiration. any you like better or best?

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11.14.2011 / Newsprint Wallpaper

What do you think about newsprint for wallpaper?  I had the random idea of trying this in a small area of of my home for sometime and I just stumbled across the above image in this month’s Country Living .  The home belongs to Sean Scherer, antiques dealer + owner of Kabinett and Kammer in New York.

Newspapers are a bit sentimental to me as my family has been in the business for quite a long time.

I also love the idea of using old letters as wallpaper too.  What can I say, I like words.

What do you think?  Would you use everyday paper like newsprint, old letters, maps, and so on as wallpaper?  Have you seen any other great examples?

Happy Monday, lovelies.  Be sure to check back first thing tomorrow for a really fun giveaway.

images | Country Living Flickr |

11.08.2011 / inspiration board

I’ve been working on my little inspiration board.  And speaking of work this is where I blog [if I'm not on the couch or at Starbucks, that is].  It’s a work in progress, of course . . . Things to be added + some pieces may lose their place but for now, it works for me.

Do you have an inspiration board?  It’s one of my favorite things to spy.  This one was always a fav + I also have an entire pinboard of inspiration boards.

If you entered the giveaway be sure to check back later to today to see if you won!

11.03.2011 / calm + cozy

This week I’m la la loving photographer Simon Upton’s work.  Interiors, travel, portraits, so much beauty in one place.  I was drawn to these gorgeous exteriors and imagined these could be the interiors to match their environment.  I’d be happy with either.  An isolated cabin, with a cozy fire , good book and a warm cup of tea.  Or a something on the water, white, crisp and calm.

images | James Upton |

10.26.2011 / styled + photographed

I am a little obsessed with photographer and stylist Anne-Claire Rohe´.  Her work is beyond gorgeous.  It’s cool.  It’s calm and it pretty much evokes all kinds of goodness.  You can see more of her work here.

images | Anne-Claire Rohe´ |

10.04.2011 / Happy

Love this space + love these words.  It’s a great reminder, isn’t it?  I had a big long post to share but just have not had the time to finish it.  It seems lately I’m great at getting a lot of things half done.  Which for someone like me, who likes items marked off my list, everything in it’s place and everyone on a schedule, these words are a good reminder.  So I’m turning off the computer for now.  Hope your day is happy in every way!

image | hopscotch and grace