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while cleaning up my computer i decided to make a fresh clean desktop with one of my mantras for the new year and i thought i’d share it with you!

you can download the love more, care less desktop right here.

04.30.2013 / Guest Post * Simply Grove
Hi everyone! Kirsten from Simply Grove here, filling in for Trina as she travels the world!:) I’m a huge LaLa Lovely fan so of course it is an honor to be guest posting for Trina!

When it comes to designing your dining room or even just simple decor, grey chairs are a perfect way to go. They are neutral enough to match a style of decor and are just a really good staple piece. If you are a vintage lover, a rusty grey medal base would be great.


Maybe you are one who likes the modern look. Find a chair with a sleek and minimalistic look. These Hay chairs are such a striking choice. Pair them with a wooden dining table for an eclectic look.

However, if you are one that doesn’t know what kind of chair would look great in your space, a simple grey choice with a wood base can make for an easy decision. They are stylish to the eye and will certainly wow your guests.


In the end, grey chairs are always a nice design choice, at least in my book.

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Hi Lovelies + Happy New Year.  We drove 13 hours straight last night.  With 4 kids freaking out all at one time it is an orchestra you’d rather never ever hear.  I might need a few days to recover and get things in order [christmas disaster awaited me upon arriving home].

I haven’t even really processed New Year’s yet.  Have you?  Have you made your resolutions or made a list of all of the things you did accomplish this year?  I will def pop in with a post on this. new. year. sometime this week.

But.  in the meantime.  You HAVE to check out this new shop which launched today :


It’s a collaboration between Emma of Emmadime + Bre of Moxee.  These girls know how to design [and speaking of ... Bre is working on a little something for me - which I can't wait for you to see].

You can see their gorgeous lookbook here

And .because. I like pretty videos.  Their styling shoot is all kinds of pretty.

OurPaperShop BTS from Rocky Garza on Vimeo.

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