12.17.2013 / DIY gift : planter girl

DIY planter via la la lovely

need a quick gift idea?  i have just the thing.   it’s cute, inexpensive, and creative.  a sweet faced little planter.  and, it only requires 3 supplies . . .

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i was hoping to do some crafting around christmas time with my littles.  while i would love to do something elaborate and completely original, the truth is, i’m way more crafty in my mind than i am in real life.  and, bring kids into the mix and things always get a bit tricky.  so i decided easy was the way to go, for them and for me.

i was thinking snow globes or pom poms would be fun and took to the interwebs to narrow it down.  instead of my normal google or pinterest searching, i took the bing challenge and tried Bing Smart Search .    i hopped onto the misters computer and got a little carried away in my searching.  i have to say, i loved the color and visual look in a big way.  you don’t have to leave the app or program you are using or even open a browser.  you just swipe and type.

so, snow globes are certainly more christmasy but they also involved a lot of supplies and supervision…..pom poms clearly were a better fit.

pom poms via la la lovely

i loved the idea of making a pom pom garland to garnish the fireplace with (they are so cute!) :

bing smart search 2 via la la lovely

after ooing and ahhing, i then concluded that perhaps ornaments where the way to go since it is christmas, after all.  and, let’s face it, a few ornaments are a lot easier than an entire garland.

bing smart search 3 via la la lovely

i immediately saw so many great images (without having to click on an “images” link) that gave me a clear idea of what i was going for.  i absolutely love how you scroll from left to right on Smart Search  versus the usual up and down.  you get a glimpse and grouping of images, posts, and videos followed by many links on the subject (see image below).  again, so great visually.

i had seen some pom poms this season that required pom pom makers.  i didn’t really have time to order one and didn’t want to mess with it.  so i kept scrolling (sideways) through the search and came across a post from the lovely lark and guess what?

bing smart search via la la lovely

this is all we needed to make our pom poms  - – yarn + scissors.


while i started with the idea of a pom pom garland and moved on to ornaments, we actually ended up using these as gift tags, which can in turn be used as ornaments by the person who receives the gift.   and, luke has been making these into necklaces to hand out to his friends.  this turned out to be a really great craft for us because my older two can make these on their own and are doing so daily (maybe i’ll we will end up making that garland, after all).

the pom poms are a lot of fun, and, honestly, i had just as much fun searching on Smart Search (what can i say, i’m an an internet nerd – and hey, search a city … i love how they display the results for cities).  i’m curious, have you tried bing’s smart search?

click through for a step by step, pom pom making, photo instructions

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11.08.2013 / cupcake garland

cupcake liner garland via la la lovely

how about a simple DIY for your weekend?

do you remember the trophy cupcakes and parties book i blogged about?  i’m still loving it.  the cupcakes, the crafts and all of the cuteness.

this week we made the cupcake liner garlands featured in the book.  i’m kind of excited about all of the crafty things you can do with cupcakes liners.

cupcake liner garland 3 via la la lovely

all you need to make the garland is:

+cupcake liners (the pattern options are endless)
+string / twine
+a needle

cupcake liner garland 2 via la la lovely

the string goes through the needle and the needle (with string) through the liners.  be sure to leave about 12 inches on each end for hanging.  you can hang the garland in a traditional swag but i think i may hang ours from the ceiling straight down.

and while we are chatting cupcakes and crafts and all things sweet . . .

if you are in the chicagoland area, i’m co-hosting a kids baking workshop and book signing with trophy cupcakes at the land of nod on november 16th.

it’s going to be a super fun event for kids + grownies a like.  i’d love meet you!

trophy cupcakes + la la lovely at Land of Nod

for jennifer shea (trophy cupcakes author) 10 top craft essentials keep reading .  . .

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happy friday lovelies.  i’m taking a break and am at original (having so much fun), so i don’t have my regular friday faves to share with you….but i did want to share this super fun + easy idea i spied over on pinterest.  this is totally my type of DIY and weekend project, you know!  scrabble pieces and file bins.  yes + yes.  you could also do one for each kid.  what do you think?  do you think you might give this a try?

i also write for euro style lighting and have two fun posts to share this week:

kids room design : shared spaces

creating a modern space with accessories

do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  i hope so!  can’t wait to see you back here on monday!

image / pinterest

02.07.2013 / DIY : Tiled Mosaic

Mosaic DIY_La La Lovely

hi lovelies!  ready for a little DIY today?  I’m sharing all of the details on making the tiled mosaic, featured in my living room, over on Honest to Nod.

So CLICK HERE for the HOW TO and get your craft on!

tiled mosaic 2_ La La Lovely

and if your feeling extra crafty here are a few more lovely DIY’s.

xo . t

01.31.2013 / DIY : Garland Mobile

garland mobile_lalalovely

how are you today lovelies?  today i’m over on Honest to Nod sharing how to make  this pretty garland mobile from the kids room, that i featured, yesterday.  for all of the (pretty) step by step instructions,  hop on over here!

12.20.2012 / DIY Gift : Iron-Ons


If you are looking for a last minute gift, look no further.  If you are looking for a handmade, DIY kind of gift, I’ve got it.  A few weeks ago, I happened upon Mike Perry’s  Unlimited Editions 20 Instant Iron-Ons and I hit the jack pot.  These iron-ons are the super coolest.  The iron-ons themselves would make a pretty rad gift but why not make it handmade by simply doing the ironing-on yourself?  You can iron on t-shirts, tea towels, totes, pillows and the list is endless (I love the idea of endless possibilities).



Here is what you’ll need :



And here is what you’ll get :




I’m making t-shirts for all of my littles and tea towels for some friends.  I made the bottom one for myself.  And she is a great little reminder of one of my favorite quotes by Nora Ephron, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”  And hey, why not put some lovely words with your pretty little something that you are making?

I found my Mike Perry Iron-On book at Blick but you can also purchase them online here.

Now go get your iron on! xo

images : La La Lovely

11.08.2012 / DIY : Globe Light

this is possibly the worlds easiest DIY (because that’s the way i like them loves).  all you need to get started are two items:

+ a globe (mine is an old from from a bathroom vanity)
+ mini, battery operated, lights (mine are strala from IKEA).

simple put batteries in the lights.  turn them on.  pop them under the globe and there you have it . . . a twinkling globe light.  i love the idea of making several and lining them up on your mantle for the holidays.  they also make great night lights for your littles (think fairies in a jar)  so many possibilities, yes?!