08.10.2011 / Another Time + Place

With 4 little la la’s running about I need a little escape from reality from time to time [truthfully, I needed this before the littles  - - I mean, don't we all?].  My choice of escape is usually, to another time or place, by way of a book or movie.

I mentioned France just the other day but it feels only right to chat about my even longer love of all things English.  I can’t help but daydream of being in the English countryside, sipping on cup of tea and visiting with my dear English friend, Maggie.  There is just always a piece of my heart that feels very at home in England.

Currently, I’m getting my British fix by way of Downton Abbey [a Masterpiece Classic on PBS which you can watch instantly on Netflix]. I’m totally hooked on the lives of both the noble family that inhabit this estate and the servants that run it.  It’s a pretty great escape to another time and another place.  I can assure you that.  [I'm just trying to figure out what I'll watch once I'm through with this series].  Do you have any favorite ways to escape?  Favorite books?  Favorite movies?

Needing a bit more of a Brit fix?  You can read my other posts on England here.

PS- Today is the last day to enter the Sorting with Style Giveaway.  I’ll announce a winner tomorrow.

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11.16.2010 / Kate Spade meets London
Have you heard of the Kate Spade Pop up Shop in London?
If not, let me introduce you.
I’m pleased to introduce you to,
Bold Color Meets Perfection. . .

And here is a little video to get a better look inside the house.

12.16.2008 / Cute Cups

Loving these mugs and many others from Emma Bridgewater.  Have a look around the website as there are many more darling items.  Now I’m signing off for tea with a magazine.. looking for a bit of happiness myself.
Do you have a favorite mug that you always drink out of?  What does it look like?  My fav is a mug I picked up in England last spring that is white and says “Posh Totty” in pink.  After I bought it, I thought maybe I don’t want to call myself a Posh Totty.  But I thought it was funny and my British friend Mags thought it was really funny!  And I get a good chuckle every time I sip my tea!
10.15.2008 / Withdrawls

I am having withdrawls today….one year ago today hubby and I headed to London and Paris for our anniversary.  The pic of the Eiffel Tower was taken from our hotel balcony.  That was our view . . . sigh!
{images : Trina McNeilly}
08.01.2008 / Dear Sister

Today my sister is returning.  She has been wondering around Europe for the past few months.   We started together in England and I returned and she continued on.  England to Holland to Germany, back to Holland, to Prague, Vienna & Budapest.  Most of her time was spent taking an art class in Prague, however.
I am just glad to have my sister return.  I’m heading to the airport with my brother to retrieve her.  We had an emotional parting in the middle of a square in York, England with music playing and such.
The above photos are from our short time in Haworth, home of the Bronte’s.  We are somewhat of Bronte fanatics.  
Amy is a so creative and smart.  I know she is going to do some amazing things.  She inspires me incredibly and any ounce of creativity or style that I have has to be attributed to her.  We are extremely different and in some ways very much the same.  Both of us love to write and we have been writing letters back and forth for several years.  Sending letters over the ocean and receiving them from foreign soil has been very fun!
I wish you all a very happy weekend filled with everything that makes your heart happy.  And in honor of Amalia’s return I leave you with a passage from one of my favorite poems by Emily Bronte that I find quite appropriate!
Now trust a heart that trusts in you ,
And firmly say the word Adieu;
Be sure wherever I may roam,
My heart is with your heart at home;
07.09.2008 / Simple & Happy

Isn’t this picture great?  I mean, really look at it.. those are some old kind of gross (dare I say) chairs and look at how fabulous they look with those (always great) Union Jack pillows!  Simple, gorgeous and vibrant.  This picture just makes me happy when I look at it.
{picture from my friend Jess : original source unknown}
If you have visited my site lately, you know that I fell in love with this blue door I saw in England and so I thought I should paint my door blue and I did.  I’m not quite used to the brightness and kind of I’m having second thoughts…or maybe thinking I should tone it down some.  Here are some before and afters….PLEASE….. I’d love to hear from all of you!  You all have such excellent taste!  Like?  Dislike?  Tone it down?  Any recommendations welcome and wanted!
BEFORE: burgandy door

ps- I painted the trim around the little window (on the door) white thinking this would help but I actually think I like the all blue better?
06.16.2008 / Fun Shops

While I was shopping around in York, I came across Cath Kidtson and I got a little overly excited.  My English friends probably thought I was a little strange.  But anyhow, I proceeded to go in and they told me they were closed.  And asked me to come back the next day, which happened to be the day I was leaving.  I begged them to let me in and they said to come back later in the day and they might be open.  Well I did go back and I was in luck, it was open.  In fact that day was the grand opening of the store!  Now, the one mistake I made was to ask the lady in the store if I could take some pictures.  She told me no.  I have always been one to ask permission but after this I might just turn into those that believe it is better to ask forgiveness than permission.  Here are a few shots I managed from the store window while they were still setting up.  The colors are GORGEOUS and so inspiring.  I especially love the pink vanity and then all of the colored bins in the pictures below.  

This next store, Wild Hart, was a sweet one.  They had all kinds of cute little things.  The kind of store you could spend quite some time wondering around looking at small interesting things.

I bought some really fun mugs, like the ones below.  They have all kind of fun little names/descriptions on them and they are made in England.  The ones I bought say, “Posh Totty” and “Anorak.”  Both really British.  I bought the Anorak one for my husband as a joke. I’m told it means kind of nerd or train spotter as my English friends have informed us in the past.  But really my husband is anything but a train spotter so I probably should of stuck with the one that said “Alpha Male!”  Oh well!
Just one final cute little store front.  A fun little clothing boutique called “Boho Belle.”