Another Time + Place

With 4 little la la’s running about I need a little escape from reality from time to time [truthfully, I needed this before the littles  – – I mean, don’t we all?].  My choice of escape is usually, to another time or place, by way of a book or movie. I mentioned France just the […]

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Kate Spade meets London

Have you heard of the Kate Spade Pop up Shop in London? If not, let me introduce you. I’m pleased to introduce you to, Bold Color Meets Perfection. . . And here is a little video to get a better look inside the house.

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Cute Cups

Loving these mugs and many others from Emma Bridgewater.  Have a look around the website as there are many more darling items.  Now I’m signing off for tea with a magazine.. looking for a bit of happiness myself. Do you have a favorite mug that you always drink out of?  What does it look like? […]

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I am having withdrawls today….one year ago today hubby and I headed to London and Paris for our anniversary.  The pic of the Eiffel Tower was taken from our hotel balcony.  That was our view . . . sigh! {images : Trina McNeilly}

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Dear Sister

Today my sister is returning.  She has been wondering around Europe for the past few months.   We started together in England and I returned and she continued on.  England to Holland to Germany, back to Holland, to Prague, Vienna & Budapest.  Most of her time was spent taking an art class in Prague, however. […]

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Simple & Happy

Isn’t this picture great?  I mean, really look at it.. those are some old kind of gross (dare I say) chairs and look at how fabulous they look with those (always great) Union Jack pillows!  Simple, gorgeous and vibrant.  This picture just makes me happy when I look at it. {picture from my friend Jess […]

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Opinions Needed.. Like or Dislike?

If you have visited my site lately, you know that I fell in love with this blue door I saw in England and so I thought I should paint my door blue and I did.  I’m not quite used to the brightness and kind of I’m having second thoughts…or maybe thinking I should tone it […]

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Fun Shops

While I was shopping around in York, I came across Cath Kidtson and I got a little overly excited.  My English friends probably thought I was a little strange.  But anyhow, I proceeded to go in and they told me they were closed.  And asked me to come back the next day, which happened to […]

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From Blah to Blue

One thing I adore about the U.K. is their use of color on the exterior.  And bold colors at that.  The building may all be the same but the doors and/or trim has a personality all of it’s own.  We don’t see that much in my side of the world but I love it.  And […]

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In Her Shoes

Fridays I like to have a little something to think on.. so I thought I would tell you all a little about the conference I attended in England.  First of all…how cool are these decorations.  I wish I would have taken a few more pictures but I didn’t.  Pretty chandeliers are enough for me but […]

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