skateboard/ toy crossbow / solar robot

Boys will be boys!  I have 3 little men running about like wild bear cubs, so I know what I’m talking about in this department.  I love these picks and even my not so little guy (as in the mister, ahem) would like gifs.  As I said, boys will be boys.

You can find more boy inspiration right here + check out last weeks 3 Gifts!

bag / earings / mittens

fa la la…it’s the holidays.  i have to be honest.  i’m not quite there mentally.  and i likely won’t be for another week.  but i’m hoping that these posts just might help me get in the mood a little more quickly.  in the next few weeks, i’ll be doing several “3 gifts” posts where i’ll be featuring 3 gifts for different types of recipients.  simple and fun.  so tell me, are you all ready for the holidays (mentally? literally?).

12.20.2011 / christmas cookies

Are you a crazed Christmas cookie baker?  Do you have certain types of cookies that you bake year after year?  Recipes that have been passed down in your family?

I bake every year.  I usually cram it into one day and than regret it about 2 hours in.

Every year I make Jam Kolaches.  They are the passed down recipe.  And although I never really learned to make them with my great grandma + grandma I always feel close to them when I make these.  It’s a tradition that I don’t want to break.  I was thrilled when I found this post on Kolaches last week.  It is gorgeous.  There is even a beautiful video.

Other cookies I make every year are:

// sugar cookies [ they always end up being a major undertaking]
// peanut butter clusters
// 7 layer cookies
// haystacks [instead of chow mein noodles I use potato shoe strings]

These peanut butter cup cookies look pretty great too.  Why not add a cookie to the Reese’s that I eat almost everyday [news years resolution – stop eating Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

What cookies do you like to make?  Do you have any family recipes that are near and dear?

images | Jessica Comingore |Six Sisters Stuff via Pink Wallpaper | la la Lovely |

12.19.2011 / Christmas Week

How was your weekend lovelies?  Ours was pretty busy.  The kids are home now and I have a feeling it will be a full on week.   Do you have anything special planned this week?  Or is it all hustle and bustle?  I have a few things to finish up and now it is onto the food portion of Christmas that I am concerning myself with.  But we are also taking the kids into the city and going to the art museum for the first time.  I’m really excited about this but I’m also trying not to have too high of hopes as in 2 babies are coming along.  I’m really looking forward to the older la la’s taking in some art though.  I hope everyone finds something that inspires them in one way or another.

The above is Elle’s Christmas dress (recycled from last year, actually).  I love the little combo and wish I could wear it myself.  And speaking of Ella.  Did you know that her little brother calls her “La La,” all on his own accord.

And as for the pink and the red, it is my color combo this year.  I’ve done very little decorating [a bit of decorating from a few years ago here].  I’m feeling pressure to keep on decorating this week but I’m also trying to convince myself that there isn’t much point now + it will only make for more taking down.  The ribbon at least made it to my tree.  However, I’m already excited about decorating possibilities for next year.

Happy Monday.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow, let’s talk Christmas cookies!

Lovelies, here is my personal wish list / gift guide.  I mean, if I could ask Santa for a few things these would be it.  I’d recommend any of them for your mom, sister, bff or any lovely that you know.  And as you can see I’ve gotten a little carried away and made quite a long list of goods but why not?  Tis the season to indulge a bit.  Shop on!

1 / Matta Dupatta Scarf in Mauve  from Pretty Mommy [I hope it makes me look like her. On a side note pretty much everything in this shop is my favorite + including this little guy who I also want]
2 / Anthology Subscription [because mine ran out]
3 / Reclaimed Apothecary Matchstick Jar [because everyone likes to play with fire, sometimes]
4 /  Suite One Studio Aqua Porcelain Serving Platter [because I'd be sure to eat more salad]
5 /  Odette Arrow ring / bracelet [this may a Christmas present to myself]
6 / Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil [because my skin needs a drink]
7 /  Farmor Bread Bags by Plenty [seriously such an old idea that its brand new to me]
8 / Florentini + Baker Boots [who wouldn't want these?]
9 / Anthology Print by Michelle Armas [I'm ready to own a real piece of art + anything by Michelle Armas would make my heart sing]
10 / Etch Candle Holder by Tom Dixon [need this by my bedside - thank you Michelle for         getting me in the know]
11 / Charbonnel-Et-Walker Signature Truffles [for my sweet tooth]
12 / Isla Gloves [the coolest mittens I've ever seen]
13 / Up in the Air Somewhere Gold Zag Tray [or anything from this shop would do]
14 / Vivier Tropezienne Bag [because I can't stop the collection I've started]
15 / Terttulla Pale Green Creamer + Sugar [mr. cream + mrs. sugar would just be happier in this set, they told me so]

What are you wishing for?

[Here are some other things I've liked from Pretty Mommy ]

12.12.2011 / Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  I can’t say that we have any major ones around here.  I’m hoping to start a few in the coming years the la la’s are getting a little older.  One little tradition that I have, which just kind of came to being, is that every year while filling out my Christmas cards I watch Little Women.  Yesterday, was my day and the best part was that Elle wanted to help me and watch along too [I get very excited at thought of her being the age where she can read and watch some of the classics that are so near and dear to me].  It’s something so very simple and really everydayish but now we can do it together and I think it will be one of those things that she will carry with her as a strong little memory.  The kind that warms your heart on a very cold day.  The kind that makes you take on traditions of your own with your own one day someday.

Another thing we do every year is partake in chocolate croissants on Christmas morning.  After traveling to Paris, and having major with drawls, I tried out Williams Sonoma chocolate croissants and let me tell you they do not dissapoint.  I highly recommend if your looking for a little splurge.  Last year, I skipped out on them and it felt like something was missing.  So I’m pretty sure it is indeed a tradition in our home.

There are other little things that seem to happen year upon year, certain music, food and the order of events.  Even just opening presents is done quite differently in every home.  I was one of “those” that got up at 6am every year, even as a teenager, and forced everyone out of bed.  I remember waiting for my dad to make coffee was like pure torture.  Then we tore into our gifts, leaving our stockings last.  Best for last that is.. they were always my favorite.

One tradition we are starting to implement is to help another family in need.  We have done this sporadically in the past but are ready to be a little more consistent.  Although the method may change from year to year the act of helping others is something we are committed to doing.

What about you?  Do you have any traditions that you grew up with?  Are you creating any new traditions with your very own family?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Oh, and as for this very interesting ugly cute Santa and Rudolph made of dough,  He has been with me since I was a kid.  Every year my husband kind of cringes when I pull him out.  This year I almost thought well maybe not this year, but he just kind of belongs.  And I think there are few things that ought never change.  And I have decided this is one.

more fa la la here

12.07.2011 / fa la la {Little Gifts}

1Doily Bowl by Soda-Pop Design | 2Soap Bombs from Lucky Kids |
Glitter Globe by Camille Styles|

Hi Lovelies.  I’m sorry I’m a little scattered this week.  I’m working away trying to get all my Christmasy stuff done.  Everything, except for my advent calendar that is.  The giant branch I was going to use was in my kitchen for like 4 days and has now made its way back to the garage.   I think I’m just gonna have forget about it this year and even more so I’m going to have to be ok with that.  Our very non-hand made one will have to do this year.  But speaking of Advent Calendars, this one is like pretty brilliant and totally easy peasy.  Maybe I should take this one on?  Ok.  I’ll stop.

And although making things may not be on my agenda this year (sigh) maybe it is on your agenda?  If so, I like these 3 ideas very much.  They are pretty simple.  Which is what I am for these days and they are perfect for kids to make.

Are you making anything special this year or have you seen any brilliant DIY things around the inter web [again I'm behind on this too... having Pinterest withdrawals, actually].

images | Camille Styles | Soda-Pop Design | Pinterest |

1/ Rootview 2/Doodle Cook 3/Pallina Game 4/iGuy 5/Little Pim French 6/Micro Microscope 7/Who Was That Mustache Man 8/Twig Pencil Set 9/Personal Library Kit 10/Necklace 11/Star Projector 12/Timex Camper Watch

Gift giving.  Do you find that is just not what it used to be?  I do.  It’s just not the same as looking through the Sears Catalog when you were a kid, writing Santa and hoping you’d get at least one thing you were wishing for.

This gift giving [and receiving] thing has gotten way major complicated.  And I’m not gonna lie.  I am a full on complicator myself.  Should I admit to you that I just found 2 unopened presents from last Christmas in the playroom?  That bothers me [and for more than one reason].  But being intentional is a lot of work.  It takes a lot of thought and a lot of planning. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some useless Barbie, Transformer type junk mixed in the lot but I’m hoping that the majority of the lot sparks creativity, makes you use your imagination and doesn’t add a lot too much clutter [for my sake].

Let’s talk specifics.  How do you do presents for your children at your house?  I always wonder?  I mean, really, everyone does things very differently.  Clearly, my husband and I have different views, as we grew up differently.  I suppose we’ve kind of mixed up our childhood Christmas gift giving ways and have come to somewhat of an unspoken agreed upon middle ground.  And I like to think we are quite middle “ish” on the presents.  I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum.  I’m sure you have too.  Parents that are very conservative with their gift giving both in cost and quantity.  And parents that are lavish and over the top.

Where do you fall on this spectrum?  Do most of the gifts come from you or from Santa or is it an even split.  Do you make sure you spend the exact same dollor amount on each child to make it fair or does each child have the same number of presents to open.  Or do you just buy what you buy for each kid and not worry about keeping score?  I can’t be too crazy about this aspect though though.  It just may happen that one child might get a different number of presents than the other but we try to keep it in a close range.  And truly, as they start to get older it all shifts anyways.  Small items cost more and more expensive presents equals a few less to open.  I always like to have one biggish present for the kids that is from us, and then a mix of gifts from santa and us.

What about you?  Do you have a method?  And tell me, how do you keep the toy overload at bay?