February 20, 2015


Happy friday!  Or, happy freezing friday, to many of you.  How was your week?  I’d like to say mine was productive, or inspiring, or lively, but it wasn’t.  It was the very normal kind, where most of the good stuff lives, if we look for it (I’m learning this art, which doesn’t come natural to me or likely anyone).  We stayed in, and then tried to get out, basketball games, tv watching, field trips to a Wizard of Oz play and the easiest (and cheapest) trip, I’ve ever made to IKEA.   So, I guess I did accomplish something new.

I’m sharing some of my favorites this Friday, both include some kind of WILD.

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this week we made it through a flooded basement, little mermaid tryouts, basketball, and valentines boxes. well, the basement is still in disaray, but the play parts are being assigned today and the valentines boxes have been brought in.  as usual, this “should be ahead of holidays” blogger is always behind (both on the blog and at home).  i procrastinate on my children’s homework just as much as i did my own.  i guess some things never change.  well the one thing that has changed is that the

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January 23, 2015


well, poop was popular on instagram this week.  a poop emoji pillow that is.  who doesn’t like using the poop emoji every now and again.  when my oldest saw that there was an actual plush version of this smiley poop, well, it went straight on her santa list.  i admit, potty talk is popular in our house.  just the usual, poop face, butt, booty variety.  i’ve tried 9 long years to keep it at a minimum, but with 3 boys i think the odds are against me.  i only have one brother, but it might as well have been three with the amount of times i heard poop this and poop while we were growing up.  we even learned how to say a few potty words (poop, pee, fart, to be exact) in chinese from our neighbors.  anyways, in case you like the pillow as much as we do …. 

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November 21, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.

this week feels like it was a bit blurry.  am i starting to say that every week?  tell me if i am.  family coming in next week, cleaning up basement disasters, a five your old birthday and then life …6 lives to be exact.  i want to encourage you all to find some time this weekend just for yourselves……whatever it is that is your favorite thing to do …the thing you find that gives you rest.  rest, not only to your body, but to your soul.  do that thing.  ok?  i’ll try to do the same, and let’s meet back here monday.

oh, and hey, have you heard of quinn popcorn?  the packaging caught my attention at the grocery this week, and then when i saw it was gourmet and organic and claimed to re-invent microwave popcorn, well i had to try it.  i opted for rosemary parmesan and it was so good.  just thought i’d make mention in case your favorite restful thing included movies (its a fave for me), which should then inclde popcorn. 

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01 /  i’m fascinated by our secret organ and that we can make our legs longer + leaner.

02 / have you heard of thrive market?  healthy products at wholesale prices.  yes!

03 / loving these fall outfits.

04 /  fall salads recipes to keep you from missing summer.

05 / i’m making cooking dough this weekend to stash in the freezer.  this is my ultimate fave chocolate chip cookie recipe.

06 / how cute is lauren’s hair?  i’m getting mine done this weekend and can’t decide if i should let it grown now or chop it more, like this?

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November 14, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.

a few things.  it snowed here yesterday…no accumulation, but frigid air for sure.  yesterday i had a sickie and while i did large amounts of wash all i could think of was how thankful i am to have a washing machine.  i can’t imagine the days of having to h handwash  and, this is what my kitchen table looks like at the moment.  an empty star napkin holder, a pumpkin dish, a land of nod catalog, pb+j not put together, and a leaf from my fiddle leaf fig tree, who seems to be shedding.  it’s just a snap of real life, because life has been feeling really real lifeish lately, you know.  the hum of the dryer, the routine of kids, the falling into bed at night and not having enough energy to even read.


in strange ways, it has felt kind of reassuring this week.  do you ever feel this way?  

and, speaking of reading, i seem to be book hopping lately.  now, i’ve started the alchemist, and am taking a break from outlander.  i think i’ll do a book post next week, because i have finished quite a few books since my last “currently reading” post.

wishing you a calm and rather boring weekend or an active and exciting one.  whichever is your wish, of course.

until next week!

xo . t


01 / do you ever use your imagination to tell yourself the worst stories?  that is the thing about imaginations they work for the good + bad, sometimes.  i’ve so been feeling this very exact same way, lately.

02 / this lipstick has me for getting all about gloss.

03 / i love the ideas of salads in tea cups.  

04 /  i tape these little crosses up here + there in my house, but what about an entire wall?  so cute.

05 / i tried on + ordered glasses virtually, but what about a virtual makeover?

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