happy friday.  happy good friday, lovelies.

no, i’m not in australia, but i love this down under photo (there are so many more) because its written in the sky that the cross equals love.  simply put, that is what this weekend (good friday + easter) and the cross means to me.  LOVE.  a too good to be true kind of love that i can’t even come close to wrapping my mind around.  i’m spending the weekend, and my whole life, giving thanks for it, though.

speaking of easter and holidays,

do you have any easter traditions?

i love traditions but, honestly, haven’t started too many with my (not so) little family.  the other day i heard that traditions create safety, identity and trust.   and, i thought i’ve got to get creating.  creating comes in all forms, its not just on paper with paints, it can also happen on the hearts of the people we love.

so here is to crazy LOVE and trust filled traditions!  cheers!


01 / forget painting easter eggs.  just write on them.

02 / new episode on the fatherhood project … i can’t wait for more in this series.

03 /  i’m meeting up with coffee and ice cream more frequently these days.  thinking a double date may be in order.

04 /  i’m really loving this bedroom makeover.

05 /  a no complaining challenge.  could you do it?  in working on my greatFULLness, i’d like to try.

06 /   oil pulling is everywhere (at least online).  what say you?  i’ve tried it, but not to this extent.

07 /  and, some words on going through change for a slow long time.

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image / cross equals love

04.04.2014 / fave friday


it’s friday – hooray!  i’m short on words today since i spilled them out on wednesday.  this week we’ve been getting back into the school routine after spring break, and i’ve been busy decorating for original conference.  i always look forward to this yearly project and the conference that follows.  and, i hope to share some photos with you in the coming week (the toile wall above is small glimpse at what i’m working on).  as for today, i’m super excited to have breakfast with one of my fave friends who lives on the other side of the world.  she’s here.  i’m not going there.  although one day.  some day.  maybe.  after breakfast, i’m back to installing an styling.

what do you have planned this weekend?

also, i’m really excited to welcome a new sponsor this month *  SO Awesome *

SO Awesome offers gorgeous, educational, non-toxic, extremely durable card sets designed for how kids play and work. Montessori-inspired. Made in the USA. Great for carseats, strollers, shopping carts, and long airplane rides.
you can check out all of their adorable products for your littles right here.  i’m loving the alpahabet poster!  thank you for supporting and shopping la la lovely sponsors!
p.s. the backpack above was from this post.  and, i’m happy to report that i totally love it!


01 /  no outdoor green in these parts, yet.  however, i think i’d like to make this stand for my indoor greens.

02 /  a pasta dish that makes me want to cook this weekend.

03 /    kids bedrooms around the world.  its fascinating and haunting.

04 /   a podcast on blogging, biz and motherhood with one of my fave bloggers.

05 / this california kitchen has me california dreamin’ for sure.

06 / things like how to cut a mango are good things to know.  you know?!

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03.14.2014 / fave friday

tree wallpaper

happy friday.

i’m on my way to the city and i couldn’t be more excited.  i’ve had a bit of a melonchoic kind of week and change of scenery always helps.  i’m meeting up with the blogABLE gals that traveled to ethiopia this summer (the trip i didn’t end up going on decorated my heart in a beautiful way).  i cannot wait to meet these lovelies, FINALLY!  i know they are beautiful souls and i’m looking forward to a fun time and rich conversation.

ps- i’m loving this little hallway.  have always loved this wallpaper and that poster is right on!  i posted the kitchen from this home, earlier this week.  it’s all so good!


01 /  are you washing your face the right way?  surprise.  i wasn’t.  the face wash shown, is my fave + you can get it on sale here.

02 /   do you mind if your littles see you on the computer?  guilt be gone (after you read this).

03 /   what do you eat for lunch?  i’m always in a turkey sandwich stump.  how about these to un-stump?

04 /  a lovely  little something for st. patricks day.

05 / i’d like someone to make this for me this weekend.

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image via hege in france

03.07.2014 / fave friday









well, how do you do this week, lovelies?

we had a week of doing things like going to king burger in a snow storm (as in burger king, in which we found 2 hairs in one kids size french fries – eww ), driving an hour to cabella’s to see taxidermy animals, and watching way too much tv (kids screaming, “i want that, i want that” every time a commercial comes on – i suppose we will have to tv detox once its warm enough to leave our cave).  the ground is still white and the winds are still howling.  winter is still doing its thing here in the mid-west.

but, flowers lifted my spirits again.  on one of our drives we stopped into trader joes (which is no where near our house) and i had to grab a bouquet.  the photos are making me just as happy as the flowers themselves, actually.   rocco had fun shredding a few, but as i’m learning . . . there is beauty in the broken.

are you all surviving winter?  go ahead, rant and rave and tell me how you are surviving.  i’d love to know.

if you need to, take a drive, take a bath, pick up your favorite magazine, buy some flowers and light a tropical candle.  just don’t listen to your toddler when they say they want to go to king burger.  you might find out, like we did, that they only wanted to go for the chocolate milk?!!!!!

happy weekend!

ps- a few ways to beat the winter blues.


01 /  18 things highly creative people do differently.  do you consider yourself creative after reading this?

02 /  you now know how i feel about toast…naturally i was excited to see these toast recipes this week.

03 /  have you tried chia seed pudding?  after seeing it in giada’s book, its been on my mind.  i’m going for it this weekend.

04 /  do you use yoga apps?  here are some suggested ones if you are wanting to try like me.

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02.28.2014 / fave friday



happy friday, lovelies!  i think the cold and snow is really starting to get to me.  and, there is only more coming.  instead of lamenting, i’m just going to look forward to it being the weekend.  see those jammies in the first photo?  they are by duffield lane and i don’t think i’m going to come out of them all weekend!  they are super comfy (as in you will want to wear them every night and probably all day too) and the whole point of their designs are that they are more like lounge wear and no problem if the UPS man comes to your door or you have to run out to get your mail.  all though, my whole neighborhood has probably seen me in my robe, this is a way better option.

and, the chocolate…..my hubby was at the corporate offices for vosges chocolates (otherwise known as the chocolate temple!) this week and came home with a stash.  i usually hide their candy in my closet (for reals) but since there is plenty i thought i needed to see stack it pretty in my pantry (which i’m going to share with you all soon).  i pretty much decided that a well stocked pantry – at least mine – should have an entire shelf dedicated to chocolate.  no?

before, we part for the weekend i wanted to take a moment to say thank you to this month’s amazing sponsors, who truly, help keep this blog going.  be sure to check out the beautiful products they have to offer.

shed eclectic home

duffield lane

and, don’t forget to enter the sonnet james giveaway!

ps- sponsorship slots for march are now open.  if you are interested in partnering, let me know.  i always love learning about new brands and products!


01 /  i like the looks of this starry manicure.

02 /   i feel like i live in antartica so why not way cool antartica art?

03 /  i’m making time to listen to this talk on vulnerability this weekend.

04 /  have you ever drank nutella?  because, i for one, think this is a great idea.

05 /  my absolute fave scarves just came out with their spring collection.

06 /  do you use placemats or table cloths or nothing at all?  i’m up for these.

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02.21.2014 / fave friday





happy friday lovelies.  i’m glad it is the weekend.  i’m hoping that this weekend entails as much relaxation as possible (such as movies, reading and knitting to be exact).  last weekend la la had her first slumber party and it was a little surreal, because i very clearly remember having a slumber party in 5th grade in this very house.  while they played on iPads i made (yes, made would be the right word) all my friends play post office (that is until my mom came down to the basement and told me that no one wanted to play anymore — i didn’t believe her, naturally).  stephen and i really tried to make the party fun by showing the girls our best dance moves (think roger rabbit straight into an 8 count of the running man).  i’m headed to yoga this morning which has been so good for me (although, i still need to kick this strong biz into high gear) . . . i love starting off my weekend this way.

+ the kids had fun with valentines day
+ i’ve determined this is my go to cookie recipe (now to stop making cookies + exercise)
+ in case you missed it, we got a kitty and he has found his favorite chair.  la la started an instagram account for him @theokittycat because thats what kids do these days, make instagram accounts for animals (and she laughs at me for post office –  whatevs)
cassie’s moodboard inspired me + i’m ready to update my current random one


01 /  a little video to distract you and help you not to be distracted.

02 /   do you make face cocktails?  this one sounds good.

03 /  i know you’ll love kirsten’s home as much as i do (ps- see what she did to my home here)

04 /  what i’m listening to this weekend.

05 /  valentines is over, but why not hearts for breakfast?

06 /  grab these bookcases (they are about to be extinct) + someone make this!

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02.14.2014 / fave friday


happy friday lovelies.  happy valentines!  before anything else.  i have to know.  do you love or loathe it?  i told you here how my ritual used to be to wear all black and hand out photocopies of cupid with his arrow in his back (there might have even been a pool of blood).  ask my friends.  i’m somewhere in the middle.  we don’t usually make a big deal out of it.  usually, we are in tucson every february with some of our besties and i’d have to say those are some of my best valentines memories.  we’ve planned some fun times as a group and made some really funny memories.

however, yesterday might take the cake – - the mister came home with a kitty – - for real.  all of my pleading and instagramming and pinning kitties was not in vain.  seriously, this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.  total sacrificial giving, since the mister doesn’t “like” cats.  although, don’t tell him i said this, but i think he likes (no loves) the tat (as rocco calls him) more than any of his.  he held him all night and couldn’t wait to get him up.  tat came with the name theodore / theo and i’m just not sure i can change it.  i kind of love it (esp. after reading the goldfinch – my heart went out to theo).  and, i’m just going to apologize for the cat pictures, in advance.

he’s so cute, but all like tiger too . . .


as for this past week, i took a quick 48 hour trip to austin for if gathering.  i was tired, my kids had been sick all week and i really didn’t feel like going.  wah wah wah.  but, i went because i had a plane ticket, had a friend there waiting for me, and had a hunch that i was supposed to be there.  i think i was.  it was one of those crazy times that was busy but restful.  a lot of learning but a specific word.  how did i end up here and yet a definite dot on my map.  do you ever feel like you are on a journey that you didn’t even plan for?  that’s me right now.  it started in london last year, with stops in new york, and now austin.  austin, which held a piece, like the other places.   a piece i needed in my putting back together.  i’m not sure what stop will be next, but i think there will be more.  anyhow, i made new friends and was able to spend time with a dear friend.  it was good.  and i am grateful.

how was your week, lovelies?

looking for more love on this love day?  i shared my love story on how stephen and i met many moons ago (and how love changes over time) right here.


01 /  the downton cast not in character offering a chance to meet them in order to help a serious cause all done with the best possible british humor.  love.

02 /   i dreamt i was on my way to france last night.  this might be as close as i get this weekend.  

03 /  i love a good day in the life.  especially when it’s my fave handbag designer.

04 /  a DIY minimalist table for $90.  bet you never knew you wanted to make your own dining table.

05 /  this home has me totally swooning.

06 / my friends kitchen transformation on design sponge – a cookie cutter becomes anything but.

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01.31.2014 / fave friday



happy friday lovelies.  this feels like the longest short week ever.  my littles had a 4 day weekend due to arctic weather.  i don’t think they have had a full week of school since sometime in december.  it’s been crazy and crazy is how everyone has been acting.  all there is to do around here is watch movies and bake and eat and bake.  it’s getting bad, at least that is what my jeans are telling me when i wrestle with them in the mornings.  and, other than wresting with my jeans, i’ve been tackling taxes, cleaning files and photos off computers, and handling every other task that is terribly tiring.  it certainly feel like i’m fighting the winter blues.  how about you?  i’ll be sharing a bit more on that come monday.  but, for now, i hope your weekend is flowery and full of hope for spring .


01 /  if you are a murder of plants, there is hope.

02 /   would you ever convert a room into a walk in closet?

03 /   cute style for shorter hair (need some ideas for my new cut).

04 /  one pan pasta sounds like one good idea to me.

05 /  little tips like this make my fridge a better place.

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