August 8, 2014


how as your week been, lovelies?

i’ve been counting on august to be more relaxed and playful.  as many days by the pool as possible, fun outings, and book reading on the porch, in a hammock, or floating about in the pool.  although, there is that garage sale i’m supposed to have and that most annoying back to school shopping that i suppose there is no getting out of.  while my plan is a detailed one, it never seems to work out in that resting playing kind of way. responsibility always trumps rest and play for me (wouldn’t you know that responsibility was another result from my strength finders mentoring?  while it helps me to get things done it can be a bugger).   do you ever feel this way?

while i haven’t checked sitting by the pool off my list this week, i have spent time with friends.  i’ve had the gift of having one of my dearest friends home all summer.  but, it was goodbye this week as she is traveling back to her current home in cape town.  i hate goodbyes…or see you laters.  but, the bitter was met with some sweet when 2 other best kind of friends returned from a long trip and we were able to catch up and talk life.  as someone who can be a bit of a loner, lately, i’m finding how important close friends are.  and by close, i don’t mean proximity (some of my bestests live an ocean away.  thank god for voxer – my fave app).  i mean close as in you can skip the chit chat and talk about your cares, their cares and remind each other how much much god cares so individually for us.  treasure.

so, this weekend i’m wearing thankfulness, and treasuring time.  time with friends.  time with my little ones.  moments i manage to rest. rest that leaves room for responsibility (it takes a rested person to conquer many mountains of laundry).

happy weekend, lovelies!

p.s. this photo is from our quick trip to colorado.  mountains are always strength to me.

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01 / i want to re-create my family photos like this.  funnest idea ever!

02 /  a new take on inspiration boards using a net.

03 / biking in a skirt.  heck yeah!

04 /  i’m already running through how morning routines will work again.  this is a great idea!

05 /  blogging will not die because it was never truly alive.  woah!  she has it right, so keep writing bloggers!

06 /  if you like reading e-magazines, then you need to read this (you’ll thank me!).

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June 20, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.  this week has been all kinds of busy.  but, in the midst of it all, my sister has been home visiting and that was a treat.  i’m spending time with her today and then ready to welcome the weekend!  AND…i just got my iPad back, which makes me major happy.  i left it on a plane a few weeks ago when i traveled to new york and thought i was gone for good.  a really good person found it and contacted me (i did happen to hit erase on “find my iphone” app.  i haven’t connected to the internet so it hasn’t erased, but i don’t think there is a way to undo that action.  does anyone know?).  my hope in the goodness of people just went up a few points.  i also just finished a book which was nice, but now i can’t wait to start a new one.  i always feel a little sad when i finish a good book.  i’ll share more on books, next week.  send suggestions, if you have any.

how was your week?

speaking of reading…. here are a few links for your weekend reading! xo . t


01 / an ice cream sandwich cake.  why didn’t i think of this?

02 /  this office update has me wanting to get to work.

03 /  are you pronouncing food words wrong.  i do?

04 /  anyone else suffer through summer with keratosis pilaris?  a few tips to a smoother summer.

05 / i love spying in other peoples bags (ok, and grocery carts too), don’t you?

06 / we are going to give this chore app a try.  have you used any? fill me in.

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June 13, 2014


happy friday, friends.  in my wishing, i wish that this fave friday post was not a post but a conversation.   a cup of coffee kind of chat between friends.  i don’t want to waste the wish just on my friday posts because, really, i wish that for every post.  i love to look for the lovely, whether that comes by way of beautiful spaces or in the broken places.  and, i can’t help but share what i find or what i’m inspired by (whether it regards things or the very un-thing things that matter the most).  all of that to say… today, i’m picturing us and coffee and chatting about all of the topics in this post.  who knows what twists and turns this blogging world will take.  maybe one day we will have coffee or some type of virtual video one?  but, for now, in this today, grab your favorite mug and fill it with your favorite filling and have a read.  a moment to relax and relate.  i’d love to read your thoughts, your input, your words….even if you just want to say hello.

 if, i’m honest (i hate that i keep saying that phrase – so maybe it will be the last you hear it, because honesty and authenticity is tops with me) i’ve been tiring of blogging.  it is a lot to keep up with and while, i like latests, and growing and moving forward i’m not into keeping up.  it’s just not me.  i keep up with what i like and what i feel is right for me, but keeping up to keep up makes me uncomfortable in my skin.  blogging is a lot of work.  a man made beast that, some days, i’d like to beat and move on.  but….here i am, still.  because, at the bottom of it i’m doing this because i can’t help but share (like i said above).  it’s the whole reason i started blogging 6 years ago and the same reason i blog today.  i’m a noticer, who can’t help but notice, an information gatherer, who has to store it and share it, and at the very core, i’m a writer who has to to write (all of these things came out in my strengths finder results – crazy but not so crazy.  and, have you taken these tests?).   and, then there is the best blessing of blogging, the bonus of bloggin, that i never anticipated which is the relationships i’ve created and the amazing opportunities that i’ve been exposed to.  i’ve found community.  like minded people that i can chat with, exchange information with and encourage.   and, some have even become in person, forever, kind of friends.  my heart is so grateful.

how are you feeling about blogs these days?  are you still reading them?  commenting on them?  i’m thinking about exploring this more with you in a future post.

i had no idea, this post was going to take that route, but sometimes thats how it happens… again, i just wanted to share my wish of a cup of coffee or tea with all who read this.

how was your week?  mine has been a good one.  i’ve been really trying to schedule time to write more, which is like extra doses of oxygen, for me.  i also got to spend some time with just my mom and daughter and that is always golden.  we popped in ikea, possibly my quickest visit ever, and i left with mostly plants and this lamp, which i love (oh + the silver planter is from here).


hey have you tried the new pippit app?  i like it.  truthfully, it’s another thing to keep up with, but it kind of combines 2 things in one.  blog reading and image sharing (think bloglovin’ + instagram – but you can click links straight from pics unlike insta).  if you want to give it a try, you can find me at lalalovelyblog and be sure to share your username, so i can find you.

ok, lets talk about all of this . . . .


01 / do you use self tanner?  found a fave?  tell me.  this post has me wanting to order today!

02 /  this DIY for a hanging shelf is a super sweet one.

03 /  fave post this week = planting vines, “it’s not fair to starve the soil.”

04 /  i’ve always wanted a matchstick holder like this.  now i can make my own (easy peasy).

05 / loving everything about this outfit for meeting friends.  what does your casual style look like?

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May 30, 2014


happy friday!

what awaits you this weekend?  school is out and i landed in new york this friday for a meeting.  you never know what a week or weekend might hold.  as much as i love to plan i’m learning to love what happens when you don’t hold to tightly to plans.


01 / a little fearful sometimes, or always?  interesting ways it manifests + great tips to deal with it.

02 /  it’s no secret i love toast.  if you’re getting a tired of the avocado variety (like me).  these for the win!

03 /  headed out of town this summer?  pack like a pro.

04 /  this video of two older women flying for the first time is the best.  the joy is palpable.

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May 2, 2014





happy friday!  how has your week been?

these are some pictures that were on my camera.  my desk where i do most of my blogging, the last snow (i pray!), and some sweet pictures from easter.  this is what life looks like around my house.

with traveling, i’ve decided to take a next week off.  i’m also working on a site update ….so, quite possibly, the next time we meet, things may look a bit fresher.

i can’t wait for you to see and to tell you about my travels.

xo . t


01 / if your never without bangs (like me – thank you long forhead) or wanting to try them here are the best cuts for them.

02 / photo transferring with blender pens.  this is my kind of DIY.  a-mazing.

03 / corn on the cob = summer where i live.  grilled corn 5 ways is looking just as good as warm weather.

04 / just another reason why you shouldn’t take magazine covers to seriously.

05 / how about a little backyard scrable?

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