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sometimes you just stumble upon something that leads to another something and gets you thinking about a lot of things.  this house happened and thoughts began to abound abound.  i saved the above photo from pinterest, as i do.  there is a whole lot of whole “ness” going on in the photo.  likley an english country side house.  a home covered in ivy and memories with all kinds of windows open ushering in the wind and sky painted the same hue of blue.  a window you can pass food right through to your inside looking outside table.  i started imagining the conversations that could happen there and the laughter that likey ensues.  there was so much goodness grasping my attention that i didn’t even notice the dog.  the kind that surely guards your home and your heart and makes any house a home.  the photograph did the talking, no words spoken or written to read.  i clicked on, hoping for more and i found it (thank you selby).   i found a house crush, like i normally do.  it wasn’t a “i like that room”, “i like that arrangement,” and an “i like those blooms blooming here and there and everywhere.”  it was an, “i’ve stumbled upon a soul home.”  and while, i love all white, and clean and crisp . . . what i love even more is a home that has not only soul but a soul.


i clicked on to find out more, (my sister calls me a google whore – i know i know) and come to find, amanda brooks the owner of this soul home was the former fashion director at barneys who has a blog.  she is the kind that left all of that for all of this, all because of a little inspiration from another blogger, ree drummond (you know, the pioneer woman).

want to see more?

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i’ve loved christine dovey’s, of bijou and boheme, home the first time i laid eyes on it, several years ago.  it’s always been good and gorgeous, but it just keeps getting better.  christine’s style is feminine, modern, glamorous and yet refreshingly unfussy.  i’m totally swooning over her latest feature on SMP Living and her newly designed website.




one of my favorite things about christine’s decorating is that she never misses a detail.

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i’m beyond loving designer caroline z. hurley’s home featured in the latest edition of rue mag.  i’ve long been crushing on caroline z. hurley’s work and now i’m head over heels for her home.


that couch is like my dream as far as couches are concerned.  big.  squishy.  pillowy.


do you live in a small space?  what are you secrets?  i love the bed above the kitchen (above).  why not?

this 3rd small space edition by rue and it is a gem of ideas for small spaces.  you can read the full issue here.

12.16.2013 / house crush / studio fryd

house crush - by fryd via la la lovely

today i’m crushing on the newly renovated studio space that belongs to jeanette lunde of by fryd (la la love that blog).  this space was a dilapidated old barn . . . can you believe it?  now it is a bright and beautiful space where jeannette can create, dream, design, and blog.  i’m dreaming of one day having  space like this.

house crush by fryd via la la lovely

house crush 3 by fryd via la la lovely

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09.04.2013 / house crush : pennyweight




i’m crushing on the home of elise joseph of pennyweight.   it wasn’t long ago that this home was featured on design sponge, so maybe you have seen it?  but, perhaps you have not.  either way, it’s calm, inviting and carefully curated.  and it’s the thoughtful details that i’m so taken with.

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07.29.2013 / house crush : mokkasin






i’ve been crushing big time on this dreamy swedish home which belongs to sophia of, the blog, mokkasin.  i really can’t seem to get this beauty out of my head.

i adore this home for a few reasons . . .

(click thru for more)

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i must have the netherlands on the brain.  i’ve been dreaming of my very own dutch bike, and yesterday i was talking all about holland with the owner of an antiques store (where i bought this little pretty).  my brother and sister have both visited before.  and, naturally, being part dutch, i think a trip is in order (one day, right!).  but, for now a little visual trip will have to do.

house crush 2_ la la lovely

house crush 3 _la la lovely

house crush 5 _ la la lovely

house crush 6 _ la la lovely

click thru for a fun floor idea + a bit more on dutch design

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outdoor spaces are clearly on my mind these days as it’s that (short) time of year where we can pretty much live outside.  i’ve been trying to make small updates to our space and thus scouring inspiration.  i came across the home of denise bovee over on a beautiful mess and fell pretty hard for her relaxed kid-friendly bohemian outdoor space.

the patio set, lighting, daybed (i need a cat), kids table, record player . . . well you can see all the goodness for yourself.  i feel like a lot of magic and creative moments happen in this space.

are you making any updates to your outdoor space?  i’ve added this table + these chairs from ikea and i’m dying to do a little thrifting to add some interest to my space.  i need a few mixed matched chairs to add to the table and perhaps some lighting.

also, i’m sharing a few tips on stylish family outdoor living check out my article here.

p.s.   if you are looking for new instagram inspiration (i am – so tell me your faves) than follow denise.  she is an instant new fave of mine.

more house crushes right here.

images : a beautiful mess