i came across this crazy amazing eclectic spanish loft over on decor8, which you may have already seen.  i just couldn’t help but re-post it.  it is one of those spaces that i like to study and go over with a fine tooth comb.  you know, the kind of space where you take in each and every little detail and then go back again only to see something that you missed the first time.



i think them mirror turned sideways (and scribbled on) is such an unexpected element.  and do you spy the birds hidden up in the chandelier?  this would be so fun (and easy) to mix in for spring.  and i have to say, i just really love those black and white dogs with the pops of red next to them.



as much as there is a lot going on, there is still something very relaxing and calming about the space….i say it has something to do with all of the beautiful white tones.  do you find this space inspiring or is it too eclectic for you?  i’ve always loved eclectic style.  in fact, i came across an eclectic decorating book i bought back in the late 90′s.  i love seeing how some styles just stick with you, over the years.  more lovely photos after the jump.

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jansch house crush2_La La Lovely copy

it’s likely you have seen the latest issue of LONNY.  if you haven’t than i’m telling you, this is an edition you don’t want to miss.  i wasn’t planning on doing a house crush post this week, but i fell so madly for this space, and thought you lovelies would too.  the home, located in sweden, belongs to swedish stylist jennifer jansch.

jansch house crush6_La La Lovely

jansch house crush_La La Lovely copy
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house crush_La La Lovely

i’m crushing on an eclectic victorian home located in brondesury park in england. i say, mixed matched chairs is always a great idea but a pink cushy chair at the head of the table = brilliant!

house crush 3_La La Lovely

house crush 6_La La Lovely

the blue used in such a layered way works beautifully and makes the pink pop all the more.

house crush 4_La La Lovely

house crush 2_La La Lovely

if you are wondering where i found this lovely home … i have to tell you … there is this site that i like to frequent.  and if i had a whole day to waste, i’d probably spend it pinning at least every other image from this site.  it’s jj locations, a location agency based out of london.  they find some amazing locations for the likes, of boden, cath kidston, elle decoration and so on.  and seriously, you will soon be wishing to escape to one, or all, of these homes / locations in england.

you can more here.

ps – guess what…. next week i’ll be starting up monday mess again!  i can’t wait for you to see who is sharing their mess.

images /  jj locations


today i’m totally crushing on the home of riikka from weekday carnival.  like pretty much everything about it.

housecrush weekdaycarnival 2 | lalaLovely

housecrush weekdaycarnival 3 | lalaLovely.jpg

how great are the kid’s rooms?  i love how the walls are painted in both rooms.  simple but such a big impact (and not to mention, great color choices).

housecrush weekdaycarnival 7 | lalaLovely.jpg

housecrush weekdaycarnival 8 | lalaLovely.jpg

housecrush weekdaycarnival 9 | lalaLovely.jpg

and i have to say that one of the things that stands out most to me about this home is how each shelf, table, corner and so on is perfectly styled.  i’m taking note, as this is as goal of mine this year.

housecrush weekdaycarnival 6 | lalaLovely.jpg

housecrush weekdaycarnival 5 | lalaLovely.jpg

housecrush weekdaycarnival 10| lalaLovely.jpg

any homes you’ve been crushing on lately?

images / weekday carnival








i’m so in love with Nina Bergsten’s home located in malmo, sweden.  i’m pretty sure I’ve posted the living room before as I’ve admired it for a long time (and in fact, it’s pinned up on my inspriation board right now). but really the whole house is pure perfection.  i adore all of the white and the modern pieces mixed in with the old mouldings, mirrors and empire chandelier, are perfection.

try this :  :  two great unique design ideas ideas that would be easy to implement are, a mirrior in the kitchen and an iron, locker type, shelf next to the bed.  big statement little effort.

by the way, i heard the home is for sale.  if only i lived in sweden!

if you want to see the rest of this lovely place visit here and here.

images via emma’s design blog

yesterday i ran into barnes and noble and sifted through a few of my fave european mags, one of them being elle decoration and i came across this danish beauty which was perfectly titled, modern nomad.   lately i seem more and more drawn to a modern aesthetic (i think because i crave clean and calm…4 little la las will do that to you) but yet i don’t think i’ll ever get away from some form of cozy and color.  i love that this place is so white and clean but also layered and interesting.

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photos by birgitta wolfgang drejer

I’ve been crushing on this house for sometime.  The gorgeous home belongs to Swedish stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg.  And wouldn’t you know, this weekend I picked up a copy Elle Decoration (can I just say I love this magazine, like quite a lot) and lo and behold the home I’ve been loving was featured in print (oh, how I love print).  Emma’s home had a bit of transformation (it’s likely I’ve posted on it before and I’ve certainly pinned rooms from this house before) and you can take a look at the before and afters as Holly did a really fun post showing how the rooms have evolved (which way do you like best?).  I’m really digging the green.   You can see more of home here.

photography by Petra Bindel

How cool is this house?  While, this isn’t 100% my style, I’m completely smitten with the frame, all of the reclaimed wood and the vast openness.  This house is located in the Berkshires and is on a lakefront.  My guess is that is a summer home.  I’d be happy as a clam to spend my summers in a house like this, wouldn’t you?  Tell me, if you could have a summer home anywhere, where would it be?  I’m kind of undecided on this, as I’m still trying to figure out where I would live full-time if I could pick anywhere.

You can see the rest of the home here (I’ll take the dog too).

images Boston Globe