i’m beyond loving designer caroline z. hurley’s home featured in the latest edition of rue mag.  i’ve long been crushing on caroline z. hurley’s work and now i’m head over heels for her home.


that couch is like my dream as far as couches are concerned.  big.  squishy.  pillowy.


do you live in a small space?  what are you secrets?  i love the bed above the kitchen (above).  why not?

this 3rd small space edition by rue and it is a gem of ideas for small spaces.  you can read the full issue here.

December 16, 2013

house crush - by fryd via la la lovely

today i’m crushing on the newly renovated studio space that belongs to jeanette lunde of by fryd (la la love that blog).  this space was a dilapidated old barn . . . can you believe it?  now it is a bright and beautiful space where jeannette can create, dream, design, and blog.  i’m dreaming of one day having  space like this.

house crush by fryd via la la lovely

house crush 3 by fryd via la la lovely

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September 4, 2013




i’m crushing on the home of elise joseph of pennyweight.   it wasn’t long ago that this home was featured on design sponge, so maybe you have seen it?  but, perhaps you have not.  either way, it’s calm, inviting and carefully curated.  and it’s the thoughtful details that i’m so taken with.

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July 29, 2013






i’ve been crushing big time on this dreamy swedish home which belongs to sophia of, the blog, mokkasin.  i really can’t seem to get this beauty out of my head.

i adore this home for a few reasons . . .

(click thru for more)

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i must have the netherlands on the brain.  i’ve been dreaming of my very own dutch bike, and yesterday i was talking all about holland with the owner of an antiques store (where i bought this little pretty).  my brother and sister have both visited before.  and, naturally, being part dutch, i think a trip is in order (one day, right!).  but, for now a little visual trip will have to do.

house crush 2_ la la lovely

house crush 3 _la la lovely

house crush 5 _ la la lovely

house crush 6 _ la la lovely

click thru for a fun floor idea + a bit more on dutch design

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