May 18, 2015

back patio love via la la lovely

I’m back patio planning.

It never starts in the snow.  Not even during spring rain.  But, when the grass starts growing, emerald city, green, and the tall trees begin to rustle and wave, and the new leaves work out their whispy whispers, then I feel I can’t keep in the cocoon any longer.

I have to be out their in it.  In the wind, warmed by the sun and welcomed by the bird’s songs.  I don’t just want to go out, I want to live out, as much as I possibly can.  Play out.  Eat out.  Read out. Relax out.  Be out.

The summer months are short, here, and so we have to make the days long.  We lengthen them by lingering, lounging and letting go of whats calling us back in.

It’s Monday and my mind should be on laundry and long lists of to-do’s.  But today, my one thing thats trumping everything is cleaning up my back patio.


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April 9, 2015

pink floor trend via la la lovely

pink floor trend via la la lovely

Have you ever thought of colored floors?  I love my white floors, and haven’t thought much of other colors beyond grey, but now I’m thinking pink.

I’m majorly crushing on this office space, located in Moscow.  The pink, although bright, really works as a neutral as well as a pop of color.  Design inspiration was drawn from Wes Anderson, so It’s no wonder I’m oohing and ahhing.


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March 19, 2015

vegetarian cottage via lalalovelyblog

Don’t you love a good window?  What about one that you can see in as much as you can see out?  I’m always taken by older homes, traditional in design and build, with a very modern element or addition.  This home, called The Vegetarian Cottage designed by the English architect firm, Cousins and Cousins, caught my eye a few weeks back and I had to know more.  Clearly, I have exteriors on my mind, at the moment.  And, England on my mind, always.  Because lush back gardens.  Because they name their homes (I’ve given my home a name – have you?).  Because old cherished.  Because new mixed in like it fits old like a glove.

I love the look, I keep seeing over and again, coming out of England

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March 12, 2015

exterior love _lalalovelyblog

Spring is just around the corner and with the sun shining a little more, all I can think about is getting outdoors.  I love making my home as cozy as can be during the colder months, adding warmth and texture with pillows, blankets, and a crackling fire, but when the temperatures warm up I’m ready to come out of my cocoon and do some outdoor living.  Are you with me?

My design dreaming takes a bit of a shift too.  I’m no longer stuck, only, on things like paint colors and placing pictures here and there.  I’m now contemplating ways to adorn the exterior side of things, as well.  Currently, I have no plans to make major changes to the exterior of our home, however I still love to look and be inspired by other people’s homes.  This is one of my favorite things about taking walks – – looking at houses.  The love continues, as I have an entire pin board dedicated to exteriors.  I love to look at homes that are extremely different than mine – different styles, different eras, different materials, different parts of the world.  I look for littles bits of same, and I look for details that differ, that I might be able to somehow emulate.  Interiors can often be replicated, but exteriors, many times, can only be imitated by way of the finest of details.

In the front of a home, my eye is always drawn to color, windows, doors and flowers, and in the back, if we are so lucky to get a peek, I love looking at the decorated details around the patio or pool that make outdoor living inviting.

Here are a few outdoor details to steal this spring, no matter what style of home you live in:

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January 15, 2015


sometimes you just stumble upon something.  a singular something.  an image on the internet speaking beauty and speaking directly to you.  those click click clicking moments online where you find something you weren’t even looking for.  and, what you were looking for you no longer need.

i stumbled upon this image of a pretty haired woman painting the most beautiful moon scene. i was taken with the colors.  the black onyx like night and many a moons in many a colors.  colors that calm and collide.  one melting right into the next.  so i started down the clicking trail.

first to the vsco grid that i poured over, and learned belonged to stella maria baer.




the southwest scenes.  the greys mixed with clay colored every-things, under a pink patterned sky.  a soul sigh.  i’ve been drawn to the colors of the southwest since i was eleven.  and, again when i was twenty and every year after that i spent time in tucson, making it feel like second home of mine.  it’s funny how colors and patterns and places and feels stick with you and reappear over the years.

i click clicked again, until i ended at art.  stella maria baer is an artist and her work is stunning.  i don’t know if i could decide which moon i’d want to make my own.  one moon or many?



but, that desert moon (above), is full of meaning.  layer up on layer of it.  i’d love to one day sleep under a moon like that.

for more inspiration you can follow stella on instagram.  she is my new favorite follow for sure.

do you have any recent favorite follows?  share in the comments!