Fun Ways to Display Photos
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A few years back I got rid of all of my table top frames…the silver fake antiquey ones from TJ Maxx kind of thing.  The only place I really have to display framed photos (other than on my walls) is on my bookshelves, and so I did.  Frame upon frame.  But, they looked all kinds of cluttered and eventually drove me crazy.  When we gave our family room a makeover and my favorite shelf stylist helped me out, I knew I was going to want to keep the cleaner look or stay within those lines.

But, I’m kind of missing having more family photos around, which got . . .


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August 31, 2015

Be More Here | La La Lovely Blog

It was a Saturday night and we decided to eat out by the pool.  We love to take our dinner outdoors during the summer months, since our winters are so long.  This Saturday I decided to make us a fancy-ish kind of picnic in a very un-fancy way at our worn out table with pretty paper plates.

Be More Here | La La Lovely Blog

It took no time at all and little effort.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken, a loaf of bread, some cheese, salami, summer fruit and threw together a salad.  We even had sparkling grape juice, which had been tucked in the back of our fridge since New Year’s (I know, I know).  My oldest cut a few flowers from the yard and we all worked together to place everything on the table.

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

We used Dixie® paper plates to save time on the clean up…so we could spend our time being more present.

All summer, I’ve been dreaming of going to the beach with my family.  I can almost hear the waves.  It didn’t happen this year, but this family dinner by our own calming blue waters did.  With a deep breath, I breathed in the summer-scented moment mixed with the fragrance of family, together.


#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

And, because we were able to focus more on each other, rather then cooking and doing the dishes, we saved a little extra time for…

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

Family Game Night!

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

We popped some popcorn, put out a blanket and played some games.  My 4 year old learned how to play Uno, and Rocco played at piling the most popcorn on his plate.

Do you have any practical time saving tricks that allow you more time to “Be More Here” with the ones you love for a meal?

My Practical Time Saving Tips That Allow You to Be More Present Are:

1.  Paper plates.  Easy clean up is everything in a family of 6.

2.  Kids help set the table and clean up.  When everyone has a part they feel more a part of the family.  Even toddlers can put out forks or napkins.

3.  Don’t prepare everything for the meal.  Cook the main dish and use frozen garlic bread or a mixed salad in a bag.  Less time chopping.  More time chatting!

4.  Start a weekly tradition.  A Taco Tuesday / Meatless Monday kind of thing.  This way meal planning and trying too many new recipes doesn’t take too much of your time.  At our house, Friday night is pizza night.  It’s simple, but it makes it simple to count on and kids really do love routine.

Here is to full bellies and hearts and being more here with the ones you love!

PS- Check out more fun family ideas and inspiration on “How to be more present for the moments that matter in life,” right here.

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Kensington House Crush Bathroom Living Room

No surprise, here, of the probability that I might be crushing on a house in South Kensington.  I love the area and I love London style.  The old meets modern gets me every single time.

But…. the thing that got me about this house was the bathroom.  Yes, it’s beautiful.  But…..there is one small thing that I never ever would have thought of that makes a huge design impact….and it’s something cheap that anyone and everyone could incorporate . . . .

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July 28, 2015

Brass fixtures in a #kitchen via La La Lovely

I don’t know about you, but I’m still la la loving the brass trend.  Funny thing is, I have a good amount of brass in my master bath.  Not current brass, but the 90’s variety.  I loathed it, but now I’ve come to be cool with it.  Even, if it is a little too brassy.

I think brass works best when in the form of fixtures, whether we are talking lights or plumbing.  And, also in the form of little this and thats throughout the house.

Here are a few looks I like and few favorite pieces to shop, if you are keen to add a bit of brass into your domaine.

Brass Fixtures #bathroom


Brass #bed



Brass Kitchen

I love the idea of adding a brass bar in the kitchen with hooks to hang pots and utensils on.

Stay Awhile Wall #Hook via La La Lovely Blog

And, this little “Stay Awhile” hook is the perfect way to add just a little sweet brass something!

Are you still loving this trend?  Do you have any brass items or fixtures in your home?


Images via : Domaine Home / Miss Moss / Poppy Talk / Interiordesu / Urban Outfitters

July 15, 2015

patterned books

1 / Try patterns on your bookshelf.  I’ve been turning my books backwards for years (see here and here), but I’ve never tried patterns, like this.  I think its worth a weekend try.

no churn ice cream

2 / Try making your own ice cream.  this no churn recipe looks simple and soooo good.  I’ve always wanted to try this coffee flavored version, too.

animal masks

3 / Try making forrest friend animal masks, with your kids, out of your left over school lunch bags.

10 Things to Give Up

4 / Try giving up any and all of the these life sucking things.

. . . and a simple summer bonus >> Try making ice cubes in your muffin tin!