July 28, 2015

Brass fixtures in a #kitchen via La La Lovely

I don’t know about you, but I’m still la la loving the brass trend.  Funny thing is, I have a good amount of brass in my master bath.  Not current brass, but the 90’s variety.  I loathed it, but now I’ve come to be cool with it.  Even, if it is a little too brassy.

I think brass works best when in the form of fixtures, whether we are talking lights or plumbing.  And, also in the form of little this and thats throughout the house.

Here are a few looks I like and few favorite pieces to shop, if you are keen to add a bit of brass into your domaine.

Brass Fixtures #bathroom


Brass #bed



Brass Kitchen

I love the idea of adding a brass bar in the kitchen with hooks to hang pots and utensils on.

Stay Awhile Wall #Hook via La La Lovely Blog

And, this little “Stay Awhile” hook is the perfect way to add just a little sweet brass something!

Are you still loving this trend?  Do you have any brass items or fixtures in your home?


Images via : Domaine Home / Miss Moss / Poppy Talk / Interiordesu / Urban Outfitters

July 15, 2015

patterned books

1 / Try patterns on your bookshelf.  I’ve been turning my books backwards for years (see here and here), but I’ve never tried patterns, like this.  I think its worth a weekend try.

no churn ice cream

2 / Try making your own ice cream.  this no churn recipe looks simple and soooo good.  I’ve always wanted to try this coffee flavored version, too.

animal masks

3 / Try making forrest friend animal masks, with your kids, out of your left over school lunch bags.

10 Things to Give Up

4 / Try giving up any and all of the these life sucking things.

. . . and a simple summer bonus >> Try making ice cubes in your muffin tin!

July 14, 2015

Summer Reading List by La La Lovely

It’s been too long since I’ve shared what I’ve been reading.  It’s not that I haven’t been reading.  I have been reading a lot.  My habbit of reading in multiples (at least three at at time) would be a really hard one for me to break.  I feel it would be likened to limiting yourself to

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June 24, 2015

Holding Flowers by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers 2 by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers by Luisa Brimble 3

Holding Flowers 4 by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers 5 by Luisa Brimble

I am absolutely loving the work of Sydney based photographer Luisa Brimble.  As much as words are my fave way to convey creatively, she makes me want to grab my camera and try to tell more stories that way.

I’m particularly taken with her photos of girls holding flowers!

Aren’t they stunning?  What is inspiring you, lately?

Photography by Luisa Brimble

June 19, 2015

Window Fort via La La Lovely Blog

Happy Friday, lovelies!

When it comes to summer time, I’m stuck on slow days and spending as much time outside as possible.  I want to sit and savor and soak in every ounce of summer.  I’m still slowly working on our outdoor areas (it takes so much time – and energy) and I’m finding the grace to just let myself work at my own pace so there is time for play and relaxing, too.

At any rate, my mind, and pinning pattern, seems to keep pointing to relaxing spaces, both, outdoors and in.

Although, we have no plans to build a play-fort right now, I keep wishing for a really cool one (probably more than my kids, even do).  How cool is this little window top retreat (above), complete with a basket to pass up and down.  I adore the idea of just being able to crawl out the window.

Outdoor love via La La Lovely Blog

I’m taken with this This Midsummer night’s dream by Eye Swoon.  There is something about this outdoor / backyard that very much reminds me of my home.  My home is not modern like this one, but the deck wrapped around the house with the pool close by is very similar and the woods look almost identical.  Besides that, I’ve always wanted to have a lush outdoor dinner party like this.  Maybe this is the year to not wish, but to do.

Hammock in House via La La Lovely BLog

Lastly, hammocks.  Love them outside and indoors.  This tiny indoor porch is big in style and has huge relaxing potential.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  For Father’s Day?  I hope it involves a space that invites you to sit back and soak in summer!


Images : Simply Divine Creation / Eye Swoon / Historia’s Day Casa