02.06.2014 / shed home

shed Home

perusing around beautiful shops, whether in person or online, is certainly a favorite past time of mine.   lately i’ve been (virtually) wandering around a darling shop called shed home.  lots of lovely in one place.  in fact, i found quite a few pieces that i adore (pictured above):

tibetan lamb bench (OMG it comes in PINK too) / the perfect statement piece.
LOST cart (and, there is a FOUND cart – brilliant) /  i love the playful idea of a lost and found at home.
acrylic tray /  would love this in my bathroom, on my dresser or even in my kitchen.
+ stick earrings/   i’m always drawn to simple elegant pieces.
LOVE poster /  because LOVE makes the world go round.
metal bench /  perfect in a mudroom or on a back patio.
tibetan lamp poufs - i was just thinking how fab it would be to have a furry poof + poof here it is!

my favorites picks are just a snapshot of the goodness going at shed.    head over and take a peek  for yourself.  and, while you are at it, why not pick up a little something for yourself.  valentines day is next week, after all (if you are anything like me than you have probably taken valentines matters into your hands)!  and, to make your shopping even sweeter . . .

shed is offering 10% off your entire first purchase through February 28 with code: Shed at checkout.

happy shopping!

p.s. for more design inspiration like shed on facebook and follow the shed blog.  i’m la la loving this particular post on the color yellow (hello, much needed sunshine!).

this post is in collaboration with shed home.

01.30.2014 / bathroom dreaming

bathroom 3 via la la lovely

what does your dream bathroom look like?  last week i was dreaming of kitchens, this week, it’s bathrooms.  perhaps the frigid weather has something to do with it?  for the past few weeks the only way to get really warm is by way of a hot bath.  my bathroom dreams, in recent years, have included things like trough sinks, subway tiles, shiny fixtures, and always a claw foot tub.  when i dream of bathrooms i dream in threes.  powder room, kids bathroom, and master bath.  it only makes sense.  here are a few bathrooms + styles i’m la la loving :


amazing floor patterns, are a must.  who knew?

bathroom 8 via la la lovely

and, a fireplace in the bathroom  - – winning!

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lack shelves via la la lovely

lack shelves 2 via la la lovely

lack shelves 7 via la la lovely

i absolutely adore open shelving in the kitchen.  clearly this is not a new trend, but it is one i can’t get out of my head.  if there is one room i could change in my home it would be my kitchen.  i love my home and my kitchen is fabulous…it’s just not “me.”  so when i dream of updates, my mind always dances around a bright white kitchen with some open shelving.  i get a bit carried away on my kitchen pinterest board.

if you are making any updates to your kitchen, have you thought of using the lack shelves from IKEA?  they are shown in all the images in this post.  its a super inexpensive way to work in floating shelves into your kitchen or any room, for that matter.  i have a set in my home, adorned by super heroes, in the boys room.   and, i love all of the lack goodness here (i love the bottom image with the books).

do you lack?  and, do you love the open / floating shelving look as much as me?  

(click through for more pretty images + ways to use floating shelves in the kitchen)

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12.19.2013 / dining table update

la la lovely dining area

as many of you know, i don’t have a dining room (it’s currently a playroom).  instead, we really make use of the dining area in our kitchen.  we spend a lot of time in our kitchen, and specifically at our table, as we are big on eating meals together.  and, thats just the eating part.  there is homework and crafts, cups of tea and conversations happening here all the time, too.  since a lot of life is lived at our table, i was pretty excited to update our dining table and chairs with hayneedle.

la la lovely dining area 2

la la lovely dining area 3

la la lovely dining area 4

i love the modern look and clean lines of this particular table.  and, i cannot get over how much more the space has opened up and brightened up on a whole.

the nuevo max dining chairs work great because they are easy to wipe clean (major plus with 4 kids) and the nuevo beck dining table feels so much more intimate than our old one.  in fact, i love the little set up so much that i’ve been sneaking my computer over to the kitchen table to work (forgetting all about my little desk).

see what i mean about brighting up the room after the jump :

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12.16.2013 / house crush / studio fryd

house crush - by fryd via la la lovely

today i’m crushing on the newly renovated studio space that belongs to jeanette lunde of by fryd (la la love that blog).  this space was a dilapidated old barn . . . can you believe it?  now it is a bright and beautiful space where jeannette can create, dream, design, and blog.  i’m dreaming of one day having  space like this.

house crush by fryd via la la lovely

house crush 3 by fryd via la la lovely

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clean it

i’m so happy to have kelly, of design crush, share her monday mess.  i’ve long been a fan of design crush.  when it comes to all things design, kelly knows whats going on.  i’m so glad i’ve had a chance to chat with kelly at ALT, in years past,…she is as nice as can be!  keep reading…i think you’ll really enjoy her mess . . .

clean it

My kitchen table is a catchall for every single thing that comes in the front door, at least that’s how it feels! I try to clean it off at least once a week but it’s like a magnet for things that need mailed, DIY projects, etc. I’m happy to report the box at the top left has been successfully mailed and that the box on the far right is full of successfully written out holiday cards, however the rest needs cleaned off badly.

leave it2

leave it

My two pups, Piper and Bebe, have a serious rawhide and tug of war addiction. Their collection of both (along with a few chew toys thrown in for good measure) sits in the corner of my living room. When I pick everything up at the end of each day the cute canvas basket does its job, but a few hours into the morning it looks like this. Girls will be girls and I’m okay with that.


believe it

believe it

/  /  /  /  /  /

i’m smitten that kelly shared her pile of her pups bones and toys!  these are the things that make a house a home, yes?  do your pets have piles in your home too?

thanksgiving mess 5_la la lovely

how are you holding up friends?  was thanksgiving crazy?  restful?  busy? thankful?  i’m kinda feeling the word to describe my thanksgiving is blurr.   i tried to be present but with 15 extra people visiting for the week, i feel like everything was in fast forward.  i wish i could have sat down and had individual time with each person.

whilst i was hoping to have cyber monday biz to share with you, i must admit i don’t (so will you share some good deals with me?).  i instead have a sick puppy today.  and by puppy i mean kid.  specifically the one pictured above.  so we are cuddled up in bed watching movies and snuggling.  and, anyhow, i thought you’d like to see some mess.  because, maybe it will make you feel better as you are cleaning up yours today.  be back tomorrow with la la loving (+ gift guides later this week).

more mess, including lego carnage, (and what is hidden in the cabinet) after the jump :

p.s. if you want to see my house, clean, check out my home tour on design mom!

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la la lovely bedroom

hi friends!  just stopping in to say happy thanksgiving.  i hope you have a great one.  a fantastic one, really.

also, i’m over on design mom today being featured in the living with kids column.  i absolutely love this column on design mom.  i think it is so fun to see how other families live, don’t you?  i’ve never really done a whole home tour and shared liked this … so if you’d like to see how we live and bit more about my home pop on over and let me know what you think!

xo . trina