Gift Guide : la la littles

1/ Rootview 2/Doodle Cook 3/Pallina Game 4/iGuy 5/Little Pim French 6/Micro Microscope 7/Who Was That Mustache Man 8/Twig Pencil Set 9/Personal Library Kit 10/Necklace 11/Star Projector 12/Timex Camper Watch Gift giving.  Do you find that is just not what it used to be?  I do.  It’s just not the same as looking through the Sears […]

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2 in School

School Started today.  I’m all kinds of random.  I know things should be easier with 2 in school and 2 at home.  But today it all seemed a bit harder.  Longer day, more details.  A bored little one missing his la la and Lukie.  I’m sure the days will get easier as we settle into […]

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Happy Friday

  I do have a swing in my house.  It’s pretty great.  BUT a slide!!!  That is part of my, “build my dream house plan”{although the mister thinks he can somehow build a slide to the basement}.  These pictures just makes me all kinds of happy.  What I love best is that you have to […]

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Hope Your Weekend Is

Isn’t this little shirt the greatest?  I’m loving everything I’ve seen from Shopstels, which I discovered on {love} Pinterest.  I think at least one of my 3 boys needs this shirt, yes?  If you need one too, you can buy it here. Happy Weekend!

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A 1st Birthday Party

Today my Liam Brave is ONE. This past Saturday we celebrated with a full on party + his baby dedication . . . it was quite a H O O T. We had quite the celebration. A house full of family + friends. We started the day with Liam’s baby dedication. Our dear friend and […]

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Rearranging Rooms

Right now . . . This is what is starring me in the face. Switching 3 kids rooms around is a lot of work. That is, if you are trying to weed through things and get rid of a lot of crap (I know this is not a lovely word but, let’s face it, that […]

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Spilled Milk

Today, I’m kinda in love with these images from Milk Magazine and well, the magazine itself, hello style. I’ve got kiddies on the brain. This weekend my kids are all shifting around, from this room to that room. It’s going to be a process and I’m certain the whole switch will take much longer than […]

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Candy Takes the Cake

This past weekend we celebrated my L’s 5th birthday. I made a candy cake last year and apparently it was hit because it was the one request I received for this years par-tay. I think this is now a tradition in our house. Hope you have a super sweet day!

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labor day & links

Have you checked out the latest issue of La Petite Magazine ? La Petite is an online mag founded by Rachelle of the ever so current children’s blog Kenziepoo. La Petite Mag is stylish, sophisticated and sweet. So kick you’re feet up, on this holiday, grab a coffee or tea and have a nice read. […]

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Go Animal

I am slightly obsessed with these super crisp, clean and over the top cute animal photos by The Animal Print Shop. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Great for kids rooms but also for the grownies.

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