January 20, 2015


justina blakeney’s jungalow headquarters.  every.single. thing about it.  like, even the water cooler.


being smothered and covered in flowers and greenest greens.


the wise words of dr. martin luther king jr.  Light and Love.  Always.


the pink beaches of harbour island.  i’m breaking up with winter.


this chopped winter salad.  because salads always say summer, even if winter is part of their name.  and, doesn’t this just look so fresh?

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what are you loving this week?

January 13, 2015


this bedroom ,which looks so fresh and springy but cozy enough to keep warm under those blankets for winter.  exactly the combo i’m craving right now.


clearly, not seeing flowers out the window during winter…. but on the window?  this is the way.


agreed.  because, these days all i seem to wear is black, but my mind – it is totally technicolor.


this gorgeous necklace.  such a pretty pretty pendant.


oven baked fries with sea salt.  i could never break up with fries so i figure i better find healthy to spend time with them.

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what are you loving this week

January 6, 2015


this space.  fort beds forever.  barbies in the chandelier, why not.  i love the playfulness of it.

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November 25, 2014


this maze colored throw from lu lu & georgia.  it’s one i’m giving + got for myself.  don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $100 gift card to lu lu & georgia (ends today).  


lauren conrad’s new hair (which is even shorter now).  i took this in for inspiration when i got my hair done this week.  didn’t quite go as light, but i’m still feeling the urge to.



marshmallows in coffee!  why didn’t i think of that?  but, thank you whoever did.


this little poem.  i believe the mind + heart are like a garden.  i really do.  do you have a favorite poet?  i want to read more poetry.


this unique holiday wreath.  it kind of reminds me of a mini version of my DIY yarn art with a holiday festive flair.

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what are you loving this week


November 18, 2014


pretty donuts that are p probably even yummier than they look.  i suppose it’s a good thing i can’t find anything like this around where i live. 


these ikea hacked wardrobes that look so chic.  how great would these be in a mudroom?  each kid their own little closet.


old phones and floral wallpaper.  i like the idea of a phone on a table rather then in my pocket 


this quote.  because, the sky speaks, the trees whisper, and within there is a still small voice.


furry fuzzy coats worn casual.  it is absolutely freezing here and i’m beginning to think i need something fuzzy to wrap up in.

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what are you loving this week