August 26, 2014


clearly i can’t get enough of katrin korfmann’s photography.  it’s so magic.  this playground one is a fave.


tiny’s in tribeca.  if you’re visiting, ann street studio has 5 suggestions for your lunching.


 remind yourself this.  clementine daily has 5 sayings to keep you grounded.  my fave . . . fear is a liar!


this cauliflower rice bowl from the frist mess looks so good.  have you ever made cauliflower rice?


sara’s minimal style.  pretty perfect, if you ask me.

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what are you loving this week?

August 19, 2014


this spanish bedroom + the rest of the home.  i think i want to blow up an old black + white like that.


the pink sands on the elofonisi beaches in crete, greece.  i need to go here one day.


homemade bounty bars.  raw ones, actually.


this bag by swift studios + everything in their shop.

la la loving hair color

her hair color.  pretty perfect.  i’m starting to get more greys + am needing to color a little more often.  have you started to grey?  and, if so what age?

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what are you loving this week?

August 12, 2014


my obsession with toast continues.  all the way through amsterdam.  apparently a normal toast topping is sprinkles.  i’ve been dreaming of amsterdam lately (i mean according to buzzfeed’s facebook test it’s the city i should live in).  this just adds to the interest and intrigue.  flowers + bikes + sprinkles = magic.  and, i am dutch, afterall.


traveling.  i’d like to take this old wagoneer for a wander through the desert.


this black and white tunic by vagabond.  i need this for fall.  line blocking has kicked chevron to the curb.  right?!


this fear quote.  fear is such a stopper.  stops you from doing things because you’re physically afraid.  stops you because it messes with you mentally.  stops you because you are certain you’ll do it wrong.  but, the more you try…the less you’ll be afraid.  you’ll make mistakes, but you’ll have feared less.


music by clean bandit.  it’s like mozart meets, 80′s english rock meets super mario brothers.  and, the videos.  weird. fascinating and cool.  take a listen, if you haven’t.

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what are you loving this week?

August 5, 2014


this stainless steel kitchen (and the rest of the place).  a look to steal, indeed.


i totally agree with this.  i’ve found it to be true in my life.  and, anything i’ve tried to force usually turns out poorly.


i love dainty layered rings but sometimes you just need to pack a punch, you know?  feeling this today!


this cabin made of glass windows.  i think this would make for a great place to write.


a green pizza.  this avocado and spinach one looks perfect.

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what are you loving this week?

July 29, 2014


this ocean mural at the ace hotel in london (london is calling again).  think it might be time to change from mountains to oceans at my house.

la la loving half up top knot

half up top knots (+ more styles here).


this super foods salad.  admittingly, i’ve been eating more ice cream cones than greens this summer.


love this quote.  are you more bold or italics?  i think i’m a little more italics.


the movie begin again.  go see it.  best i’ve seen in a long time – and going on my fave list.  p.s.  did i ever tell you how i met mark ruffalo in a duane reed in new york?  he’s one of my faves…and i have a pic with him.  whats your fave movie?

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what are you loving this week?