September 30, 2014


these green kitchen cabinets.  i can’t get enough of this shade (in the 90′s and currently).


pretty donuts.  i mean i love any kind of donuts.  but these seen on carnets parisiens are perfect.


accept failure as part of the process.  yes.  and.  yes.  there is gold to be found in failure, really.


rebecca gladstone jewelry.  the tear drop stacking rings + circle earings, specifically.


crescent moon planters.

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what are you loving this week?

September 23, 2014


fun, unexpected details.  always and forever.  like the rabbit drawn above the stove (reminds me of the narwhal at my sister’s old place).  this austrailian countryside home on design sponge, is full of interesting things.


this sleepy eye pour over mug by martina thornhill.

la la loving jenny brandt home

this sweet little space in the home of jenny brandt, as seen on my scandinavian home.  her whole house is happy + amaze!


this sky quote.  i wish i knew who wrote.  i wish i wrote it.


fall clothes.  because they are the best clothes.  sweaters. jeans. boots, coats.  jackets.  hats.  leather.  it’s all so good.  every year i find myself searching for the perfect big wrap sweater.

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what are you loving this week?


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September 9, 2014


lovelane costumes.  halloween is next month.  what what.


detailed ceilings.  who wouldn’t want to have this view when they look up?


cookie face snacks.  so cute + more cute faces over on 100 layer cakelete.


lets make great art fingerprint book by marion deuchars.  so darling and so do-able.


sophisticated outfits on little ones, as seen on porridge with milk.  i’d like to wear this outfit myself. 

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what are you loving this week?

September 2, 2014



sometimes you just stumble upon something so amazing it’s almost dream like, and thus deserves an entire post all unto it self.   this is giraffe manor, a luxury boutique hotel in nairobi, kenya.  not only is this old building fairytale like an old building covered in greens, but the herd of rothschild giraffe’s that make their home there.  can you imagine waking up to a giraffe popping it’s head into your window looking for a snack?


and, the accomodations are quite stunning.  wouldn’t you agree?




giraffe manor is now on my one day some day list of places to travel to.  i’m all for dream like real life travel.

where is the most magical place you’ve ever traveled to or would like to visit?

more on travel here and other dream like images i like to collect.

images : the safari collection / honestly wtf / next trip tourism 

August 26, 2014


clearly i can’t get enough of katrin korfmann’s photography.  it’s so magic.  this playground one is a fave.


tiny’s in tribeca.  if you’re visiting, ann street studio has 5 suggestions for your lunching.


 remind yourself this.  clementine daily has 5 sayings to keep you grounded.  my fave . . . fear is a liar!


this cauliflower rice bowl from the frist mess looks so good.  have you ever made cauliflower rice?


sara’s minimal style.  pretty perfect, if you ask me.

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what are you loving this week?