11.25.2013 / Land of Nod Trunk Shows


hi friends.  it’s me.  duh, of course it is.  it’s monday morning and i have 11 guest arriving in a few short hours.  but, that’s not what i’m writing about (its whats on my mind – so it came out).  for the past couple of months i have been a very busy bee coordinating 9 holiday trunk shows across the country for The Land of Nod.

before i go any further i want to make mention that Nod is offering la la lovely readers 15%  november 25-27th (code : LOVELY).  This is good news because there are so many cute things to buy (for your kids, for yourself, for your tree!)

ok, you all know how much i love nod (remember when they came to my house).   i mean, let me count the ways…. they have gorgeous, quality products (for the whole family), their creative direction is superb (hello catalog that is more like a magazine, which i can’t ever seem to throw away) and oh, the people – i heart them all.

the concept the holiday parties was a trunk show, showcasing Nod’s super rad holiday decor + toys, hosted by bloggers in 9 different cities.  each blogger host was able to use Nod product to design their space uniquely…..

i headed out to LA to help with the trunk show there, which was hosted by kelly lanza of studio diy (do you know kelly?  if you don’t, you should) at the honest company (love them too).


nod toys


kelly has some serious mad diy skillz (sorry there is no other way to put it).  i found myself either gushing or feeling pangs of jealousy because, truthfully, i am not even this crafty in my mind (and, i try to be very crafty – in my mind).  i mean look at this dollhouse . . . each host was given a cottage dollhouse to design and display.  do you see the little mac computer?  kelly transformed her house into a loft space.  it’s LA. of course.


dollhouse 2


nod holiday party


there was crafting, and chatting, and shopping ,and the tiniest tacos that you ever did see.  we had such a fun time.  and this was only one event (hey look, its me in the blue dress in the left hand corner).  you can see more photos from Nod’s party at Honest here.

i hope you’ll take advantage of the discount and get in on this holiday goodness :

Nod is offering la la lovely readers 15%  november 25-27th.  use the code LOVELY

here are some of the items kelly used in LA.  i love it all …

All the Colors of the Rainbow Ornaments / Candy Cane Ornament / Festive Felt Garland / Candy Cane Garland / Peppermint Twist Felt Garland / This Garland is Shaping Up / Confetti Stocking / Rainbow Stocking / Kardboard Kingdom / Cottage Dollhouse /Toot Sweet Hanging Pinwheels / Gingerbread Girl / Gingerbread Boy / Candy Cane / Prefab Housing

AND, pop on over to the other hosts sites to take a look at all of the events (equal amounts of creativity and total awesomeness) and how the product was styled differently :

Lay Baby Lay / Simply Grove / Look Linger Love / No Monsters in My Bed + A Feteful Life /Ampersand Design Studio / Finding My Feet / 6th Street Design School + Small Fry Blog / Simplified Bee + Michaela Noelle Design + The Makery

more photos on instagram under #nodevents

Photos by Mary Costa Photography

02.20.2013 / Playroom / Land of Nod

playroom_ La La Lovely

playroom2_ La La Lovely

playroom7_La La Lovely

playroom_5 La La Lovely

playroom3_ La La Lovely

this is the final week of room tours and out takes from my home that was featured in the Land of Nod catalog.  you can see the other rooms right here and the video tour right here.

welcome to my dining room.  i mean playroom.  about a year ago, i decided to turn my dining room into a playroom.  yes, we have a playroom in the basement but no one ever wanted to be down there.  and, of course, i wasn’t able to always go sit down there with the little ones.  so, one day, it dawned on me, why not, for a few years, turn the dining room into a playroom?  we didn’t use the dining room, that often, and we really didn’t have to make any major  changes.  and the great thing about it is, that when the time comes to turn it back, there won’t be much to it.

to change things, we gave the room some fresh paint, took the dishes out of the hutch and exchanged them for toys, hung a few shelves and let the same fancy chandelier do its thing and shine some magic into the space.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of some of the resources :

paint / top half of the room = winter wheat by benjamin moore.  bottom half of the room = filmy green by sherwin willimas.
hutch old piece that my mom bought at ace hardware, of all places
light fixture/ i bought this (for a steal) out of someone’s dining room (literally).
play table / land of nod
chairs / little felix + iron rich play chairs 
rocking chair/  retro rocker
rug / the land of nod
wire bins / down to the wire bins
polka dot bin / dotted storage collection
airplane + hedgehog night light / land of nod
lime green tea towel / lucky fish
cloud pillow / land of nod (this pillow makes me smile everyday)
yellow pouf / pull up a pouf

i hope you have enjoyed this little series and a behind the scenes look and out takes from the Land of Nod catalog.  and, thank you Land of Nod for being so rad!

images courtesy of Land of Nod 

02.13.2013 / Boys Room / Land of Nod

boysroom_La La Lovely

boysroom2_La La Lovely

boysroom3_La La Lovely

boysroom4_La La Lovely

boysroom7_La La Lovely

boysroom5_La La Lovely

this week i’m sharing some out takes from my boys room featured in the Land of Nod catalog.

welcome to luke and liam’s room.  did you know this used to be my room growing up (well at least until the 7th grade when i moved all my belongings to the basement in an effort to not share a room with my sister anymore)?  if you are new here, i should mention that i live in the house i grew up in.  it’s crazy.  it’s awesome.  it’s weird.  but mostly it’s super cool.  i’ve watched this room, in particular, go through many makeovers over the years according to who resided in it.  at first it was my sister and i (ages 9 + 4, to start with).  than just my sister for the longest of times.  then when my family (as in my husband and i) moved back in it became my daughters room (this is her room now) and then we moved everyone around when # 4 came along.  now my two middle boys share this room.  and come to think of it, it is the first time boys have lived in this room which is, in fact, still claimed by my sister, as her name carved in the closet door states.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of some of the resources :

paint /  winter wheat by benjamin moore /chalkboard paint
bunk beds  land of nod
light fixture/ up and atom light fixture
wire baskets / land of nod
desk /  little sloan leaning desk
desk chair / class act desk chair
rug / chevron and on rug in grey
robot drawings / hand drawn by luke, age 7 (he was super proud and i was too)
window shades / the home depot 
string lights / ikea
the mouse hole / this was a super fun addition we recently made connecting the boys room to the nursery.  the kids think it’s so fun to crawl through and i think it just adds an extra touch of magic.

i’ll be wrapping up the room tours next week with my dining room/playroom.  (and again…. if you have e-mailed me with a question or left a comment, i promise i will get back to you).

images courtesy of Land of Nod 

02.07.2013 / DIY : Tiled Mosaic

Mosaic DIY_La La Lovely

hi lovelies!  ready for a little DIY today?  I’m sharing all of the details on making the tiled mosaic, featured in my living room, over on Honest to Nod.

So CLICK HERE for the HOW TO and get your craft on!

tiled mosaic 2_ La La Lovely

and if your feeling extra crafty here are a few more lovely DIY’s.

xo . t

living room_lalalovely

living room 2_lalalovely

living room 7_lalalovely

living room3_lalalovely

living room 5_lalalovely living room 6_lalalovely

living room 4_lalalovely

so this week, i’m sharing more detailed photos of my living room, which you may have seen in the Land of Nod catalog.  before we go any further….did you see the video? i’m a little in love with it.   i’m still a rather overwhelmed by the response and all of  the lovely notes i have been receiving (and if you have e-mailed me with a question, i promise i will get back to you).  thank you all so much for your kind words.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of resources :

paint /  winter wheat by benjamin moore / inner child by sherwin williams (above fireplace) . . . great name for our playful room, right?
chairs /  both vintage finds
disco ball / flea market find
chests / circulation chest
art / land of nod (with the exception of the mosaic – DIY coming tomorrow)
mirror / the mirror lady
rugs / land of nod
couch / crate and barrel
coffee table /  crate and barrel
pouf / land of nod
floor lamp / land of nod
bench / vintage find
the swing / the swing was custom made by a carpenter. if you would like further information please e-mail me.  however, a swing DIY is likely in the works for next month…so stay tuned.
masks / lucky fish who has the most rad stuff.  sadly, as of now no masks are not available.  but you will want everything else they have, i promise.

look for mosaic DIY tomorrow and next week, i’ll be sharing pictures from the boys room.

images / Land of Nod / last image Frank + Harvey

02.01.2013 / Hello + a video

hello_ la la lovely

if you are stopping by for the first time today, from the Land of Nod e-mail….welcome!  it’s so lovely to meet you!  to say it has been fun working with the Land of Nod would be a major understatement.  i’m sure you wondering a bit about me and basically how this all came about? here are a few links to bring you up to speed:

bit about me and my brood, whom you’ve likely met (in the video).

all of this started with a dancing unicorn video  with Frank + Harvey +  my daughters room.

the behind the scenes of the catalog shoot, looked a little like this.

besides my house being featured, with help from the Land of Nod, i helped decorate my friends NYC apartment which was also featured in the catalog.

i sometimes feature DIY’s, like this cute tassel garland.

other times i share my lovely finds.

and of course i can’t help but talk about life and my 4 little la la’s (yes, i call them that too).

if you are a regular than, i’m so excited to share this Real Families | Real kids video with you ……

video by the amazing FRANK + HARVEY production company!  and you can check out the catalog in its entirety right here.

NYC Land of Nod 1_lalalovely

NYC Land of Nod 4_lalalovely

remember last week, how i told you i would be sharing about each room from the catalog shoot with the land of nod?  well, lets start with NYC, shall we?

NYC Land of Nod_lalalovely

here we have a pretty small apartment shared by 5 people.  some great tips for small spaces and big style are :  use multi functional pieces, like the cameo sleeper sofa, which is so perfect for guests.  add extra seating without taking up extra space.  the pull up a pouf works perfect for this room.  find stylish storage options.  the district 2 storage set is a real looker, if you ask me.

NYC Land of Nod 6_lalalovely

NYC Land of Nod 3_lalalovely

when sharing a room, i think it is great to keep a few things the same for continuity and then personalize.  for instance, we chose for the boys to have the same as you wish headboard and then went for a bit drama with the girl’s bed. also samsies are, similar blankets at the foot of the bed, the same gumball lamp and nightstands and everyone also has their name painted above the beds.  however, the artwork is scattered about in a pattern all of it’s own.

NYC Land of Nod9_lalalovely

NYC Land of Nod _lalalovely

if you love the look of a chalkboard wall but are afraid to commit, or if you are renting, these chalkboard stick ons are such a great idea.

NYC Land of Nod 5_lalalovely

NYC Land of Nod8_lalalovely

i’m totally in love with the party print (shown above) aren’t you?  pop back tomorrow for a DIY featured in the kid’s room…..and next week i’ll be featuring  my living room.

images / The Land of Nod


remember that really exciting project i said i was working on and that i couldn’t wait to share with you?  well, today, i’m sharing and all starts like this…..

sometimes really exciting things can happen all because of an e-mail.  you know, the kind of things that you might not even imagine up, even on your most, “i can do anything,” kind of days.

it all started last summer when i worked on the project of completing ella’s room re-design.  i sent an e-mail to one of my fave kids stores, the land of nod, to see about incorporating a few of their products.  then there was this super cute video reveal that i collaborated on with frank and harvey.  when i sent it to the land of nod, they kind of loved it.  not long after, i traveled to the land of nod (i like going to other lands, really i do).  a few meetings and phone calls later we schemed up a really fun collaboration to feature my home as well as my friends nyc home in their upcoming spring book for their real families | real kids series.  crazy, right?  crazy and very exciting!

i got to planning, designing and working closely with the lovelies at the land of nod.  it initially looked a little like this :


then there where those many moments in between here and there, where i pinched myself, squealed a bit and thanked god for such a fun opportunity.

i thought you all might like to see some a bit of the process and some of the behind the scene moments that i captured.  before we get to my house, we should start with new york..  i think that is the most perfect kind of place to start, don’t you?

meet, the lyon’s family.  they are long time, life long, friends of mine.  gabe and rebekah live in a small, 2 bedroom apartment in manhattan with their 3 sweet children (and two super cute pups).


i had the fun job of helping to design their kids shared room (yes, all 3 in, one room) and living room, where everyone hangs out.  i worked closely with the land of nod on incorporating many of their gorgeous pieces.

after all of the planning, i was off to new york to help style the space and see it all come together (these little sloane desks are my fave).


i had the best time working with the land of nod creatives, stylist and photographer.  i would have been happy to just have been on a fly on the wall that day, but to be able to help out was tops.  there is so much hard work and talent that goes into this type of work.  i have a lot to learn when it comes to styling and the creative process but i feel pretty darn lucky to have learned a thing or two.


chalk artist dana tanamachi even came by to deck the walls


between traveling and planning for new york, i was spending late (ok, very late) nights planning and making a few updates around the house.  now, fast forward a few weeks  (with a holiday and sick kids in between it all) and it was time to shoot at my house.  3 days for shooting 3 rooms, again, with a wonderful stylist, photographer and crew from the land of nod (and this time we even shot video).

for 3 days my house was turned into a “location”


floor lamp =  “wow, that’s a big lamp,” from land of nod. isn’t it insanely fabulous?

myhouse_lon6_lalalovely copy myhouse_lon4_lalalovely

there was a lot of this going on….my kids had the best time!


and things got to looking magical :



and speaking of magical……i should tell you, the land of nod, really is just that.  everyone (and i mean, everyone) is the nicest of nice (like i think my little la la’s were about to cry when they left…no seriously).   but the thing is, when talent meets niceness there is just no telling what can happen – well, really great things happen, that’s what.

now, i can’t wait to show you the finished rooms for  both New York City and my house.  i promise you are going to love it.  For the next 4 weeks, i’ll be posting each space and DIY’s that we incorporated, as well as a super rad video.  so, check back each wednesday and thursday, there is so much pretty to share.  first up is NYC, next week.

and be sure to sign up for the land of nod catalog (if you are not already on their mailing list. so you can see how it all turned out!  you can sign up right here.

 (image of kids on settee courtesy of the land of nod)