I have been a mom for thirteen years.  I find this hard to believe.  But time goes fast and if you have a toddler, blink blink, tomorrow they will be a teenager.

It would seem that by now I should know a thing or two.  But here is the beauty of kids, just when you feel like you are starting to get a handle on something they grow.  Move into the next phase.  Or the next one comes along and is completely different.   Parenting always keeps you on your toes.

One time my mom told me . . . .

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January 8, 2016


I’ve been coming to the mat more regularly.  To work out aches and let go of pains.  To remember that my breath is for breathing.  To stretch my body and my mind.

These days I can’t seem . . .

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When you find yourself at a stop | La La Lovely

Two stops signs every. single. day.  One at the start of the woods and the other at the end. Two, three way stops that I’ve rolled through most of my life.

I’m at a figurative stop.  It’s funny because I thought . . .

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September 24, 2015

Prayer For Everyone

Obviously this world we live in is a broken place full of hurting people.  People that who are fighting for basic needs  (water, food, education, etc), and struggling to just survive, daily.  The need for change is painfully obvious, but the way to take action isn’t always so clear.

I’m only one person.

I’m a million miles away.

What can I do that could make any kind of difference?

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September 21, 2015

Connecting with Family

How is it that in this connected world we live in, we can feel so disconnected?

Is it because we now prefer to post rather then phone?  Type rather than talk?  We are so “in the know” about everything that many times we are not taking the time to “get to know” one another better.

I’m navigating these waters just like you.  Finding, slowly, what works for me, as someone who works online, and also as a parent discovering what works for my children, who are growing up in a new world.

I think technology can work for us if we don’t become a slave to it.  It does it’s job when it simplifies things in our lives, and it serves us well when we find ways to truly connect where we otherwise would not be able to.

We love using FaceTime to talk and visit with grandparents.  My husbands family lives in Georgia, and we don’t see each other often, so it’s pretty amazing to be able to chat weekly and let the kid’s show how they lost a tooth or a piece of art from school.

Even better, I’ve recently just learned about a new App called HomeTeam which takes connecting to another level.  HomeTeam helps to bring families together in a meaningful way.  It’s great for when you are traveling, when you have relatives out of state or a loved one that is deployed.   The app allows you to connect with family and friends for story time and games.

Turning "Tablet" Time into Family Time

Story Time with HomeTeam

Now, my little’s grandparents are able to read them a bedtime story, complete with pictures and play a game of Go Fish together.  There are hundreds of books to choose from, and just as many games. We think it is pretty cool.  And, a great way to take tablet time and turn it into family time.


How do you use technology to connect ?  How do you use it to simplify and connect?  

Here is to letting technology serve us well and to turning tablet time into family.

If you’d like to give HomeTeam a go, they offer a free 30-day trial: There’s no credit card required to start the trial.  You can check learn more here.


This post is in partnership with HomeTeam.  Thank you for supporting the brands that keep La La Lovely going.