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Here’s what I’m la la loving for littles this week . . .

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Kid's rooms | La La Lovely

Paint can make such a difference, right?  In kid’s rooms it can add a lot of pizzazz (I like to say that word, but typing it, it looks like pizza, anyways) or shall we say interest.

I’m a sharing a four creative ways to use paint kid’s rooms.

Yes, of course you can use it on the walls.  But that doesn’t mean it has to be conventional.  That is the thing I love most about decorating kid’s rooms, being conventional is not a good idea, being creative is.  So if you are using paint on the walls why not only paint part of the wall?  Or perhaps a corner in a geometric design?  I love this fresh concept pictured above.

While the next paint idea is a bit of a throw back, it’s not a bad one when . . .

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September 23, 2015

Book Bin #DIY

I’ve rounded up 3 darling DIYs that have caught my eye, recently.  Honestly, I’m not really even sure if one qualifies as DIY because it only requires paper and scissors, but it’s an idea I really wanted to share and one I’m going to try in my home.

But, first things first . . .

When I first saw this book bin I wondered where I could buy it.  And, lo and behold someone made it!  I’m always amazed when people make such gorgeous DIY pieces.  This lined mid-century book bin was made by This Little Street.  I’m so glad I happened upon this blog because it’s super bright and cheery and filled to the brim with darling DIYs

Next, could be called a DIY or also known as an . . .


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Fun Ways to Display Photos
image : Elle Decoration

A few years back I got rid of all of my table top frames…the silver fake antiquey ones from TJ Maxx kind of thing.  The only place I really have to display framed photos (other than on my walls) is on my bookshelves, and so I did.  Frame upon frame.  But, they looked all kinds of cluttered and eventually drove me crazy.  When we gave our family room a makeover and my favorite shelf stylist helped me out, I knew I was going to want to keep the cleaner look or stay within those lines.

But, I’m kind of missing having more family photos around, which got . . .


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June 8, 2015

Cat Sandwhiches | La La Lovely

Cat sandwiches.

Sometimes we play with our food.  We make short stories with our sustenance.  We smile and we take a bite.  And, it tastes better because it’s not just bread it’s beyond.  It’s a curious cat, with strawberry ears and a blackberry button nose.  A cat who knows everything because, of course, cats always do.  They are sly and shy and slink around corners and carry secrets.  I don’t know what kind of secrets cats carry, but you can always see it in their eyes.  Have you seen it, too?  Something.  Everything.  Everything, they hear with strawberry ears.

It was boring day, busy with many some-things, that add up to everything, and nothing is the only thing that appears to get done.  Do you know these days, too?  


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