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February 20, 2015


Happy friday!  Or, happy freezing friday, to many of you.  How was your week?  I’d like to say mine was productive, or inspiring, or lively, but it wasn’t.  It was the very normal kind, where most of the good stuff lives, if we look for it (I’m learning this art, which doesn’t come natural to me or likely anyone).  We stayed in, and then tried to get out, basketball games, tv watching, field trips to a Wizard of Oz play and the easiest (and cheapest) trip, I’ve ever made to IKEA.   So, I guess I did accomplish something new.

I’m sharing some of my favorites this Friday, both include some kind of WILD.

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October 22, 2014


how do you do halloween?

while i’d love to tell you that i come up with an original design and sew my kids costumes and that we craft them to completion together or maybe even that i search and scour the web for the coolest most unique costume, the truth is, i’m like, “oh you want to be spider man, AGAIN?  ok, that works.”  it used to pain me, but now it justs makes things more peaceful for all of us.  no use convincing why it would be cooler to be vincent van goh or something.

however, i la la love looking at all of the creative DIY costumes that fill up my feed this time of year.  and, every year they just keep getting better and better.

click through for my faves:

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June 11, 2014


i never dreamed that dressing my boys would be more of a hassle than dressing my girl.  but it is.  there are more arguments with my 3, 4, and 8 year old boys about clothes then there have ever been with my, now, 11 year old daughter.

as for the boys, one insists on dressing like a worker or farmer (don’t ask), the other wants to wear red jeans every. single. day, and the eldest wants to wear the same really ugly, worn out play clothes (enter orange tattered shirt that says “dunk it like a donut”) day and night.

after being a parent for 11 years and buying lots of clothes and cleaning out closets and drawers every season, i think i’ve finally come to a conclusion (one you might say duh to)……


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May 14, 2014


you guys, summer break starts in 2 weeks.  does this excite you or scare you?  i fluctuate between the two.  what i get really excited about is no early mornings and no school uniforms.  clothes become more comfortable and, certainly, cute.


around here, i’m kind a picky about summer clothes.  here is why… kids like to wear the same things over and over again (especially my boys).  anyone else?  so 11 years and 4 kids later, i go for adding comfortable, quality, interchangeable pieces.  as for the younger two, well, i still love to match them while i can.  lately, everyone keeps asking me if they are twins (even when the only thing matching is their shriek).


i recently discovered RUUM American Kids Wear and am loving their clothing.  have you hear of RUUM?  they have some great styles for boys (which can be hard to come by) and, of course, super cute choices for girls too (how darling is the girls coachella look?)

here is what we are wearing:


luke / stripe vneck / knit short / sporty slip on  ella / tye dye denim shirt / pencil skirt / denim mini pack
liam / tiger tee / pull on cargo short /  aviators  rocco / tiger tee / pull on cargo short / cblock baseball hat

i’m definitely going to be adding more ruum clothing to our summer staples . . . especially more of these shorts for the boys!


a few more silly more photos . . .

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halloween costumes | la la lovely

halloween costumes 2 | la la lovely

how do you do halloween costumes?

i always find october to be a bit stressful.  dressing 4 kids for halloween (and spirit week and parties) takes time, creativity and, let’s be real, cold cash.  i find myself feeling guilty for not sewing or crafting up some amazing, pinterest worthy, homemade costume, although i don’t even know how to sew (i should know, right?).  and yet, i’m confident that no matter what we come up with, it will, surely, be better than those plastic mask costumes that i wore in the 80’s.  like gag me with a spoon.

but, back to the year 2013.

i’m particularly loving H&M’s All for Children kids costumes (for each costume sold 25% of the retail value will be donated to UNICEF).

i mean seriously,  this marie antionette princess style dress (above) is beyond adorable (please, someone with a girl get this!).  liam brave has decided he is going to be the bat from this collection.  i love the simplicity of it and i’m always a fan of costumes that stick around for playing dress up or just running up and down the hall.

would you like to win one?  H&M is offering one lucky winner the costume of their choice (based upon availability).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and if DIY costumes are more of your thing than click thru for some of my fave easy options


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