few ideas for mother’s day.  for your mom, for you, for your hubby to have sneak peek at.

mother’s day always sneaks up on me.  probably because i don’t have to prepare for it (best holiday ever).  i love thinking about what to give, but, lets be honest, i also like creating my own little wish list.  so, with wish lists in mind, i thought i’d create a little board for you.  you know, to cleverly pass along to your honey or leave open on your computer screen.  i mean, just in case he asked for some ideas.  or, in case, you need ideas for your mom.  here goes :

1.  long bar earrings / if you want to go fancy, than i would fancy these.  they are modern and elegant.

2.  mid city tote / because every mom’s bag has to be big.  this is super cool because it can be big or small.  good for diapers or date nights.

3.  i’m very busy ipad case / because, of course you are!  and because it’s super cute!  i’m crazy about the charger kit + their shazam phone case , which i have.

4.  clear sunnies / sunny and clear skies await you, even when your eyes are tired.

5.  prtty peauhsun tight body lotion / i love lotions and promising potions.  i’d really like to try this tightening and tinting one.

6.  memphis cushion /  little pops of pretty go a very long way!

7.  raw gemstone ring / lately it’s the unpolished that has been standing out to me.  you don’t have to be shiny to shine.

8.  driftwood lamp / how pretty is this lamp?  i’m imagining it in a secret little getaway reading spot.

9.  fit bit / this is on my wish list.  while i move around a lot as a mom, i need to work on just moving for myself (ahem – exercise)

and, for handmade gift ideas click here.  i’m particularly fond of this unicorn mug, because if your mornings are anything like mine than you might need a little magic mixed with your coffee.

what are you giving this mother’s day or wishing for?

this post is in collaboration with uncommon goods.  all opinions are my own.

April 22, 2014


bri’s bedroom makeover decorated by victoria.  so many perfect details.


modern pb+j / sea salt almond honey almond butter + macerated berries


that there is a word for this.  i mean i always just wondered if i was the only one seeing stars.


clemence posey.  her style is so natural.  love her long hair + short hair.

rose covered house

rose covered houses.  one day.  some day.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

April 15, 2014


half wall floral cut out wallpaper.  this look is so good.


this ensemble.  would you wear a leopard coat?


the thought that it is courageous to, sometimes, let go.  do you agree?


iced coffee cubes.  brilliant!

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

April 8, 2014


the smitten studio office space.


peanut butter cup pancakes.  i know i can’t help but, almost always, share sweet recipes.  they are the ones that look most enticing to me.  pancakes + peanut butter cups? why shouldn’t they go together?  and, vegan + gluten free to boot.


this quote has to be read a few times.  oohed over and then read again.  coming undone precedes growth.


this new family photo of the royal family.  pretty perfect, right?  i just cut my hair (as in yesterday) and now kate has me wanting to grow it out again!


the grand budapest hotel.  i must have been living under a rock because how did i not know a new wes anderson movie was coming out?  the colors were absolutely fantastical.  i mean look at that pink ombre hotel pictured above!   i can’t wait to see it again to just to really take in all of the amazing art direction!

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

April 1, 2014


indoor / outdoor living.  i think it would be pretty amazing to live in a home where you could just basically open up a wall.  i’m loving everything about this home which is featured in the book The Inspired Home Nests of Creatives (on my wish list).  click read more to see the room with the track door up (sigh).

beautiful things quote

this quote from walter mitty, ” beautiful things don’t  ask for attention.”  this was the line i wish i would have written down when watching the movie.  i couldn’t quite remember the line exactly but i couldn’t get away from remembering the idea . . .  and then, look cocorrina created this beautiful desktop image and it found it or it found me.  i love this thought so much, and i couldn’t agree more.  true beauty doesn’t look for attention.


this photograph.  what do you see when you look at it?  i wonder who is really living.  the ones being watched below or the ones who took the ride?

wildley raw

the wildley raw instagram feed.  kelly is kirsten’s cousin and i dream of eating healthy when i spy her feed.  i also secretly wish that she could ship me food everyday.  this is an insta must follow.  who are you loving on instagram these days?


mr. selfridge.  anyone else watching.  i’m a total pbs nerd.  and, don’t tell anyone, but so is mr. lovely.  he may be wearing camo but he’ll watch pbs with me.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

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