02.18.2014 / la la loving


cassie’s moodboard. the  colors.  the textures.  the everything.


i just can’t get enough of the mokkasin home.


strawberry almond milk.  every since charlie and lola, i’ve loved the idea of pink milk.


this beautiful wallpaper download.


this magicky looking place in norway.

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what are you loving this week?

02.06.2014 / shed home

shed Home

perusing around beautiful shops, whether in person or online, is certainly a favorite past time of mine.   lately i’ve been (virtually) wandering around a darling shop called shed home.  lots of lovely in one place.  in fact, i found quite a few pieces that i adore (pictured above):

tibetan lamb bench (OMG it comes in PINK too) / the perfect statement piece.
LOST cart (and, there is a FOUND cart – brilliant) /  i love the playful idea of a lost and found at home.
acrylic tray /  would love this in my bathroom, on my dresser or even in my kitchen.
+ stick earrings/   i’m always drawn to simple elegant pieces.
LOVE poster /  because LOVE makes the world go round.
metal bench /  perfect in a mudroom or on a back patio.
tibetan lamp poufs - i was just thinking how fab it would be to have a furry poof + poof here it is!

my favorites picks are just a snapshot of the goodness going at shed.    head over and take a peek  for yourself.  and, while you are at it, why not pick up a little something for yourself.  valentines day is next week, after all (if you are anything like me than you have probably taken valentines matters into your hands)!  and, to make your shopping even sweeter . . .

shed is offering 10% off your entire first purchase through February 28 with code: Shed at checkout.

happy shopping!

p.s. for more design inspiration like shed on facebook and follow the shed blog.  i’m la la loving this particular post on the color yellow (hello, much needed sunshine!).

this post is in collaboration with shed home.

02.04.2014 / la la loving


holly becker’s nursery for her baby boy.  holly’s blog + style are still tops on my list.



fox + owl.  are these not the cutest creations, ever?  there is something so old fashioned and modernly magical about each piece.  whenever the shop is re-stocked i might have to purchase one for my inner kid.


this photograph of kids + their shadows.  certainly they may need to be sewn back on.  this, of course, reminds me of peter pan, which i’m about to start reading.


colorful dipped cones.  why not in the dead of winter?  might as well pretend its summer, is what i say.


la petite mag in print.  it’s gorgeous + edgy and on paper!  way to go rachelle!  you can purchase a copy here.

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what are you loving this week?

ps- more la la littles here.

01.28.2014 / la la loving


this embroidery kit.  although, i’ve just picked up knitting, again.  i have a hunkering to try embroidery.  do you embroider?

la la loving map with butterflies

a world map marked with butterflies.  pinning all the places you’ve traveled.


this virginia wolf quote.


this bath caddy.


tomboy makeovers.  i’ve never considered myself a tomboy, but i’m ready to give it a go.


the looks of this butternut squash and white bean stew recipe.

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what are you loving this week?

la la lovely shorter hair

la la lovely shorter hair 2

la la lovely shorter hair 3

la la lovely shorter hair 4

hi friends!  i thought i’d share my new hair cut with you.  i’ve been wanting to cut my hair for, like, ever.  i kept saying, “i’m going to get in really good shape and then chop my hair and go really blonde.”  well, that was like 6 hair cuts ago.  right before new years i decided to just go for it.  i had this super strong urge to cut my hair and just shed all of the heaviness of it (literally and figuratively).  let it go.  while my plan to go blonde didn’t quite work (has to be a bit of a gradual process) the cut did (i think i might even want to go a wee bit shorter?).  i feel so much lighter!  and, the good news is that i can do my hair so much faster.  i’m loving the tousled look, and i like to wear it straight too.  its a little hard to tell in the photos, but the front is a tad longer than the back which gives it some depth and interest.  for me, it was definitely a welcome change.

have you ever had a strong urge to cut your hair?  and, if you went through with it, did you love it or regret it?

p.s.  my favorite styling products are :  surf spray | mega dust | all in one milk | mousse styling

what are you fave hair products?


01.21.2014 / la la loving

la la loving blue home

this home in finland.

brain has too many tabs

is this true for you?  it is for me times ten.

la la loving manicure

this manicure and this one too.

la la loving birth announcement

this birth announcement.  seriously, the cutest and most clever, i’ve ever seen (love the name too).

la la loving oilily

all of this going on.  oilily (love them!) really knows how to market their bike.  i hope the pink poodle is for sale too.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

01.14.2014 / la la loving (green)

ktichen love

everything about this kitchen.

green jacket

this look.  green coat / green smoothie.

loving green door

green doors.

la la loving avocado toast

avocado toast - – still.

painted floors via la la lovely

painted floors.

let it go quote via la la lovely

don’t over think, just let it go.  exactly the words my kids sing non-stop (from frost), “let it go!”

what are you loving this week?

01.07.2014 / la la loving

la la loving more fun

yes.  yes. yes. yes! (more on this tomorrow)

la la loving her hair

her hair.  the cut.  the color.  the everything (her gorgeous bone structure doesn’t hurt either).

la la loving whispy greens

fresh whsipy greens in the dead of winter.

la la loving a bedroom kitchen

everything about this kitchen.  it’s like a luscious combo of a bedroom + a kitchen.  and it works.

la la loving 2014 calendars

fresh + free 2014 printable calendars from oh the lovely things.

/ / / /

happy new year lovelies.  it’s been a very long and almost overly restful christmas break.  i’m trying to  find my way with electronics, again, which is strange and interesting.

i’ll be back tomorrow sharing a few a thoughts on the new year.  goals and non-goals and such.

but, tell me, what are you loving this week or for the past few?  i’ve almost finished reading the goldfinch and have been obsessively watching the white queen.  have you read or watched either?

p.s. yesterday it was -20 below here and with windchill -50.  today, really, isn’t any better.  it feels like -21 (look what you can do when it is this cold…cool, no?).  school has been cancelled which makes this an almost 3 week christmas break!