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For the moms that are crafty in their heads and not so much with their hands

(Yeah, that’s me too!) . . .

Read on for the easiest after school craft you ever did see. And the best part is you can toss the supplies in your cart at your next trip to the grocery store!

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Clean Candied Pecan Recipe | La La Lovely Blog

It’s summer and my kids are snacking every ten minutes, it seems.  Your’s too?

I’m sharing a new favorite two ingredient snack of ours that takes about 5 minutes to make.

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Raw Chocolate Turtle Recipe

Happy Friday, lovelies!

How about starting the weekend off with a treat? It’s snowing here today…. in April! It happens every year, so I try not to act surprised or super annoyed; instead I’m all about distracting myself with laughter and a sweet treat.

For laughing I’ve been relying on snapchat this week. I said, “I’d never,” but I also said that about Twitter. If you are on snapchat you can find me under username @lalalovelyblog or by Trina McNeilly. It’s a revival of my goofy 11th grade self. I didn’t realize how much I missed her.

Now, for the sweet treats.  A few weeks ago I made some raw chocolate turtles and they were so good.  And truly, you can feel good about eating these sweets.  The best part is that they are so easy to make.

All you need is five ingredients . . .

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March 2, 2016

No Bake Energy Bites Recipe | La La Lovely

I have a major sweet tooth.  I figure since life can be so salty–we need sweet.  Are you with me?  I’ve been making these No Bake Energy Bites for a few years as snacks for myself and my littles.  My husband even loves these and let’s just say I’m still trying to break his love for Little Debbie.

Since I started cutting back on the amount of sweets and the type of sweets I eat, I started making these energy bites for a sweet treat for myself and they totally suffice.

I usually make a batch at the beginning of the week.  I pretend they will last all week, but usually it’s only a matter of days.

Here is how . . .

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I like you a latte

In case you didn’t have time to craft up your own original Valentines or can’t be bothered to conjure up new inventive creative ideas…. let me help.  I didn’t have it within me either.  So, I thought I’d round up the best ideas from bloggers that do this best.

Here are a few simple creative ways to say I love you, I like you, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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