07.19.2013 / fave friday




it’s been crazy hot here.  like all you can do is stay indoors or in water kind of hot.  but, it’s been fun having friends and family over to enjoy the pool with us.  last week i wasn’t feeling well and my friend ahndea brought me an iced coffe and a necklace, which i noticed matches my flower pot (both pictured above), which was brightened my day.

ok, those s’mores bars are no joke.  like you should make them this weekend and i should make them again too.  here is the  recipe.

and this boy, he kind of melts my heart daily.  he has his own little language which i wish you could hear.   it’s sweet and funny and goo goo magic.  and, i think my heart might just break, if it doesn’t melt away first, if he grows one more inch and speaks any more words, that is, unless they are made up ones, of course.  coming to terms with rocco being our last one is kind of making me melancholy but having another kind of freaks me out more.  raising kids is serious business.  and as each child gets older, you realize how different each one is, and you also realize how differently and uniquely each little soul needs to be parented.  but as for today, i’m going to squeeze and kiss those little cheeks and try to paint that face in my mind forever.  my mom is besides herself because she thinks rocco looks just like i did when i was little.  and, he just happens to call her mom-eee.  honestly, its just kind of a gift to see my mom be able to relieve happy moments from years gone by.  i hope the very same happens for me one day.  so children, if you are reading this.  one you… have a baby that looks just like you when you were a baby. ok?  thanks….love your mom-eee!

and how was your week?  what is melting your heart?  or are you just melting in the heat like me.


01 /  a redecorated bathroom with the piping on the outside (love it)!
02 /  does your fashion style match your decor style?
03 /  this e-mail app is seriously going to change my life (at least my online one).  obsessed! 
04 /  something to snack on.  why didn’t i think of this combo?
05 /  i think this is a very good little collection to start.
06 /  if you feel  like getting crafty, these printables are super sweet.

you can also find me over on euro style lighting sharing my fave picks for kid-friendly coffee tables (i’ve forgone coffee tables for years and am ready to bring them back into my life – what about you?).

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04.23.2013 / a travel adventure


hi lovelies.  i’m on an adventure today.  one that entails my passport.  as these things are usually planned out way in advance this was pretty last minute.  i LOVE travel, as it’s always so exciting, but it can make me a wee bit nervous too (so say a prayer).

pop back in tomorrow to see where in the world i’ve landed (i kind of just felt like a cross between carmen sandiego – my favorite childhood computer game –  and matt lauer when i said that – ha).

and since we are talking travel….

the last place i traveled to

my tips for traveling with kids

and my travel quirks (do you have any?)

image / La La Lovely

10.05.2012 / Luke, Age 7

Happy Birthday to my first boy, the one who melts my heart with his ocean blues.  You are already that boy who is the magic combination of tough on top and sweeter than candy (yes cotton candy) on the inside.

+  you love to play ball.  football, baseball, basketball….bouncy ball.  i often wonder why you don’t tire of this but you don’t.
+  you love candy a little too much.  i find wrappers crumpled up in the most interesting spots.  could it be all of the sweeties that make you so sweet?
+  you  light up anytime you see a a little baby (+ they always seem to light up when they see you, too) and I’m always assured of that very tender heart that is yours.
+  you are very serious about your hair, which is something to me, because you have the best hair ever (but i do miss your curls).
+  you are a great reader.  its like you didn’t even have to try.
+  your favorite book is nobody notices minerva
 you climb the door frame like spiderman
+  you ask to go to rm every night (which is code for red mango)
+  your favorite thing to wear is sports clothes, as in basketball shorts and t-shirts (grab your books, because you’re about to get schooled).
+  you like to wear your wallet chained to your pants
+  you have the best kind of laugh, the unstoppable giggle kind.
+  you are such a cuddle bear and love to cuddle more than when you were a babe.
+  you have a kindness about you that comes quite naturally
+  you love to watch super hero movies with your dad.
+  you are strong.  like muscle strong.
+  you would probably eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner if i let you.

Lukee, you light up my days when they are dark.  Your eyes, your smile, and your heart are a thousand rays chasing the clouds away.  It is no surprise that your name means light and illumination.   You do just that…illuminate our lives and light up our days.  I thank God for you.  You are my darling boy!

09.18.2012 / New York

Do you ever just pretend?  You know, like you are somebody else or at least just living somewhere else.  I do, but it shouldn’t be any surprise as my imagination tends to be on the overactive side (in good and bad ways).  Usually, it’s when I’m reading a book or watching a movie, I get a little lost in the character, the set, the plot and find myself right there in the middle of it all.

This past weekend while we were in New York celebrating our anniversary and visiting dear friends, I did just that.  I imagined, envisioned, and made mental pictures of myself living in a big city.  And of course, not just myself but my lovely (not so) little brood.  Could we do it?  Would we survive?  What would life look like?  I took in so many details, as I always like to do. My eyes scanning and searching the layers beyond the surface.  This time it wasn’t just the buildings, the fashion, the food, and the palpable creative drive that seems to permiate the air.  This time, I watched families, children, everyday life, the coming, the going and those unnoticed in between moments that are often unseen and overlooked or deemed unimportant.  I found those moments to be the telling ones.

I  can’t say I have come to a conclusion on whether or not I could or could not do it.  And I suppose, a conclusion is not really necessary, as all of this thinking and imagining is theortical.  But, I like to know what I’m capable of and if I had to or even wanted to, would I survive?  Yes, is the answer to that, but would we thrive and be able to take on a such a foreign way of living?

These kinds of trips, which are usually meant for fun, always end up meaning so much more.  There is a deeper meaning to everything, at least always in my mind.  I’m grateful for the thoughts, the conversations, the learning, and the possibilities.

As for what we did, it kind of went like this….Thursday night I stopped by the Rue Turns Two party.  Then we hopped on over to an event for Q Ideas which was held in Tom’s NYC showroom (which was beyond cool).  I loved meeting new like minded friends that are brilliant in the industries they work in.

After that, we had a great time with our friends and pretty much shopped and ate our way through New York.  And although, I now probably need to exercise for a week straight…I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Here is a list of places we went, which I would, without a doubt, recommend:

Hudson Clearwater – this place is like a secret garden.  it seriously took us awhile to even find the entrance.  so good and such a great atmosphere.

Magnolia Bakery – it had to be done.  and yes, it is a good as they say.

Co. -  for pizza.  probably the best pizza crust i’ve ever had.

Shake Shack - i could have eaten this every day.  and i’ve been thinking about it every day since.

Le Pain Quotidien - bread. croissants. tartines.  perfect for a quick bite.

Sarahbeth’s - lovely for breakfast and known for their jams.

Our last night we saw the Broadway show, Once.  The music was insane and the story is the kind that sticks with you.

I love this last shot on the flight home.  It looks like all sky, but really its where the air meets water (sky + Lake Michigan).

*Tomorrow I’m sharing some photos from a shop in NYC that totally inspired me.

images from la la Lovely Instagram.

01.05.2012 / Christmas + Such

I thought I’d pop a few pictures up of Christmas and such.  I’ve got to get better at taking more snapshots, next year, next year [I've got quite the "next year" list going, already].

As you can see we had fun wearing our stripes again [speaking of Polarn O. Pyret their winter sale is going on at the moment].  And we had a VERY Yo Gabba Gabba Christmas thanks to Gommy [that is la la speak for grandma].  As you can see we made a bazillion and one sugar cookies [I've finally found a recipe that I can call my own] and I ate a bazillion and one sugar cookies.

We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Georgia [the 13 hour car ride I told you about] and visit our sweet family.

How was your Christmas?  Did you get anything special?  What was your favorite present?  I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites in the coming days!

I’ll be back with regular posts next week.  I’m spending my extra minutes working on a little something.

Here is a little more L O V E LY in the meantime:

I’m so excited to be a part of Design Mom’s series Design Mom Asks.  Pop on over + see my favorite grocery/drug store beauty pick!

Check out my latest ideabook on Houzz : Organize Anything & Everything.  A few items you might need for the new year!

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12.23.2011 / merry christmas!

Merry Christmas lovelies.  I wish I could personally send you all a card.  These are our Christmas cards, which are also a very very late birth announcement for Rocco Royal.

Can you believe Christmas is really upon us?  I wish to report that I am just lounging about watching holiday movies but I’m still baking and wrapping and then it goes straight into cooking.  But I’m determined to squeeze in a few movies in the midst of these holiday musts.  I’m casting my cares to the wind and am determined to do my best to be in the moment and enjoy each little moment.

I hope you have the merriest Christmas.  That your day is filled with love and light and many good things.  I’m going to be taking a bloggy break this coming week to spend time with my family.  I will see you all back here in the New Year.  And whether you celebrate New Years in a big or small way I hope your New Year is shiny and bright and most of all NEW!

Thank you for reading along this year and joining in on conversations, commenting on posts, and just being lovely.  I’m truly thankful for all of you!


12.21.2011 / easy waves

This is how I wear my hair pretty much every -single – day.  See that little clip in my hair?  It is my favorite + it pretty much works better than a curling iron.   Most days, I wash my hair, spray some sort of product in it [this is my fav], blow dry leaving hair a bit damp and then I pin it up in a bun for about an hour.   Let hair down and voila tousled waves.

What’s your favorite hair trick?

12.19.2011 / Christmas Week

How was your weekend lovelies?  Ours was pretty busy.  The kids are home now and I have a feeling it will be a full on week.   Do you have anything special planned this week?  Or is it all hustle and bustle?  I have a few things to finish up and now it is onto the food portion of Christmas that I am concerning myself with.  But we are also taking the kids into the city and going to the art museum for the first time.  I’m really excited about this but I’m also trying not to have too high of hopes as in 2 babies are coming along.  I’m really looking forward to the older la la’s taking in some art though.  I hope everyone finds something that inspires them in one way or another.

The above is Elle’s Christmas dress (recycled from last year, actually).  I love the little combo and wish I could wear it myself.  And speaking of Ella.  Did you know that her little brother calls her “La La,” all on his own accord.

And as for the pink and the red, it is my color combo this year.  I’ve done very little decorating [a bit of decorating from a few years ago here].  I’m feeling pressure to keep on decorating this week but I’m also trying to convince myself that there isn’t much point now + it will only make for more taking down.  The ribbon at least made it to my tree.  However, I’m already excited about decorating possibilities for next year.

Happy Monday.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow, let’s talk Christmas cookies!