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May 29, 2014


i shared last week on london, shalom and coming home.  only i hadn’t sat down to linger on london.  and, i’m really still a little in awe that i landed there again this year.  last year was a very unexpected trip and nothing short of a grace gift from above.  and, i couldn’t have known, 12 months ago, that the gift of going would begin an unplanned journey over this past year.  a one foot in front of the other kind of journey that requires empty, open hands, and a willing and surrendered heart.


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May 21, 2014


hi lovelies.  notice anything different?  this site just got a little re-fresh.  while, i still totally love the design of my blog and wasn’t ready to part, all together, with the look and logo, i felt it was time for a little update.  i wanted things to be super clean, simple and modern, with a touch of sweet.  the site was originally desgined by breanna rose and the updated design (and development) by tom wilz.  i’ve been really fortunate to work with such great designers!

what do you think?

i’m super pleased with the fresh look.  i’m also way excited about some of the new functions and additions to the site.  wanna see?


the LIVING / LOVING / LITTLES categories have been updated with a drop down menu (hover + then click) of specific categories (as shwon above).  pretty cool!

i’ve also updated the features section so you can access the regulars in the easiest of ways.


how about this pretty little circle, at the bottom?  it has a purpose.  click on it and it will take you back to the top of the page.


if you’re looking for more lovely than scroll to the bottom for popular posts.



one BRAND NEW FEATURE  i’m thrilled about is the shop.  i’ll be curating some of my most favorite things.  some that i personally have and love, as well other lovely things that are on my wish list.

new photos

and…. new pictures – done by white shutter.  we had such a fun time doing the photoshoot and i can’t wait to share a few more pics from that day!

i’m still working on re-categorizing all of my old posts (note to anyone starting a blog : do not create a million gazillion categories.  keep it simple!) to get them all in the right place.  all of my old posts are still on the blog, you just might have to use the search menu for older features like monday mess and wait a few days for the categories to get totally populated.  thanks for your patience!

but, for now….sit down with a cup of tea and take a look around!

a huge thanks to tom wilz + and white shutter!

July 19, 2013




it’s been crazy hot here.  like all you can do is stay indoors or in water kind of hot.  but, it’s been fun having friends and family over to enjoy the pool with us.  last week i wasn’t feeling well and my friend ahndea brought me an iced coffe and a necklace, which i noticed matches my flower pot (both pictured above), which was brightened my day.

ok, those s’mores bars are no joke.  like you should make them this weekend and i should make them again too.  here is the  recipe.

and this boy, he kind of melts my heart daily.  he has his own little language which i wish you could hear.   it’s sweet and funny and goo goo magic.  and, i think my heart might just break, if it doesn’t melt away first, if he grows one more inch and speaks any more words, that is, unless they are made up ones, of course.  coming to terms with rocco being our last one is kind of making me melancholy but having another kind of freaks me out more.  raising kids is serious business.  and as each child gets older, you realize how different each one is, and you also realize how differently and uniquely each little soul needs to be parented.  but as for today, i’m going to squeeze and kiss those little cheeks and try to paint that face in my mind forever.  my mom is besides herself because she thinks rocco looks just like i did when i was little.  and, he just happens to call her mom-eee.  honestly, its just kind of a gift to see my mom be able to relieve happy moments from years gone by.  i hope the very same happens for me one day.  so children, if you are reading this.  one you… have a baby that looks just like you when you were a baby. ok?  thanks….love your mom-eee!

and how was your week?  what is melting your heart?  or are you just melting in the heat like me.


01 /  a redecorated bathroom with the piping on the outside (love it)!
02 /  does your fashion style match your decor style?
03 /  this e-mail app is seriously going to change my life (at least my online one).  obsessed! 
04 /  something to snack on.  why didn’t i think of this combo?
05 /  i think this is a very good little collection to start.
06 /  if you feel  like getting crafty, these printables are super sweet.

you can also find me over on euro style lighting sharing my fave picks for kid-friendly coffee tables (i’ve forgone coffee tables for years and am ready to bring them back into my life – what about you?).

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April 23, 2013


hi lovelies.  i’m on an adventure today.  one that entails my passport.  as these things are usually planned out way in advance this was pretty last minute.  i LOVE travel, as it’s always so exciting, but it can make me a wee bit nervous too (so say a prayer).

pop back in tomorrow to see where in the world i’ve landed (i kind of just felt like a cross between carmen sandiego – my favorite childhood computer game –  and matt lauer when i said that – ha).

and since we are talking travel….

the last place i traveled to

my tips for traveling with kids

and my travel quirks (do you have any?)

image / La La Lovely

March 21, 2013


do you like your name?  i hated my name growing up.  i’m sure not an uncommon woe of a 9 year old.  honestly, i have a strangely clear memory of being in the elementary school bathroom, waiting in line, talking to other little girls and thinking to myself, “why can’t my name be jennifer or heather.  and, remember when you’d play house, store or restaurant and you always had to have a pretend name?  i usually went by nicole (due to my admiration of my older cousin).  i wasn’t happy with my cabbage patch kids name either…willma.  so since i could,  i re-named my cabbage patch kid to sandy nicole (sandy after my dog that died and nicole, again, after my cousin.  i think i even asked her if it would be ok to used nicole for the middle name – oh boy!) and i even remember my friend jill and i used to play “vicki and nickie” whenever we hung out.  we just pretended to be older girls driving around and having boyfriends (ughh… i know)….just don’t ask me about acting like kirk cameron was my boyfriend at the park in front of other kids or how i would “pretend” to drive the mini van when someone came over to my house (yes, i have a lot of stories?).

anyways, i wish i could say that my name was after a distant relative that did something noble, but it’s not.  if i was a boy i was going to be timothy (timothy tompkins- yuck) and i’ve been told that my mom wanted to name me katherine.  however, one day, at church, my dad heard the pastor announce his new granddaughter’s name, which was trina and he liked it.  so that was it….trina tompkins.  i’m not catrina.  just trina.  in high school i saw a trina turk label and felt much better about my name.  a fewllow “trina” and a fellow “t.t.”

of course, as you get older you settle into your name and don’t make such a deal out of it.  you just, sort of, become it.

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