merry christmas!

Merry Christmas lovelies.  I wish I could personally send you all a card.  These are our Christmas cards, which are also a very very late birth announcement for Rocco Royal. Can you believe Christmas is really upon us?  I wish to report that I am just lounging about watching holiday movies but I’m still baking […]

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easy waves

This is how I wear my hair pretty much every -single – day.  See that little clip in my hair?  It is my favorite + it pretty much works better than a curling iron.   Most days, I wash my hair, spray some sort of product in it [this is my fav], blow dry leaving […]

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Christmas Week

How was your weekend lovelies?  Ours was pretty busy.  The kids are home now and I have a feeling it will be a full on week.   Do you have anything special planned this week?  Or is it all hustle and bustle?  I have a few things to finish up and now it is onto […]

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Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  I can’t say that we have any major ones around here.  I’m hoping to start a few in the coming years the la la’s are getting a little older.  One little tradition that I have, which just kind of came to being, is that every year while filling out […]

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My House on Houzz

The great people at Houzz asked me if I’d be willing to do a little house tour of my home. And although, there are a million things I’d like to change, update or fix in my home before I share it with the world, I said a “why yes, and thank you very much for […]

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Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Hi lovelies.  Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  Mine was nice.  But I have to say, since it was Liam Brave’s birthday it was kinda of extra special.  I thought you might like to see the Cookie Monster Cupcakes I made for him?  I got the idea from where else, but Pinterest.  It was fun […]

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Liam Brave, Age 2

Happy Birthday my sweet Liam Brave.  You are pure joy.  Light in the darkness.  And laughter that never seems to end.  You have more personality than 10 grownies combined. Oh how you love to talk.  Sometimes I’m amazed at all of the words [+ sentences] you know how to say.  And even more amazed at […]

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Want to know what I’m wishing for?  Visit me over at one of my fave places, Reverie Daydream for my post on Wishful Thinking.  What are you wishing for these days? image | pinterest |

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Candy Cake 3.0

This weekend we celebrated Luke’s 6th birthday.  It’s sort of become a tradition that I make him a candy cake every year [here is year 1 + year 2].  I was hoping to make this year’s the best yet but time slipped away from me.  Not too bad for starting 1/2 hour before the party, […]

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