12.12.2011 / Christmas Traditions

Do you have any Christmas traditions?  I can’t say that we have any major ones around here.  I’m hoping to start a few in the coming years the la la’s are getting a little older.  One little tradition that I have, which just kind of came to being, is that every year while filling out my Christmas cards I watch Little Women.  Yesterday, was my day and the best part was that Elle wanted to help me and watch along too [I get very excited at thought of her being the age where she can read and watch some of the classics that are so near and dear to me].  It’s something so very simple and really everydayish but now we can do it together and I think it will be one of those things that she will carry with her as a strong little memory.  The kind that warms your heart on a very cold day.  The kind that makes you take on traditions of your own with your own one day someday.

Another thing we do every year is partake in chocolate croissants on Christmas morning.  After traveling to Paris, and having major with drawls, I tried out Williams Sonoma chocolate croissants and let me tell you they do not dissapoint.  I highly recommend if your looking for a little splurge.  Last year, I skipped out on them and it felt like something was missing.  So I’m pretty sure it is indeed a tradition in our home.

There are other little things that seem to happen year upon year, certain music, food and the order of events.  Even just opening presents is done quite differently in every home.  I was one of “those” that got up at 6am every year, even as a teenager, and forced everyone out of bed.  I remember waiting for my dad to make coffee was like pure torture.  Then we tore into our gifts, leaving our stockings last.  Best for last that is.. they were always my favorite.

One tradition we are starting to implement is to help another family in need.  We have done this sporadically in the past but are ready to be a little more consistent.  Although the method may change from year to year the act of helping others is something we are committed to doing.

What about you?  Do you have any traditions that you grew up with?  Are you creating any new traditions with your very own family?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Oh, and as for this very interesting ugly cute Santa and Rudolph made of dough,  He has been with me since I was a kid.  Every year my husband kind of cringes when I pull him out.  This year I almost thought well maybe not this year, but he just kind of belongs.  And I think there are few things that ought never change.  And I have decided this is one.

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12.06.2011 / My House on Houzz

The great people at Houzz asked me if I’d be willing to do a little house tour of my home. And although, there are a million things I’d like to change, update or fix in my home before I share it with the world, I said a “why yes, and thank you very much for asking me.”  Because, really, there will always be something to change, to fix and to style.  I think that is the case with the majority of people.  As for me, my house is very lived in . . . my house is a home.

So if you’d like to see a a peek into my home here it is.

I’ll post a few more pictures that didn’t make the cut later this week, so check back.

And speaking of Houzz I write a monthly ideabook for Houzz.  This month I shared My picks for A Rainy Day Reading Space.

And don’t forget… today is the last day to enter the Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway .  Good Luck!

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11.28.2011 / Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Hi lovelies.  Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving?  Mine was nice.  But I have to say, since it was Liam Brave’s birthday it was kinda of extra special.  I thought you might like to see the Cookie Monster Cupcakes I made for him?  I got the idea from where else, but Pinterest.  It was fun doing something a little different from my usual candy cakes [1 / 2 / 3].  Now I have to come up with something pretty special for Elle next [in a couple of months that is].  Have you seen anything fun for girls?

As for the rest of the weekend we unplugged and stayed in.  It was pretty great.  We did a few crafts, went ice skating, ate out, watched movies and put our tree up.  How was your long weekend?

11.24.2011 / Liam Brave, Age 2

Happy Birthday my sweet Liam Brave.  You are pure joy.  Light in the darkness.  And laughter that never seems to end.  You have more personality than 10 grownies combined.

Oh how you love to talk.  Sometimes I’m amazed at all of the words [+ sentences] you know how to say.  And even more amazed at how you really understand what you are saying.

+You like coffee + help me order DECAF
+You can sing your ABC’s, only leaving out a few
+You watch Caillou in French [because I can only take so much in English]
+Lately your favorite thing to do is the dishes
+You always want to go outside and you’ve managed to figure out the safety locks
+You look up to your El + L and you adore your baby Rocco
+You say I love you without us saying it first
+Your favorite stuffed animal is Giraffe and you can’t sleep without him
+You can put words to the music when I play Coldplay
+You love to give kisses
+Your favorite food is pizza + your pretty serious about your breakfast
+You can name all your stuffed animals + tell me who got them for you

You are all personality wrapped in a hug and sealed with a smile.  And . . . you are all mine.  I love you, dearly!

10.20.2011 / now

The other week I wrote a guest post for my long time friend Christina [see us in all of our high school glory, below].  Its a few thoughts I need to think and on an often kind of basis.  I thought maybe you’d want to think on them too

- – - – - – - – -

Do you ever think about NOW?

It’s usually always tomorrow and yesterday that take all of our thinks and thoughts.  I wonder about tomorrow and what it will be.  And I think about yesterday, what could have been and what was.

What will I do?  Who will I be?  I used to be her and am I NOW still me?

But today is today and here I am now.

Now can be so boring.  Tomorrow is exciting and yesterday is comforting.  Now can be hard and today can be tiring.  And yet now was at one time a tomorrow and it almost always looked exciting.  In days to come, it will be now that will fill your mind with happy thoughts of days gone by.

I’ve always been a believer that what you do today will have a lot to do with your tomorrow.  I think today should be lived with intent, purpose, hope and sprinkled with love.  I always hope that tomorrow will be better than today.  And I even try (on my good days) to do a little more than hope.  Make little choice here and another there that will be for the good of tomorrow.

But as for today . . .

I’m a stay at home mom with 4 little la la’s and the days can be long…. sometimes grueling.  Most days I’m just trying to make it through the day.  Wake up, make it to nap time, snacks, make it to bed time and start it all over again.  But days are turning into years.  Baby faces are morphing into actual little people and now is full speed ahead into tomorrow.

And so for now, I’m trying to be more here today.  To take a good long stare into little ocean blue eyes and see who they are on this day and to love in that moment.

It’s amazing what you will notice if you let yourself be where you are.  On a walk you might notice the beautiful flowers you always passed by.  Eating your ice cream you might actually taste it.  Having a conversation you just might hear what the person is really saying.  Their words may be the very thing that will keep you warm tomorrow.

Now here is that picture I was telling you about . . . Christina and I go way back.  Like back to the days when we all wore clothes that were like 3 sizes too big and looked like they came from the men’s department.

Trina & Christina circa 1995

Christina writes a really thought provoking and honest blog called Welcome to the Laundromat where she shares her story and journey.  She has overcome some pretty big things and in turn has a heart to help others.  She is one of those ever giving, genuine kind souls (+ a funny one at that – we have had some really great laughs over the years). I’m beyond lucky to call her my dear friend. 

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10.19.2011 / wishing

Want to know what I’m wishing for?  Visit me over at one of my fave places, Reverie Daydream for my post on Wishful Thinking.  What are you wishing for these days?

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10.18.2011 / happy birthday

Happy Birthday to my M O M !  I love her so!

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10.11.2011 / Candy Cake 3.0

This weekend we celebrated Luke’s 6th birthday.  It’s sort of become a tradition that I make him a candy cake every year [here is year 1 + year 2].  I was hoping to make this year’s the best yet but time slipped away from me.  Not too bad for starting 1/2 hour before the party, I suppose.

I first learned of this idea from Tracy Porter.  Really, all you do is buy the cakes (yes, just buy them) and decorate with all sorts of colorful candy.  It’s the candy that takes the cake!

As for the party we had a jumpy and cotton candy machine, which I wanted to keep.   Isn’t it cute?  It was almost 80 degrees which is unheard of in October and alas our pool was still open [sometimes procrastination isn't such a bad thing] and it worked out perfect for the party!

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