12.06.2011 / My House on Houzz

The great people at Houzz asked me if I’d be willing to do a little house tour of my home. And although, there are a million things I’d like to change, update or fix in my home before I share it with the world, I said a “why yes, and thank you very much for asking me.”  Because, really, there will always be something to change, to fix and to style.  I think that is the case with the majority of people.  As for me, my house is very lived in . . . my house is a home.

So if you’d like to see a a peek into my home here it is.

I’ll post a few more pictures that didn’t make the cut later this week, so check back.

And speaking of Houzz I write a monthly ideabook for Houzz.  This month I shared My picks for A Rainy Day Reading Space.

And don’t forget… today is the last day to enter the Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway .  Good Luck!

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11.08.2011 / inspiration board

I’ve been working on my little inspiration board.  And speaking of work this is where I blog [if I'm not on the couch or at Starbucks, that is].  It’s a work in progress, of course . . . Things to be added + some pieces may lose their place but for now, it works for me.

Do you have an inspiration board?  It’s one of my favorite things to spy.  This one was always a fav + I also have an entire pinboard of inspiration boards.

If you entered the giveaway be sure to check back later to today to see if you won!

08.17.2011 / Rocco’s Room

Here is a peek into Rocco’s space.  He’s currently hanging out in our room and will probably stay for awhile since rooms are at a minimum at our house.  I still hope to add a few more bits but overall I wanted something simple that worked with the rest of the room + that made me happy to look at.  And looking at a big ice cream cone definitely does the trick.  The most special piece is the fabulous tree stump end tables that my sister had custom made for me by her very talented friend.  The two pieces groove together and have have super beautiful natural finish made from local beeswax (if you are interested in a piece like this message me as this artist is taking orders — and the pricing is very reasonable).

Other Items:
Tree Stumps / Custom made
Ice Cream Poster / Debbie Carlos
Crib / Ikea
Sheets  / Dwell Studio
Bla Bla Doll / Bla Bla Kids
Sheepskin Rug / Ikea 

06.29.2011 / Play Room

It pretty much seems like everyone room is a playroom in my house.  At least there are toys in every room.  I wish I could share a great solution with you on how to avoid this common problemo but I’m searching for one myself and with 4 little la la’s I’m pretty sure there is no ultimate end to this dilemma.

To help tidy things up a bit and in order to be more intentional about specific play areas, I’m considering turning my dining room [you can see my dining room here + here] into a play room [temporarily].  I’m not looking to make major changes or clutter the room with toys floor to ceiling, but rather I love the look of the above rooms.  They are areas for play and creativity yet they don’t lack style + in an instant, with a switch of this + that they could be just as inviting to an older crowd.

What do you think?  Should I turn my dining room into a play space?  Have you tried anything like this?  Any inspiring images or ideas that you have come across recently?

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06.06.2011 / Pillow Pretty

Thought I would share a little corner from my home today.  This little chair belonged to mr. la la ‘s grandma.  I’ve been wanting to paint the wood but just have not gotten around to it and decided to use it anyways.

What I really want to tell you about is my new pillows from Oriental Creations.  I totally love them.  They have a fabulous selection of ikat pillows in many colors + designs to choose from.  I’m already wanting to add to my collection.  The ikat fabric, is beautiful and they carry a great selection of suzani items as well… all at a really great price.  Check them out, if you’re looking for a little ikat inspiration!

05.03.2011 / Around My House

A few images from around my house.  Organizing a cabinet for baby {still nesting and not resting}.  Tried some painting {think I’m going to add some more & cross my fingers that it turns out presentable}.  And nothing better than some pretty flowers that my little la la picked out for me.

In other news I’d love for you to stop over at the lovely PVE Design blog for a guest post I did on what inspires me.
04.05.2011 / Got the Ghost

After all that talk (a few years of it, to be exact) I finally took the plunge and got the Ghost Chairs.  And all I can say is, I should have done this sooner. I wish I could reveal a total room makeover or even a better styled room but this is as good as it gets at the mo.

Ok, here is the confession . . . they are fakes.  I’m not a fake kinda girl, well other than highlights and the occasional spray tan.  But, I don’t like to fake it till I make it, kind of fake it.  I like to wait till I can have the real deal and than enjoy.  Besides not having a cool $2500 to drop on 6 chairs, I decided with something like acrylic chairs that I might tire of in a few years or that might take a few serious beatings from 3 boys (and one very careful little girl) why not be practical?

Do you wanna know the details?

I was going to order from Interior Express as they have some pretty great prices and free shipping.  After chatting with them on the phone I found out they were local and they have a giant warehouse in the area.  I also found out that they would work with me on the pricing since I wasn’t having the chairs shipped for free.  Mister La La picked up the chairs and after a few sweet words, he agreed to do some negotiating for me (he’s pretty great at that) and lets just say I am so glad he did because he got a steal of a deal….which leaves me extra pennies to put towards some drapes or something or the other for the dining room.

I love the chairs.  If you’ve been eyeing the Ghost Chair for some time and you’re local to the Chicagoland area, Interior Express is a very good thing!

PS- I looked at the drapes I was eyeing at Anthro and they just didn’t seem right?  Maybe these instead?  Have you seen any gorgeous panels that would look great in my dining room?

03.23.2011 / Dining Drapes

I can never focus on one room and complete it.  It’s like a disease I have.  I still have not totally completed my living room.  I blame this on my ugly sofa which unfortunately isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

In my defense, my dining room was empty since I sold my table.  I’m looking for an old farm table but until I save up and find the right one, this table of my mom’s will do the trick.  Ghost chairs to arrive soon to add a touch of modern.  But… I think the room really needs is a bit of fabric and pattern.  I’m terrible at this.  And since I know me and that it will never get done I was thinking maybe some panels from Anthro to go over the sheers?  Don’t drag it out… just do it (in fact, I’m hoping to stop in there in Chicago this weekend).

Above are a few that I like (the room is a light Restoration Hardware Blue and I have brown granite & cherry cabinets in my adjoining kitchen – not my fav combo but no changing that either).

Do you like?  Which one?  There is a number of other pretty selections on their website, as well.  Have you seen any other stylish, pattern panels?

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