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December 19, 2011

How was your weekend lovelies?  Ours was pretty busy.  The kids are home now and I have a feeling it will be a full on week.   Do you have anything special planned this week?  Or is it all hustle and bustle?  I have a few things to finish up and now it is onto the food portion of Christmas that I am concerning myself with.  But we are also taking the kids into the city and going to the art museum for the first time.  I’m really excited about this but I’m also trying not to have too high of hopes as in 2 babies are coming along.  I’m really looking forward to the older la la’s taking in some art though.  I hope everyone finds something that inspires them in one way or another.

The above is Elle’s Christmas dress (recycled from last year, actually).  I love the little combo and wish I could wear it myself.  And speaking of Ella.  Did you know that her little brother calls her “La La,” all on his own accord.

And as for the pink and the red, it is my color combo this year.  I’ve done very little decorating [a bit of decorating from a few years ago here].  I’m feeling pressure to keep on decorating this week but I’m also trying to convince myself that there isn’t much point now + it will only make for more taking down.  The ribbon at least made it to my tree.  However, I’m already excited about decorating possibilities for next year.

Happy Monday.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow, let’s talk Christmas cookies!

November 28, 2011

It’s no secret that I have a major thing for stripes.  Polarn O. Pyret outfitted my little la la’s in their Classic Stripes and I love them [the stripes and the kids, that is].  So comfortable that mine took to jumping on [and off] my bed.

If you’re not familiar with PO.P , they are a Swedish clothing line [have I also mentioned my love of Swedish design?….Oh and Swedish pancakes!] that is celebrating it’s 35th year!  If your lucky enough to live in the vicinity of NYC, they’ve just opened stores there (Upper West opened yesterday + Tribeca will open on Friday].  But, if you find yourself not so lucky and you aren’t able to walk into a stripey store than click over to their Cyber Monday Sale today / 20% off + free shipping.

November 4, 2011

Lovelies, how was your week?  I hope it was sweet and not just because of all that Halloween candy.  My candy is starring me down.  It’s really quite obnoxious.  Tell me, what do you do with all of your leftover candy?  Here is what we do – – about one week after Halloween I have the kids pick out about 5-10 of their favorites and then we bag up the rest and leave it out on the front porch for the Great Pumpkin (I know, I know).  The Great Pumpkin visits our house, takes the candy and leaves the la la’s a book in exchange for all the sweets.  So far its worked quite well for us.  This year Elle is not so sure and has told me she is only give up the chocolate for a good chapter book.

My sister is coming over to stay with me tonight.  I’m like beyond excited about this.  We are going to get a little artistic and paint or do a little craft [she is quite the artist].  I’m just itching to make something.  Something small would do.  Really I pretty much stink at crafts but I just have this major urge to use my hands and create something, anything.  We are also going to watch this movie.  Did I say I cannot what for tonight?  [Dear children, this is your mother, all of you, yes, even you little babies – SLEEP please SLEEP!]

And speaking of sweets, Liam Brave, was sweeter than candy on Halloween.  I mean look at that little shark, I mean, whale (thank you neighbors for clarifying that).  He was all waddy waddly.

I hope your weekend has some “can’t waits” in store for you.  More than one would be nice.

Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!

My favorite blankets have come out with a new design called Liam the Brave [that’s my little guy’s name…maybe they read la la and were inspired?

Karey wrote a post or me this week. Can you see that I’m smiling?  Her words always make me laugh [like out loud], cry, laugh again +  then my day is always a little brighter.

This looks like the perfect recipe to make on a cool fall weekend.

Anthropologie has done it again with a new kind of inspiration.

Why can’t I think of these kind of ideas?

One of my favorite stores has baby clothes now.

If you are always running late [ahem, like me] here are some great tips for getting ready fast.

Finally a good use for pipe cleaners.

October 31, 2011

Hello most awesome costume ever!  I don’t usually dress up for Halloween but if I did this would be it.  I loved this movie [the music, the voices, and all of the “what the cuss” was pretty entertaining] and I think these costumes are brilliant.  [costume by Burda Style + spied via Black Eiffel].

Here is Elle & L dressed up, not for Halloween but story book day at school.  They definitely turned out to be some of my fav last minute, easy peasy DIY costumes.  Pippi + Charlie Bucket.

Do you still dress up for Halloween?  What are you [or your kids] going as?

image | Burda Style |

October 24, 2011

images | la la L OV E L Y |