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May 21, 2014


hi lovelies.  notice anything different?  this site just got a little re-fresh.  while, i still totally love the design of my blog and wasn’t ready to part, all together, with the look and logo, i felt it was time for a little update.  i wanted things to be super clean, simple and modern, with a touch of sweet.  the site was originally desgined by breanna rose and the updated design (and development) by tom wilz.  i’ve been really fortunate to work with such great designers!

what do you think?

i’m super pleased with the fresh look.  i’m also way excited about some of the new functions and additions to the site.  wanna see?


the LIVING / LOVING / LITTLES categories have been updated with a drop down menu (hover + then click) of specific categories (as shwon above).  pretty cool!

i’ve also updated the features section so you can access the regulars in the easiest of ways.


how about this pretty little circle, at the bottom?  it has a purpose.  click on it and it will take you back to the top of the page.


if you’re looking for more lovely than scroll to the bottom for popular posts.



one BRAND NEW FEATURE  i’m thrilled about is the shop.  i’ll be curating some of my most favorite things.  some that i personally have and love, as well other lovely things that are on my wish list.

new photos

and…. new pictures – done by white shutter.  we had such a fun time doing the photoshoot and i can’t wait to share a few more pics from that day!

i’m still working on re-categorizing all of my old posts (note to anyone starting a blog : do not create a million gazillion categories.  keep it simple!) to get them all in the right place.  all of my old posts are still on the blog, you just might have to use the search menu for older features like monday mess and wait a few days for the categories to get totally populated.  thanks for your patience!

but, for now….sit down with a cup of tea and take a look around!

a huge thanks to tom wilz + and white shutter!

December 19, 2013

la la lovely dining area

as many of you know, i don’t have a dining room (it’s currently a playroom).  instead, we really make use of the dining area in our kitchen.  we spend a lot of time in our kitchen, and specifically at our table, as we are big on eating meals together.  and, thats just the eating part.  there is homework and crafts, cups of tea and conversations happening here all the time, too.  since a lot of life is lived at our table, i was pretty excited to update our dining table and chairs with hayneedle.

la la lovely dining area 2

la la lovely dining area 3

la la lovely dining area 4

i love the modern look and clean lines of this particular table.  and, i cannot get over how much more the space has opened up and brightened up on a whole.

the nuevo max dining chairs work great because they are easy to wipe clean (major plus with 4 kids) and the nuevo beck dining table feels so much more intimate than our old one.  in fact, i love the little set up so much that i’ve been sneaking my computer over to the kitchen table to work (forgetting all about my little desk).

see what i mean about brighting up the room after the jump :

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design by simply grove & la la lovely | photography by white shutter

ok, so i’m a little excited about this post.  just a little.  ok, maybe a lot.  i’ve been working on updating my family room with the help of my dear friend and fave interior stylist, kirsten / simply grove.  last month kirsten flew out and we had a blast putting everything together and collaborating with my friend corbyn, who produced this really rad video.  check it :

i was super grateful and a little giddy when all of this was going down.  because, here i was decorating my family room (in the house i grew up in) with my good friend (who i met through blogging) while filming with my childhood friend (who i made dorky videos with, all through high school).  i mean – – really!  the whole thing was just too much fun.  it’s pretty amazing when you get to collaborate with such creative and talented people who happen to be your friends.

so, as i mentioned, i grew up in this house.  i’ve seen each room change many times over (this particular room has seen blue shag carpet and boasted of a full on western / cowboy motif – not at the same time, thankfully).  sometimes its hard to unsee what you have always seen, you know?  the truth is, as much as i like to decorate,  i get a little stuck when it comes to decorating my own home.  i like to pick things  out but i’m not the greatest at placing them.   can you relate?  i realized i needed help….so i rang up kirsten.  and, anyways it was an excuse to get her to come visit!  she is brilliant at what she does and she helped me make decisions on things i tend to over think.

scroll on through to see the gorgeous photos taken by white shutter.

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image : white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

my favorite element of the room is the daybed (above) that was custom made by adams and august (in fact, it’s so good it’s getting its own post – next week).  it’s perfect for cozying up on with a book, and rolling over by the couch for movie night.  my kids love it!

and, yes, that is an ikea couch that got an upgrade with some new legs.  i know, i know, a white couch + 4 kids.  that is where scotch guard comes in.  and, hey, it’s an ikea couch….so, i’m not sweating it.

la la and grove 10

to say i’m happy with the end result is an understatement. this room is connected to the kitchen so we spend most of our time here and it makes me so happy to have a completed space.  it’s vintage, it’s modern, it’s cozy, it’s ecclectic, it’s scandi, it’s interesting, it’s relaxing, it’s bright, it’s me!  i used to avoid this room and now i just want to hang out in it all the time.

be sure to head over to simply grove to see more photos (that aren’t included in this post).

a lot of items were thrifted, a good amount i had, and lot of filling in with ikea . . . other items seen are from:

daybed by adams and august  | karlsad sofa from ikea | moderne lamp by anthropologie | shag rug c/o rugs usa | pink cushion c/o of artsy modern | x art print c/o artsy modern | chair by euro style lighting | striped blanket c/o nine space | assortment of pillows c/0 nine space | coffee table from euro style lighting | gold plant pot from anthropologie | candlestick from ikea | framed art from land of nod | leather bag by madewell | knit blanket from west elm


video / frank and harvey

photos / white shutter photography

styling / simply grove + la la lovely

want to see more la la lovely + frank and harvey videos?  la la’s room reveal + our land of nod collaboration.

September 16, 2013






can you believe summer is really over?  i’m in denial.  really.  i might not accept it until i see snowflakes grace the ground.  it was my hope to have my back patio all prettied up in june and do a post then, but it just never happened.  i sometimes start things i can’t (or more like, don’t) finish.  but, i still wanted to share.  because living in the details sometimes means letting a few details go.

click through for more photos + more (possibly unfinished) details  . . .

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i’m beyond excited to announce that i’ll be hosting a craft night at anthropologie next week in chicago!

spaces are limited, so say yes + RSVP here.  i’m looking forward to hanging out, getting crafty and filling up on inspiration.

ps  – did i mention, i was excited?  anyone that knows me, knows i’ve always loved anthro.  it’s my happy place.  as in, its the place i love to get lost in when i have time to myself.  i bet you love to do the same thing to?  anyhow, i’m little over the moon to have such a fun opportunity and i cannot wait to meet new friends!