12.19.2013 / dining table update

la la lovely dining area

as many of you know, i don’t have a dining room (it’s currently a playroom).  instead, we really make use of the dining area in our kitchen.  we spend a lot of time in our kitchen, and specifically at our table, as we are big on eating meals together.  and, thats just the eating part.  there is homework and crafts, cups of tea and conversations happening here all the time, too.  since a lot of life is lived at our table, i was pretty excited to update our dining table and chairs with hayneedle.

la la lovely dining area 2

la la lovely dining area 3

la la lovely dining area 4

i love the modern look and clean lines of this particular table.  and, i cannot get over how much more the space has opened up and brightened up on a whole.

the nuevo max dining chairs work great because they are easy to wipe clean (major plus with 4 kids) and the nuevo beck dining table feels so much more intimate than our old one.  in fact, i love the little set up so much that i’ve been sneaking my computer over to the kitchen table to work (forgetting all about my little desk).

see what i mean about brighting up the room after the jump :

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design by simply grove & la la lovely | photography by white shutter

ok, so i’m a little excited about this post.  just a little.  ok, maybe a lot.  i’ve been working on updating my family room with the help of my dear friend and fave interior stylist, kirsten / simply grove.  last month kirsten flew out and we had a blast putting everything together and collaborating with my friend corbyn, who produced this really rad video.  check it :

i was super grateful and a little giddy when all of this was going down.  because, here i was decorating my family room (in the house i grew up in) with my good friend (who i met through blogging) while filming with my childhood friend (who i made dorky videos with, all through high school).  i mean – - really!  the whole thing was just too much fun.  it’s pretty amazing when you get to collaborate with such creative and talented people who happen to be your friends.

so, as i mentioned, i grew up in this house.  i’ve seen each room change many times over (this particular room has seen blue shag carpet and boasted of a full on western / cowboy motif – not at the same time, thankfully).  sometimes its hard to unsee what you have always seen, you know?  the truth is, as much as i like to decorate,  i get a little stuck when it comes to decorating my own home.  i like to pick things  out but i’m not the greatest at placing them.   can you relate?  i realized i needed help….so i rang up kirsten.  and, anyways it was an excuse to get her to come visit!  she is brilliant at what she does and she helped me make decisions on things i tend to over think.

scroll on through to see the gorgeous photos taken by white shutter.

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image : white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

la la and grove | image: white shutter photography

my favorite element of the room is the daybed (above) that was custom made by adams and august (in fact, it’s so good it’s getting its own post – next week).  it’s perfect for cozying up on with a book, and rolling over by the couch for movie night.  my kids love it!

and, yes, that is an ikea couch that got an upgrade with some new legs.  i know, i know, a white couch + 4 kids.  that is where scotch guard comes in.  and, hey, it’s an ikea couch….so, i’m not sweating it.

la la and grove 10

to say i’m happy with the end result is an understatement. this room is connected to the kitchen so we spend most of our time here and it makes me so happy to have a completed space.  it’s vintage, it’s modern, it’s cozy, it’s ecclectic, it’s scandi, it’s interesting, it’s relaxing, it’s bright, it’s me!  i used to avoid this room and now i just want to hang out in it all the time.

be sure to head over to simply grove to see more photos (that aren’t included in this post).

a lot of items were thrifted, a good amount i had, and lot of filling in with ikea . . . other items seen are from:

daybed by adams and august  | karlsad sofa from ikea | moderne lamp by anthropologie | shag rug c/o rugs usa | pink cushion c/o of artsy modern | x art print c/o artsy modern | chair by euro style lighting | striped blanket c/o nine space | assortment of pillows c/0 nine space | coffee table from euro style lighting | gold plant pot from anthropologie | candlestick from ikea | framed art from land of nod | leather bag by madewell | knit blanket from west elm


video / frank and harvey

photos / white shutter photography

styling / simply grove + la la lovely

want to see more la la lovely + frank and harvey videos?  la la’s room reveal + our land of nod collaboration.

09.16.2013 / my patio






can you believe summer is really over?  i’m in denial.  really.  i might not accept it until i see snowflakes grace the ground.  it was my hope to have my back patio all prettied up in june and do a post then, but it just never happened.  i sometimes start things i can’t (or more like, don’t) finish.  but, i still wanted to share.  because living in the details sometimes means letting a few details go.

click through for more photos + more (possibly unfinished) details  . . .

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i’m beyond excited to announce that i’ll be hosting a craft night at anthropologie next week in chicago!

spaces are limited, so say yes + RSVP here.  i’m looking forward to hanging out, getting crafty and filling up on inspiration.

ps  - did i mention, i was excited?  anyone that knows me, knows i’ve always loved anthro.  it’s my happy place.  as in, its the place i love to get lost in when i have time to myself.  i bet you love to do the same thing to?  anyhow, i’m little over the moon to have such a fun opportunity and i cannot wait to meet new friends!


02.20.2013 / Playroom / Land of Nod

playroom_ La La Lovely

playroom2_ La La Lovely

playroom7_La La Lovely

playroom_5 La La Lovely

playroom3_ La La Lovely

this is the final week of room tours and out takes from my home that was featured in the Land of Nod catalog.  you can see the other rooms right here and the video tour right here.

welcome to my dining room.  i mean playroom.  about a year ago, i decided to turn my dining room into a playroom.  yes, we have a playroom in the basement but no one ever wanted to be down there.  and, of course, i wasn’t able to always go sit down there with the little ones.  so, one day, it dawned on me, why not, for a few years, turn the dining room into a playroom?  we didn’t use the dining room, that often, and we really didn’t have to make any major  changes.  and the great thing about it is, that when the time comes to turn it back, there won’t be much to it.

to change things, we gave the room some fresh paint, took the dishes out of the hutch and exchanged them for toys, hung a few shelves and let the same fancy chandelier do its thing and shine some magic into the space.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of some of the resources :

paint / top half of the room = winter wheat by benjamin moore.  bottom half of the room = filmy green by sherwin willimas.
hutch old piece that my mom bought at ace hardware, of all places
light fixture/ i bought this (for a steal) out of someone’s dining room (literally).
play table / land of nod
chairs / little felix + iron rich play chairs 
rocking chair/  retro rocker
rug / the land of nod
wire bins / down to the wire bins
polka dot bin / dotted storage collection
airplane + hedgehog night light / land of nod
lime green tea towel / lucky fish
cloud pillow / land of nod (this pillow makes me smile everyday)
yellow pouf / pull up a pouf

i hope you have enjoyed this little series and a behind the scenes look and out takes from the Land of Nod catalog.  and, thank you Land of Nod for being so rad!

images courtesy of Land of Nod 

02.13.2013 / Boys Room / Land of Nod

boysroom_La La Lovely

boysroom2_La La Lovely

boysroom3_La La Lovely

boysroom4_La La Lovely

boysroom7_La La Lovely

boysroom5_La La Lovely

this week i’m sharing some out takes from my boys room featured in the Land of Nod catalog.

welcome to luke and liam’s room.  did you know this used to be my room growing up (well at least until the 7th grade when i moved all my belongings to the basement in an effort to not share a room with my sister anymore)?  if you are new here, i should mention that i live in the house i grew up in.  it’s crazy.  it’s awesome.  it’s weird.  but mostly it’s super cool.  i’ve watched this room, in particular, go through many makeovers over the years according to who resided in it.  at first it was my sister and i (ages 9 + 4, to start with).  than just my sister for the longest of times.  then when my family (as in my husband and i) moved back in it became my daughters room (this is her room now) and then we moved everyone around when # 4 came along.  now my two middle boys share this room.  and come to think of it, it is the first time boys have lived in this room which is, in fact, still claimed by my sister, as her name carved in the closet door states.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of some of the resources :

paint /  winter wheat by benjamin moore /chalkboard paint
bunk beds  land of nod
light fixture/ up and atom light fixture
wire baskets / land of nod
desk /  little sloan leaning desk
desk chair / class act desk chair
rug / chevron and on rug in grey
robot drawings / hand drawn by luke, age 7 (he was super proud and i was too)
window shades / the home depot 
string lights / ikea
the mouse hole / this was a super fun addition we recently made connecting the boys room to the nursery.  the kids think it’s so fun to crawl through and i think it just adds an extra touch of magic.

i’ll be wrapping up the room tours next week with my dining room/playroom.  (and again…. if you have e-mailed me with a question or left a comment, i promise i will get back to you).

images courtesy of Land of Nod 

living room_lalalovely

living room 2_lalalovely

living room 7_lalalovely

living room3_lalalovely

living room 5_lalalovely living room 6_lalalovely

living room 4_lalalovely

so this week, i’m sharing more detailed photos of my living room, which you may have seen in the Land of Nod catalog.  before we go any further….did you see the video? i’m a little in love with it.   i’m still a rather overwhelmed by the response and all of  the lovely notes i have been receiving (and if you have e-mailed me with a question, i promise i will get back to you).  thank you all so much for your kind words.

you can shop the look of this room right here!  but here is a list of resources :

paint /  winter wheat by benjamin moore / inner child by sherwin williams (above fireplace) . . . great name for our playful room, right?
chairs /  both vintage finds
disco ball / flea market find
chests / circulation chest
art / land of nod (with the exception of the mosaic – DIY coming tomorrow)
mirror / the mirror lady
rugs / land of nod
couch / crate and barrel
coffee table /  crate and barrel
pouf / land of nod
floor lamp / land of nod
bench / vintage find
the swing / the swing was custom made by a carpenter. if you would like further information please e-mail me.  however, a swing DIY is likely in the works for next month…so stay tuned.
masks / lucky fish who has the most rad stuff.  sadly, as of now no masks are not available.  but you will want everything else they have, i promise.

look for mosaic DIY tomorrow and next week, i’ll be sharing pictures from the boys room.

images / Land of Nod / last image Frank + Harvey

01.31.2013 / DIY : Garland Mobile

garland mobile_lalalovely

how are you today lovelies?  today i’m over on Honest to Nod sharing how to make  this pretty garland mobile from the kids room, that i featured, yesterday.  for all of the (pretty) step by step instructions,  hop on over here!