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remember last week, how i told you i would be sharing about each room from the catalog shoot with the land of nod?  well, lets start with NYC, shall we?

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here we have a pretty small apartment shared by 5 people.  some great tips for small spaces and big style are :  use multi functional pieces, like the cameo sleeper sofa, which is so perfect for guests.  add extra seating without taking up extra space.  the pull up a pouf works perfect for this room.  find stylish storage options.  the district 2 storage set is a real looker, if you ask me.

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when sharing a room, i think it is great to keep a few things the same for continuity and then personalize.  for instance, we chose for the boys to have the same as you wish headboard and then went for a bit drama with the girl’s bed. also samsies are, similar blankets at the foot of the bed, the same gumball lamp and nightstands and everyone also has their name painted above the beds.  however, the artwork is scattered about in a pattern all of it’s own.

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if you love the look of a chalkboard wall but are afraid to commit, or if you are renting, these chalkboard stick ons are such a great idea.

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i’m totally in love with the party print (shown above) aren’t you?  pop back tomorrow for a DIY featured in the kid’s room…..and next week i’ll be featuring  my living room.

images / The Land of Nod


remember that really exciting project i said i was working on and that i couldn’t wait to share with you?  well, today, i’m sharing and all starts like this…..

sometimes really exciting things can happen all because of an e-mail.  you know, the kind of things that you might not even imagine up, even on your most, “i can do anything,” kind of days.

it all started last summer when i worked on the project of completing ella’s room re-design.  i sent an e-mail to one of my fave kids stores, the land of nod, to see about incorporating a few of their products.  then there was this super cute video reveal that i collaborated on with frank and harvey.  when i sent it to the land of nod, they kind of loved it.  not long after, i traveled to the land of nod (i like going to other lands, really i do).  a few meetings and phone calls later we schemed up a really fun collaboration to feature my home as well as my friends nyc home in their upcoming spring book for their real families | real kids series.  crazy, right?  crazy and very exciting!

i got to planning, designing and working closely with the lovelies at the land of nod.  it initially looked a little like this :


then there where those many moments in between here and there, where i pinched myself, squealed a bit and thanked god for such a fun opportunity.

i thought you all might like to see some a bit of the process and some of the behind the scene moments that i captured.  before we get to my house, we should start with new york..  i think that is the most perfect kind of place to start, don’t you?

meet, the lyon’s family.  they are long time, life long, friends of mine.  gabe and rebekah live in a small, 2 bedroom apartment in manhattan with their 3 sweet children (and two super cute pups).


i had the fun job of helping to design their kids shared room (yes, all 3 in, one room) and living room, where everyone hangs out.  i worked closely with the land of nod on incorporating many of their gorgeous pieces.

after all of the planning, i was off to new york to help style the space and see it all come together (these little sloane desks are my fave).


i had the best time working with the land of nod creatives, stylist and photographer.  i would have been happy to just have been on a fly on the wall that day, but to be able to help out was tops.  there is so much hard work and talent that goes into this type of work.  i have a lot to learn when it comes to styling and the creative process but i feel pretty darn lucky to have learned a thing or two.


chalk artist dana tanamachi even came by to deck the walls


between traveling and planning for new york, i was spending late (ok, very late) nights planning and making a few updates around the house.  now, fast forward a few weeks  (with a holiday and sick kids in between it all) and it was time to shoot at my house.  3 days for shooting 3 rooms, again, with a wonderful stylist, photographer and crew from the land of nod (and this time we even shot video).

for 3 days my house was turned into a “location”


floor lamp =  “wow, that’s a big lamp,” from land of nod. isn’t it insanely fabulous?

myhouse_lon6_lalalovely copy myhouse_lon4_lalalovely

there was a lot of this going on….my kids had the best time!


and things got to looking magical :



and speaking of magical……i should tell you, the land of nod, really is just that.  everyone (and i mean, everyone) is the nicest of nice (like i think my little la la’s were about to cry when they left…no seriously).   but the thing is, when talent meets niceness there is just no telling what can happen – well, really great things happen, that’s what.

now, i can’t wait to show you the finished rooms for  both New York City and my house.  i promise you are going to love it.  For the next 4 weeks, i’ll be posting each space and DIY’s that we incorporated, as well as a super rad video.  so, check back each wednesday and thursday, there is so much pretty to share.  first up is NYC, next week.

and be sure to sign up for the land of nod catalog (if you are not already on their mailing list. so you can see how it all turned out!  you can sign up right here.

 (image of kids on settee courtesy of the land of nod)

12.20.2012 / DIY Gift : Iron-Ons


If you are looking for a last minute gift, look no further.  If you are looking for a handmade, DIY kind of gift, I’ve got it.  A few weeks ago, I happened upon Mike Perry’s  Unlimited Editions 20 Instant Iron-Ons and I hit the jack pot.  These iron-ons are the super coolest.  The iron-ons themselves would make a pretty rad gift but why not make it handmade by simply doing the ironing-on yourself?  You can iron on t-shirts, tea towels, totes, pillows and the list is endless (I love the idea of endless possibilities).



Here is what you’ll need :



And here is what you’ll get :




I’m making t-shirts for all of my littles and tea towels for some friends.  I made the bottom one for myself.  And she is a great little reminder of one of my favorite quotes by Nora Ephron, “Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.”  And hey, why not put some lovely words with your pretty little something that you are making?

I found my Mike Perry Iron-On book at Blick but you can also purchase them online here.

Now go get your iron on! xo

images : La La Lovely

11.08.2012 / DIY : Globe Light

this is possibly the worlds easiest DIY (because that’s the way i like them loves).  all you need to get started are two items:

+ a globe (mine is an old from from a bathroom vanity)
+ mini, battery operated, lights (mine are strala from IKEA).

simple put batteries in the lights.  turn them on.  pop them under the globe and there you have it . . . a twinkling globe light.  i love the idea of making several and lining them up on your mantle for the holidays.  they also make great night lights for your littles (think fairies in a jar)  so many possibilities, yes?!

10.31.2012 / DIY : Wall Dots


Since this post, you lovelies have been asking about the dots on my bedroom wall.   This could possibly be the easiest DIY you ever did see.

SUPPLIES : 1 / a thick black marker   2 / dot stickers
HOW TO : 1 / color stickers black   2 / stick on wall

You can get all kinds of OCD sticking your stickers on in an orderly way but I can’t be bothered with that as I don’t have the patience.  I just started sticking away and, in fact, only did a small space, which may or may not look unfinished?  I’m going with the thought that it was intended to look this way.

Happy dot making and do tell me if you make some for your space.  You can see more of my dot wall here.


09.25.2012 / DIY : Mini Tassel Garland

I made these mini tassels for La La’s new room and they have been a big hit.  They couldn’t be easier to make and I thought I’d share how.  Because if I (the craft challenged girl) can make these, anybody can.

Here is what you’ll need . . .

1 : : Pretty string – you’ll need 2 per tassel  (you can find this type of string at craft stores)
2 : : Cardboard – cut the cardboard the length you’d like your tassels to be (mine measures at about 4 1/4)
3 : : Glue Gun

 And it goes a little something like this . . .

ONE : : take one end of the string + wrap it around the cardboard (not too tightly) until the entire skein is wrapped around the cardboard.  TWO  : : Add on the 2nd skein the same way you did the first.  THREE : : leave a small tail at the end.  FOUR + FIVE : :  gingerly slip your fingers under the string and remove the cardboard.  SIX : : slip one finger through the top of the loop + wrap the tail around the loop several times.  SEVEN :: leave a small tail which you can then tie into a small loop knot on the back.  EIGHT : :  glue the knot on the backside to secure the hold.  NINE  : : after the glue has dried, cut through the loop at the very bottom to make the fringe. TEN: : voila!!

Then hang it up like this and pat yourself on the back:

And if you haven’t seen La La’s room makeover you can see it here + watch the fun little video here.

images :Meghan Rose Steinman /  la la LOVELY

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the overwhelming response I received last week for La La’s Room Reveal.  I thought I’d share a few more pictures that didn’t make the the cut (you can see the original post with more photos, right here) just for fun.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about different pieces throughout the room.  Most of the main pieces are from Serena & Lily, The Land of Nod and Ikea.  I, of course, picked up a little of this and little of that from here and there and everywhere.  But, I should mention that I sourced quite a bit from local flea markets and antique stores.  In fact, the antlers (which have been painted), the bed side tables, the desk, the chair (by the desk) are all thrifted (along with a bunch of other little knick-knacks such as the rad unicorn that dances around in our video).  Probably my favorite part of putting a room together is the little knick-knacks and statement pieces.  I love hunting for them.  You just never know what you will find.   What about you, what is your favorite thing to shop for when decorating a room?

If there is any item you have a question about please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll be happy to answer.  And if you haven’t seen the video of the room re-design you can watch it here.

I’l be sharing one final post next week which will be a tutorial of the little fringe tassels hanging over the dresser….so stay tuned.

09.04.2012 / la la’s room reveal

I am beyond excited to share with you La La’s new room – completed in all of its cuteness.  If you are a regular around here than you know this is a project I’ve been working on for sometime.

A huge thank you to the following sponsors:
Serena & Lily / Hanging Rattan Chair / French Ring Sheets / Quilt / Euro Sham
The Land of Nod / Modern Clip Gold Desk Lamp / Dot Sheets / Pear Print / Circle + Triangle Garland
Shop Pretty Mommy / Areaware Bin
Berlin Strasse / Alarm clock

Even better than just sharing some photos of the room, I am thrilled to share a video of the room re-design.  I collaborated with Corbyn of Frank and Harvey and, let me tell you, they are genius at what they do – you’ll see what I mean (+ keep an eye out because you’ll be seeing a lot more of their work on the interwebs).   This video is a first for la la LOVELY but definitely not a last.  ENJOY!

Now, I do feel the need to confess.  Here goes . . . before this room, I have never fully decorated an entire space to completion.  I’m “a little here and a little there” kind of gal.  I start with gusto in one room and fizzle out in an entirely different room.

The other thing, you should know, is that this home of mine is the very same home I grew up in.  It’s very magical, yes, but it also presents it’s problems.  Like how to make Ella’s room look like Ella’s and not, oh say, my mom and dad’s old room, or my brothers teenage lair (this room has had many occupants + has seen many a makeover).

But today I’m happy to say that  this old room has taken on a bright and cheery look that is both modern and cozy.

Photographs by Meghan Rose Steinman  / Video by Frank & Harvey  / Wall design inspired by Julia Kostreva Journal + painted by Kerry Kirby