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September 7, 2012

+ this week +

+ I took a quick trip to Colorado this past weekend.  The mountains are always air to my soul.
+ A little trip to the library with our fave tote + a few new favorite books.
+ I like these jeans a little too much.
+ My sister  + I flew to CO to surprise my grandma for her birthday.  It was a weekend I’ll never forget and cherish always.
+ La La’s been taking more pictures.
+ I like this lady statue.  She is holding a light and she looks like she carries around a bit of hope too. And I hope I can be that very kind of lady.

Truly, friends, it has been a great week.  I cannot tell you how special my visit was with my grandma and family in Colorado.  It was so fun to see the look on my grandma’s face when she really grasped the fact that my sister and I were standing right in front of her.  And of course, I was equally as glad to return to my little la la’s.  They are my heart.

On another note, I have been overwhelmed with the response to La La’s Room Reveal.  Did you  get a chance to see it?  I’d really be happy to move right into her room if that was allowed.  But besides the decorating side of things I had the best time collaborating on the video.  You can see the post here and watch the video here.  Thank you for all of the kind comments and compliments!  You guys are the best.

And how was your week lovelies?  Was it eventful or blissfully boring?  I hope your weekend is just what you need it to be.  xo . t

+  a few of my faves this week  +

01 / It’s fun to know what is in people’s purses but what about their diaper bags?
02 / Do you want to know more about HTML like me?
03 /  Are you a mentor or does someone mentor you?  This post has me thinking + wanting to read this article.
04 / Speaking of reading.  I picked up this book in the airport.  All Jane Eyre fans take notice.
05 / I’m thinking this would be a perfect little snack this weekend.
06 / A dotty DIY =’s I want to make this.


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August 21, 2012

Hi lovelies and happy Tuesday.  Yesterday, I mentioned I was going to share some photos from a recent photoshoot I did with Noelle (did you see her Monday Mess yesterday?).  I wanted a few new pictures for the blog and such and Noelle happened to be in town and this is what came of it.  I have to tell you, I am so not a good poser, as in picture poser.  I’m somewhat photogenic in the sense that most of the time my eyes are open and I’m smiling but, pretty much, the entire time I feel like a total nerd and I am not so natural in front of the camera.  It feels kind of awkward.  Wouldn’t you agree?  But Noelle knows how to work a little magic and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the photos turned out.  Noelle also did our family photos which you can see here.

P.S.  A few little things . . . the photos above are of my desk, where I do most of my blogging.  It never looks that clean.  So I’m always happy to look at these pictures.  And as for the clothes, these are my two favorite shirts (found here + here / similar to shown).  I wear them way too often.  In fact, I’m wearing the chambray one right now (with yoga pants- ha).

images Noelle Ann Photography

August 10, 2012

It’s Friday.  I just like saying that.  I really do.  I’ve decided to take Fave Friday a bit of a different route at least for the time being (we will see how it goes).  I’m going to share some shots from our week.  And in keeping with the idea of it being Friday and about favorites, I thought why not share a few of my favorite things that happened during my week.  Real life things.  And speaking of things, the thing of it is, as much as I want to do most of my posts on things, lovely things to be exact, the best thing in my life is my littles and they are what make up my days and nights and there is a lot of lovely in that to share with all of you.  But the other thing is, that the every day is not always so lovely, so please don’t get the wrong idea about me.  A lot (ok, most of my days) are really hard.  Four kids is a lot of work and since I kind of have a thing for order and organization, it is a daily battle (even if that is battle is just with myself – trying to get myself to chill out a bit).  The thing about me is, I’m certain that even in the midst of the every day and even during the hard days there is still beauty to be found, if you look for it . . . and I’m always searching around for it, trying to capture it and hold onto it.  So I’m hoping to share some of those faveorite moments.  The scenes of the everyday.  The minutes that carry the things that matter the most.  I’m hoping for a few things . . . to document more of the life we live, to get better with my camera and to provide original content that is visually inspiring.  When I take a photo, I really think about it and try not only to capture the person or the main thing but the every thing that the snap is trying to say (I have a lot of fun doing this over on Instagram).  Maybe I’ll share a story or maybe just a few simple lines about each scene that was our lives.  But I’ll also include a few of my fave links of the week like I always do because those are good and lovely things for the getting, too.

+ this week +

+ La La loves to try on my clothes.  It’s a thing.
+ Had a fun meeting in the very cool offices of Frank and Harvey.  We are cooking up a little something.
+ Gave a whole herd of dinosaurs + 3 boys a bath yesterday.  I needed Calgon to take me away after that.
+ Rocco loved my glitter boots, which I can’t wait to show you, next week.


+  a few of my faves this week  +

01 / Have you found the perfect lipstick color?  This tutorial is beyond super cute.  I want to play!
02 / Kirsten and Rachelle have done it again.  Wouldn’t you love to work in a space like this?
03 / A childrens book I want to read + a pretty cool real life room designed for this ficticous character.
04 / I seriously would be pretty happy if the outside of my house looked like this.
05 / Some super cute summer craft projects if your feeling crafty this weekend.
06 / I love what this new magazine is all about.  In fact, I need more of it in my life.  I really want a subscription.
07 / Of course Joslyn’s home is beautiful but look, it is stunning (check out the feature in Rue)!


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August 2, 2012

Today I wanna chat about artists, art and creative endeavors.  Do you consider yourself an artist or a creative?  And is there a difference?  I would say I’m creative but I don’t see my self as an artist.  But the truth is whatever you create is art.  Yes?

And if you create something or anything, for that matter, have you ever taken on an endeavor that is a big one?  One that, in your mind, you are able to envision the finished project but when you start to work out the details it seems like such a big under taking?

My sister is going through that very process right now.  I’ve talked about Amy, before.   She is an artist and to me, she “qualifies” as being called one because she went to art school and she makes things.  What Amy is currently making right now is a movie, along with her artist friends, all talented in their own rights.  The movie is called Like Straw and you can watch a clip above.  I think it’s pretty amazing that they are collaborating together and taking on such a big creative endeavor.

One way to start a new creative project or endeavor is through a site called Kickstarter.  Have you heard of Kickstarter (I hadn’t)?  It’s a pretty cool site with a great concept and approach to funding your project, whatever that may be.  You can also find all kinds of artists and interesting projects through that you may want to support.  Amy, Megan and Felicia are over on Kickstarter sharing their story and a clip of Like Straw.

And hey, do you want to see the other amazing things these girls make?

AMY TOMPKINS, The Producer / Assistant Director, makes amazing collage art:

MEGAN ROSE STEINMAN, The Cinematographer, takes some really rad photos:

FELICIA FERRARA, The Writer / Director is, of course, a great writer.  You can read her work here.

I may have said this before but it is worth saying again…any creativity, style, or artistic thing I do or have done is solely because of the influence of my sister.  Since we were little she has been interested in art, a trendsetter and had an eye for design.  She has been my biggest encouragement and supporter when it comes to this blog or any creative project I take on and I probably would have quit about 55 times, if it wasn’t for her.  I’ve never considered myself an artist or even creative but because of her I kind of am convinced that I am now somewhat creative.  I’m so thankful for her influence and proud of the art that she creates.

So tell me, friends, if you could take on any artistic project or endeavor, knowing that you would not fail, what would you do?  Me? I’d write a book.

+ Like Straw on Kickstarter  + Like Straw on Facebook

images / Amy Tompkins / Megan Rose Steinman


April 5, 2012

Say, how do you clear clutter….from your mind that is?  Do you ever have a hard time finding free space to make room for the most important thoughts that you really should be thinking?

I have to say my mind, lately, is completely, jammed packed with details, ideas, to -do’s, and every other thing that I probably already forgot to do.

I’d like to tell you that when my mind goes into overdrive that I simply shut down my computer and tuck away my iPhone.  I take some nice quiet time to myself and do something that I enjoy to clear away the madness in my mind.  But that is not the case.  I usually get all the more obsessive about my to do list and the little time that I have to accomplish it gets completely frazzled.

But honestly, when it comes down to it, for me there have only been two things that I know to do that help add a sense of clarity and calm (although it might only last a good 30 minutes) and for me that is exercising (usually walking) and reading + writing (for me that is my Bible and/or something, maybe even anything, inspirational and writing out my frustrations, worries, cares or concerns in a journal with a nice inky pen).  Yeah, this is not really taking me away from all of the screaming thoughts but somehow it clears out a little space or helps makes sense of something that I just can’t wrap my mind around.  Whether it is a personal problem or a project that I’m working on and just find myself stuck.  Sometimes I find the answer, sometimes I get inspired but mostly I find a few extra breaths that I so badly needed to breathe.

What about you?  I’d love to hear how you help to clear the clutter in your mind.

And say, aren’t these images so interesting?  It’s a photographic series called Totem by French Photographer Alain Delorme.  Can you imagine?  Talk about juggling a lot at one time.

Here is to a little more space for happier thoughts + creative ideas and solutions!

[Alain Delorme]