02.02.2012 / photographer > jason bell

It’s Thursday.  Could you use a hit of pretty?  I sure could.  I’m totally in love with pretty much every. single. photo. by Jason Bell.  Although each picture differs vastly they all could be defined with one single word > stunning.

Jason Bell also does some pretty amazing video work.  I think this video with Courtney Love is really cool.  And remember that gorgeous shot of the Grantham Sisters / Downton Abbey?  Yes, taken by Jason Bell.

[Jason Bell]

11.03.2011 / calm + cozy

This week I’m la la loving photographer Simon Upton’s work.  Interiors, travel, portraits, so much beauty in one place.  I was drawn to these gorgeous exteriors and imagined these could be the interiors to match their environment.  I’d be happy with either.  An isolated cabin, with a cozy fire , good book and a warm cup of tea.  Or a something on the water, white, crisp and calm.

images | James Upton |

10.26.2011 / styled + photographed

I am a little obsessed with photographer and stylist Anne-Claire Rohe´.  Her work is beyond gorgeous.  It’s cool.  It’s calm and it pretty much evokes all kinds of goodness.  You can see more of her work here.

images | Anne-Claire Rohe´ |

09.22.2011 / Captured Magic

Last week we had a little family photo shoot.  All these kids and I’ve never had any professional pictures taken [besides places like the Picture People].  Can you believe it?

The photos were taken by Noelle Ann Photography.  I worked with Noelle on a photo shoot, last year, for Original [a women's conference] so I knew she was great but I have to tell you she is pretty much magic.

Noelle totally got my vibe in wanting to do more of a lifestyle shoot and even though the little la la’s were all coocoocachoo [this is my new favorite word btw...is it even a word?], she just went with it and caught the kids in their everyday.  I’m over the moon that the pics capture personalities + our home.  This is life as we know it.  coocoocachoo + all!

You can see more of our photos h e r e

*Noelle Ann Photography is based out of OH.  So if you are anywhere near OH + need some captured magic than call Noelle!

images | Noelle Ann |

02.02.2011 / Just Beachy

Gorgeous right?  I kept seeing this image over on Pinterest (you can follow me there too) and it was a fast favorite of mine.  Especially since I’ve got beach on the brain this week.  Well, I was super surprised when I was thumbing through Elle Decor on my flight and saw it featured in the gorgeous home of Kiane von Mueffling.

The photograph is by, French photographer, Christian Chaize who takes the most dreamy and airy beach photos you’ve ever seen.  How happy would you be looking at this everyday?  So cheery it might even deliver a little vitamin D.

images . christianchaizeelledecor .

05.07.2010 / Mom

Happy Mother’s Day

I know everyone thinks they have the best mom in the world but I really do.

And one day I really hope that my children can say the same of me.
Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

images : weheartit .
04.29.2010 / Shiny
I love everything about this outfit. I mean, I might feel a little silly wearing it but I would totally want to. And if I lived in New York, say, I think I definitely would wear it.

Now this is a little over the top but shiny it is. And if we are going over the top then I rather like this over the topness.
And what is shinier than the sun sparkling on the sea. Can you see the mountains hiding in the background too? This is a quiet and calming kind of shiny if ever there was such a thing (and there is as you can see). That is the kind of shiny I am after today.
I was hoping to bring you a lot more pictures and maybe even way better ones but it would just happen that one of my littles was throwing up oreos last night. I know you probably didn’t want to know that but somehow I just feel better talking about it (you know how this is).
And how magic is this… he just was off cleaning his car in the sink and came up to me and said, “Mom, look at how shiny this is!” See I knew there would be some shiny. Even if it comes by way of a 4 year old boy and a matchbox car!
04.08.2010 / Camp Out

It’s spring break and we are camping out. In tents in our family room, that is. That is as close to camping as I get. Call me a snob but maybe I’ll just blame this on my parents for never taking me camping and not instilling in me a love of sleeping outdoors. Instead, I tagged along on business trips and learned to love fancy hotels. I very much like room service and chocolate on my pillows {me thinks the hubs would rather me be the camping type}.
However, at this age, my kids thinking sleeping in a tent inside the house is pretty fun, so we are rocking it!
Last night we watched the Fantastic Mr. Fox, which I thought was pretty fantastic. But then again it is a Wes Anderson movie. Magic of sorts.
Oh and baby slept till 6am. Now that is crazy good magic or something. Well really, I know it is all the prayers I’ve been praying and soliciting from everyone I have ever met and even some I’ve never known… so thank you if that includes you.
Come by tomorrow. I’ll show you were I’d really like to be for spring break.
Happy Day! xx
images : atlantabartlett . tumblr .