I’m swooning over these gorgeous images by Noelle Ann Photography.  She recently traveled to Paris + Germany (said with slight tone of jealousy) and I could barely wait to see the pictures she took.  As you can see they do not disappoint.  I found them so lovely, that I just had to share them with you.  You can see more photos from her travels here > > Paris I / Paris II / Germany (she even made a darling little video).

Noelle also takes insanely gorgeous lifestyle pictures.  You might remember, she did a family photoshoot for my brood this past fall?  Seriously, so great at what she does.  And I can’t help but share this photo (above) from a super cool lifestyle shoot she recently did (you’ll want to see the rest here).

(all images Noelle Ann Photography)


+ 02.14.2012



Happy Valentines Day.   Ok, Love is certainly not just kissing and such but I couldn’t resist these photos.  In fact, the black and white one crazily looks like my grandparents.  So much so, that I did a double take thinking that was an old picture of my grandma.

So what is love?  It is a million things.  But right now, I’d say it’s never letting go.

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fashion : Ryan Roche

+ 02.08.2012

I posted earlier about, fashion designer, Ryan Roche’s home.  Now take a peek at her amazing work.  Yes, more pink.  I’m totally taken with these photographs. The shadows are brilliant and the pink filter is beyond gorgeous.  It’s no lie that I like pink [a lot] but I’d have to say that this is pink done right.  Feminine, yes but with a bigger dose of modern.

[Ryan Roche]


It’s Thursday.  Could you use a hit of pretty?  I sure could.  I’m totally in love with pretty much every. single. photo. by Jason Bell.  Although each picture differs vastly they all could be defined with one single word > stunning.

Jason Bell also does some pretty amazing video work.  I think this video with Courtney Love is really cool.  And remember that gorgeous shot of the Grantham Sisters / Downton Abbey?  Yes, taken by Jason Bell.

[Jason Bell]

calm + cozy

+ 11.03.2011

This week I’m la la loving photographer Simon Upton’s work.  Interiors, travel, portraits, so much beauty in one place.  I was drawn to these gorgeous exteriors and imagined these could be the interiors to match their environment.  I’d be happy with either.  An isolated cabin, with a cozy fire , good book and a warm cup of tea.  Or a something on the water, white, crisp and calm.

images | James Upton |