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this is certainly an “i wish” i was wearing post.  i love every single thing about this look (including her beautiful hair color and makeup).  since, it is still chilly here, coats are not out of the question.  during spring my idea of the perfect oufit entails comfy jeans, a great white shirt, fun accessories, a little eyeliner (this is my fave) and a coat over top.  i always love camel because the color works great in all seasons.  don’t you agree?

you can shop the look here :

what is your favorite spring outfit?

p.s. i’m so loving these shoes…they are def on my wish list!

image via dulceida

03.12.2014 / wear it / florals


i’m trying to usher in spring any way that i can.  it started with flowers in my home, floral wallpaper wishes, seeds in ice cream cones, and now i’m on to the idea of flowers in my wardrobe.   have you noticed that floral prints and patterns are on trend?  at least they are in my world.

a few weeks back, i was 90′s dreaming and wished i was wearing a floral dress with birkenstocks.  i’m still waiting to wear some great floral dresses, but at the moment pants are a great alternative.   i’m loving the idea of floral pants (or leggings) until the air is warm enough to bare those legs.

i’m adoring the floral jeans pictures above.  i love how the black breaks up the floral print.  i find that the pattern is not too over powering, yet the look is still bold, in all of the right kind of ways.  i’m especially loving the jeans paired with a fun and carefree t-shirt (i’m always up for new york), a cotton candy colored leather backpack (perfect for new york, yes?!) and comfortable stylish shoes (hey these work great for new york too!).

lets face it, the days of florals only being appropriate for spring and summer seasons are long gone.  today, you can wear floral pants (or any floral prints) in a variety of seasons and in a vareity of ways.

how about wearing florals like this?


you can dress up pretty florals with colorful pumps (coral is so gorgeous) for a full on sweet spring look.  when wearing florals in the warmer weather, a flowy tank top or blouse completes the look.   think light and airy and, surely, you will be good to go!

on the contrary . . .


if the weather is still frosty and there is a chill in the air, then opt to layer shirts, chunky sweaters and even your favorite pair of boots for a cozier look.  this style is a great way to carry you over between the winter and spring seasons!  and, if you are thinking of layering with your florals, think about including a chambray shirts.   chambray shirts look simply divine paired with floral patterns (and are so comfy, to boot).

patterns can sometimes be a little frightening and/or overpowering.  if you fall into that way of thinking and find floral pants to be a little too much for your taste, have you considered floral accessories?  options range from handbags, scarves, jewelry and my favorite . . . floral shoes to pack a punch.

have you incorporated florals into your wardrobe?  i would love to hear how you have incoporated florals into your wardrobe or how you’d like to.




image / the electric / brunette blogging

article in collaboration


remember sonnet james?  the super darling play dresses for playful mom’s.  i can’t quite figure which is more beautiful . . . the dresses themselves or the concept behind them.  the whole idea is that beautiful clothing should work for moms and that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of your next adventure.



i don’t know about you, but i’m up for the right dress (sorry yoga pants!) and an adventure!

well, here is some lovely news . . .

sonnet james is kindly offering one lucky reader a dress and hat of your choice!


here is how you can enter to win :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

now all you need is an idea for an adventure.  no worries, i can help with that too.  suggestions, anyone?

seriously, i think these dresses are pretty fabulous (i’m adding one to my wish list) and i’m all for supporting other women who are encouraging momma’s to play and feel beautiful while doing so!  way to go, whitney!

and, hey – to see the most adorable video (that i wish i was in – ha) click through :

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clearly it’s evident that i have an itch for spring which seems to translate into my wardrobe wishes.  what i didn’t know was that i apparently have a penchant for the 90′s this week too.  i never thought i’d want to own a pair of birks again, but looky looky i do, and, kind of, in a bad way (they may be my summer sandal of choice – again 20 years later).  the look wouldn’t be complete without a floral dress and a little black hat (that makes me want to try out for the mickey mouse club – just saying!).

p.s. did you used to own a pair of birks (or do you currently)?  mine, circa 1994, were navy blue with the back strap.

02.05.2014 / wear it / workout

workout wear via la la lovely

i’m still thinking on strong.  while, i haven’t been as disciplined as i would like to be (mostly with my snacks – surprise, surprise), i have started adding more good things….. yoga, walks, vitamins, water and so on.  the thing is, i tend to be the ultimate preparer.  i like to study and plan and plan and study and then . . . purchase.  and by purchase, i mean purchase things to help me with my plan and make me feel more prepared.  i feel like i’m in that stage.  so much so that i bought a jump rope, while wandering around target, yesterday.  i read this tip and decided it was necessary that i start jump roping.

i’ve also been having this thought that perhaps it’s time to get some decent workout wear.  yes, for working out, but mostly because i wear yoga pants, almost every day.  i have a pair of zella live in leggings, that i love, but i don’t venture out beyond your basic black yoga pants, which sadly i tend to mix with old t-shirts.  i’d love some modern workout wear that i can wear out and about.  do you have any favorites?

here are a few of my favorite things when it comes to working out . .  and i l’d love for you to share yours with me.

p.s. – all of my reading and planning has me itching for a fitbit (or something similar).  do i really need one?  i’m kind of hoping you say yes.

image / the fashion spot

la la lovely shorter hair

la la lovely shorter hair 2

la la lovely shorter hair 3

la la lovely shorter hair 4

hi friends!  i thought i’d share my new hair cut with you.  i’ve been wanting to cut my hair for, like, ever.  i kept saying, “i’m going to get in really good shape and then chop my hair and go really blonde.”  well, that was like 6 hair cuts ago.  right before new years i decided to just go for it.  i had this super strong urge to cut my hair and just shed all of the heaviness of it (literally and figuratively).  let it go.  while my plan to go blonde didn’t quite work (has to be a bit of a gradual process) the cut did (i think i might even want to go a wee bit shorter?).  i feel so much lighter!  and, the good news is that i can do my hair so much faster.  i’m loving the tousled look, and i like to wear it straight too.  its a little hard to tell in the photos, but the front is a tad longer than the back which gives it some depth and interest.  for me, it was definitely a welcome change.

have you ever had a strong urge to cut your hair?  and, if you went through with it, did you love it or regret it?

p.s.  my favorite styling products are :  surf spray | mega dust | all in one milk | mousse styling

what are you fave hair products?


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wear it via la la lovely

ija designs earings via la la lovely

 boots / sweater / madwell dress /earrings / nail polish

i’m traveling this week (and next) and thought i’d share a few items that are making it into my suitcase.   while, i’d love to wear the sweater with the dress it just doesn’t look right on my short frame.  however, the sweater….it is from the kids section at target.  and guess what?  it is major cozy.  i bought one for myself and one for la la.  we are going to be matchy matchy and i love it.  the boots are an all time, fave.  i’m a huge frye fan.  when it comes comfy boots that only get better with age, frye is the way to go.  the dress is great for dressing up or down and the earrings by ija designs are a new fave (such gorgeous jewelry over there).  i pretty much either wear diamond studs or hoops (what can i say, i’m a creature of habit) so i love the idea of a lotus shaped hoop for a little more interest.

i’m going with carry on, only, luggage this time (which, confession:  i’ve never done – ahem) so i’m hoping to pack smart and stretch outfits.  what is your travel staple when it comes to fashion?

p.s. you can follow my travels over on instagram and more on packing here.

10.30.2013 / wear it * lounge wear

la la land_ la la lovely

la la land tank  / pants

whilst toddler shoe shopping in nordstrom’s a few weeks back, i happend upon a tank that said “la la land.”   i couldn’t pass it up.  i decided on some black lounge pants too.  and, i was careful to pick ones that i could roll right out of bed and walk into the grocery store wearing.  i like to think of this as multi-tasking clothes and good time management.

i don’t often buy pj’s or lounge wear which is why i thought a few additions might be a good idea. i am one of those creatures that sleeps in old t-shirts.  i try, as i will,  to break this habit, but i always seem to revert.  old habits are hard to break.

what about you?  i’m curious.  do you have pretty pjs?  any quirks when it comes to what you wear to bed?

i don’t like . . .

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