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la la lovely shorter hair

la la lovely shorter hair 2

la la lovely shorter hair 3

la la lovely shorter hair 4

hi friends!  i thought i’d share my new hair cut with you.  i’ve been wanting to cut my hair for, like, ever.  i kept saying, “i’m going to get in really good shape and then chop my hair and go really blonde.”  well, that was like 6 hair cuts ago.  right before new years i decided to just go for it.  i had this super strong urge to cut my hair and just shed all of the heaviness of it (literally and figuratively).  let it go.  while my plan to go blonde didn’t quite work (has to be a bit of a gradual process) the cut did (i think i might even want to go a wee bit shorter?).  i feel so much lighter!  and, the good news is that i can do my hair so much faster.  i’m loving the tousled look, and i like to wear it straight too.  its a little hard to tell in the photos, but the front is a tad longer than the back which gives it some depth and interest.  for me, it was definitely a welcome change.

have you ever had a strong urge to cut your hair?  and, if you went through with it, did you love it or regret it?

p.s.  my favorite styling products are :  surf spray | mega dust | all in one milk | mousse styling

what are you fave hair products?


November 13, 2013

wear it via la la lovely

ija designs earings via la la lovely

 boots / sweater / madwell dress /earrings / nail polish

i’m traveling this week (and next) and thought i’d share a few items that are making it into my suitcase.   while, i’d love to wear the sweater with the dress it just doesn’t look right on my short frame.  however, the sweater….it is from the kids section at target.  and guess what?  it is major cozy.  i bought one for myself and one for la la.  we are going to be matchy matchy and i love it.  the boots are an all time, fave.  i’m a huge frye fan.  when it comes comfy boots that only get better with age, frye is the way to go.  the dress is great for dressing up or down and the earrings by ija designs are a new fave (such gorgeous jewelry over there).  i pretty much either wear diamond studs or hoops (what can i say, i’m a creature of habit) so i love the idea of a lotus shaped hoop for a little more interest.

i’m going with carry on, only, luggage this time (which, confession:  i’ve never done – ahem) so i’m hoping to pack smart and stretch outfits.  what is your travel staple when it comes to fashion?

p.s. you can follow my travels over on instagram and more on packing here.

October 30, 2013

la la land_ la la lovely

la la land tank  / pants

whilst toddler shoe shopping in nordstrom’s a few weeks back, i happend upon a tank that said “la la land.”   i couldn’t pass it up.  i decided on some black lounge pants too.  and, i was careful to pick ones that i could roll right out of bed and walk into the grocery store wearing.  i like to think of this as multi-tasking clothes and good time management.

i don’t often buy pj’s or lounge wear which is why i thought a few additions might be a good idea. i am one of those creatures that sleeps in old t-shirts.  i try, as i will,  to break this habit, but i always seem to revert.  old habits are hard to break.

what about you?  i’m curious.  do you have pretty pjs?  any quirks when it comes to what you wear to bed?

i don’t like . . .

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October 23, 2013

fashionABLE via la la lovely

do you ever think about things that you wear that aren’t, in fact, “things?”

i think of things that i wish i wasn’t wearing (or carrying).  heavy accessories like stress and worry.  if i would take those off (or maybe not bother to put them on in the first place) i’d likely find myself wearing a smile and a laugh more often.  can you relate?

what about dignity.  it’s not a word i think of very often, if i’m honest.  but here is what it means :

the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect

for many women the world around dignity is something they dream of clothing themselves in.  they know nothing of hudson jeans and madewell dreams.  they dream of dressing in respect, honor, worth and value.  whenever i wrap myself up in one of my fashionABLE scarfs (above) i can’t help but think of the women in ethiopia that made them.  women who have be rescued  restored and valued.  when i wear my scarf i wear their honor.  the honor they are worthy of.

fashionABLE 2 via la la lovely

have you ever thought about what happens when you invest in a woman?  

watch what happens . . .

amazing, right?

it’s no secret that i’m a huge fan + supporter of fashionABLE.   i love that their focus is on the importance and value that comes from giving vulnerable women opportunities for employment rather than charity.  i’m celebrating with fashionABLE today.  it’s their 3rd birthday.  i love celebrating birthdays, but i love, even more, celebrating years of investing in women, adding value and giving them opportunities to clothe themselves in dignity.

to celebrate the entire online store will be discounted (scarves + leather)!

30% off, 3 days, 3rd Birthday.

shop HERE

so i hope you get to wrapping.  wrapping yourself in one of these scarfs or maybe wrapping one up as a gift.  and, wrap yourself in dignity.  the dignity of the women of that made these scarfs, but also your own.  you are so valuable!

p.s.  you can read more about la la lovely + fashionABLE here.

October 9, 2013

fall favorites | La La Lovely

jeans / lipglosshat / sunglasses / boots / sweater

fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to style.  i’m a boots, jeans and sweater girl through and through.  what about you?

i thought i’d share a few fall favorites from my closet this fall.  i’m totally obsessed with this knit sweater.  it’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket.  a really pretty one, at that.  when you’re certain you need an item in every color, than you can be sure that you love the piece.  and, well, i want this in charcoal, now too.

i’m a little surprised at myself for purchasing coated biker (leather like) jeans … i’m living on the edge these day, friends!  but, i’m so glad i took a chance.  i’ve actually been wearing them all the time, mostly with a chambray shirt.  i should tell you that for some reason they photographed purple”ish” but they are really vamp red (see here).  oh, and if you are on the shorter side (like me) they are the perfect length.  no rolling required (which is very rare for me).

Fall Accessories | La La Lovely2

as for the accessories . . .

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