10.23.2013 / wear it * dignity

fashionABLE via la la lovely

do you ever think about things that you wear that aren’t, in fact, “things?”

i think of things that i wish i wasn’t wearing (or carrying).  heavy accessories like stress and worry.  if i would take those off (or maybe not bother to put them on in the first place) i’d likely find myself wearing a smile and a laugh more often.  can you relate?

what about dignity.  it’s not a word i think of very often, if i’m honest.  but here is what it means :

the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect

for many women the world around dignity is something they dream of clothing themselves in.  they know nothing of hudson jeans and madewell dreams.  they dream of dressing in respect, honor, worth and value.  whenever i wrap myself up in one of my fashionABLE scarfs (above) i can’t help but think of the women in ethiopia that made them.  women who have be rescued  restored and valued.  when i wear my scarf i wear their honor.  the honor they are worthy of.

fashionABLE 2 via la la lovely

have you ever thought about what happens when you invest in a woman?  

watch what happens . . .

amazing, right?

it’s no secret that i’m a huge fan + supporter of fashionABLE.   i love that their focus is on the importance and value that comes from giving vulnerable women opportunities for employment rather than charity.  i’m celebrating with fashionABLE today.  it’s their 3rd birthday.  i love celebrating birthdays, but i love, even more, celebrating years of investing in women, adding value and giving them opportunities to clothe themselves in dignity.

to celebrate the entire online store will be discounted (scarves + leather)!

30% off, 3 days, 3rd Birthday.

shop HERE

so i hope you get to wrapping.  wrapping yourself in one of these scarfs or maybe wrapping one up as a gift.  and, wrap yourself in dignity.  the dignity of the women of that made these scarfs, but also your own.  you are so valuable!

p.s.  you can read more about la la lovely + fashionABLE here.

10.09.2013 / wear it

fall favorites | La La Lovely

jeans / lipglosshat / sunglasses / boots / sweater

fall is probably my favorite season when it comes to style.  i’m a boots, jeans and sweater girl through and through.  what about you?

i thought i’d share a few fall favorites from my closet this fall.  i’m totally obsessed with this knit sweater.  it’s like wrapping yourself in a blanket.  a really pretty one, at that.  when you’re certain you need an item in every color, than you can be sure that you love the piece.  and, well, i want this in charcoal, now too.

i’m a little surprised at myself for purchasing coated biker (leather like) jeans … i’m living on the edge these day, friends!  but, i’m so glad i took a chance.  i’ve actually been wearing them all the time, mostly with a chambray shirt.  i should tell you that for some reason they photographed purple”ish” but they are really vamp red (see here).  oh, and if you are on the shorter side (like me) they are the perfect length.  no rolling required (which is very rare for me).

Fall Accessories | La La Lovely2

as for the accessories . . .

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10.02.2013 / wish i was wearing


sweater/ glasses / dress boots

totally wish i was wearing this ensemble today.  this dress would also work great.

what do you wish you were wearing?

winter water factory + la la lovely

winter water factory + la la lovely 2

have you heard of winter water factory?  i hadn’t, until recently, and truth be told i’m always happy to find out about new kids clothing lines . . . especially when they have great clothes for boys!  you too?  thought so.

winter water factory is a brooklyn-based design and manufacturing company specializing in screen printed textiles and organic kids’ clothing.

and can we just talk about the design?

winter water factory + la la lovely

founder and designer stefanie lynen is a self-taught designer who draws inspiration from a variety of sources—from children’s books to vintage wallpaper to envelope liners.  as soon as i spied this dress it reminded me of the drawings from my mom’s nursery rhymes piano book (someone with a little girl please buy this.  just sayin’) that she always played out of when i was little.  i loved dancing around to the music, but, i have to say, i loved looking at the drawings just as much.  and these prints now have me humming  “do you know the muffin man,” and “polly put the kettle on.”


dress  /jumpsuit / tennis dress 

and truly these are liam and rocco’s new favorite shirts :

winter water factory + la la lovely 4

liam is wearing the triangles shirt+ rocco is wearing the tools shirt.  and, i have to tell you that, i’ve also got my eye on the high seas shirt.  i’m such a sucker for anything with waves, and ships and magic.  you know?

p.s.  and the quality is good….really good.  i thought you’d want to know.

for great kids inspiration check out winter water factory’s pinterest + follow them on twitter.


this post is in partnership with winter water factory.  all opinions are my own.  thank you for supporting posts that help bring new content.

images | la la lovely

09.18.2013 / wear it * fall shoes


teddy loafer / booties / sneakers /pump

i love fall shoes.  there is so much variety….but, if i had to pick, i’m all about the boots!  short boots, tall boots, those boots, these boots.

these are a few shoes that i’m really loving at the moment.  some out of my price range, but it’s always fun to look.  and, honestly, to me, a good pair of boots is worth the investment, because they last for years and years.  in fact, a lot of times they get better with age.  these are the last really nice pair i bought + they are still my faves after 6 years.

what shoes are you loving this season?  and, have you invested in a really great pair of boots?

also, i’m also totally loving these pink high tops + these floral  doc martin’s.  i guess my inner child is coming out….80′s + 90′s all the way!  like totally!

09.03.2013 / i need africa


says, the girl in the hat and the cute shirt.

my mind and heart have been inundated with africa these recent days.  i knew it would be.  how could it not?  i was going there.  and then suddenly i wasn’t.  one of my best friends, who lives in africa, is home visiting, my daughters best friend is moving to africa in a matter of days, and i found an old journal entry from a trip to africa 16 years ago.  my conversations have been wrapped around this continent and my heart decorated by a trip that i didn’t take.

but what i did take was a change.  a lot of change.  so much so, that i’m still taking it.  taking, embracing, sorting, saving and spreading it.

one big change is the thought that i need africa more than africa needs me.   i didn’t get it, at first, but now . . . it’s got me.

watch this – you’ll see.

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la la littles

sweatshirt bobo choses bag / j. crew skirt / ugg boots

the littles (or shall, i say two of them, have started school this week).  we are full on covered in uniforms, and truth be told i’m not a fan.  so i’m dreaming up a fun fall outfit for la la like the one you see pictured above.  next week, i’ll cover the boys since i’ve got 3 ruling my world.

what are your favorite fall finds for little ones?

08.14.2013 / wish i was wearing


shirt / fashionABLE clutch / skirt / boot

 i’m just feeling like a little fun needs to be had today.  and, this outfit is the type that would make it happen.  do you have any go to outfits or items you put on when you need to have a cheery day?  i know its a little pattern clashy but i like that.  what about you?

* don’t forget to enter to win the darling fashionABLE clutch here!